Monday, 13 February 2017

Numbers 80 and onwards!

Number 80 has arrived along with 81.

80. Martha has sent in her finished lady with this comment:
"Here is my lady, including thread end not sewn in, since the weekend is coming to a close and I don't want to wait sending her in. I've tried to give her a little bend at the elbow to pose her for adding a parasol at some later date."

81. Next in is Sanne from The Netherlands and she's saying thank you to Riet who translated the whole TIAS into Dutch.
"Dear Riet and Jane, 
Attached is my finished lady. I used Lizbeth 20-117 Country side, and 20-656 Wedgewood Dark. 
I'm from the Netherlands but I have no problems with English, so I followed along with you both. Thanks so much for organising and translating this TIAS! It has been a lot of fun, and a mystery until the very end! 
I will bring her with me to Tiel this coming meetup, Riet! I hope there'll be a lot of ladies there.
Sincerely, Sanne"

82. Brenda is the next to arrive on a sunny (but still cold) afternoon here in England. She says:
"Hi Jane, 
Here is a Valentine lady in Lizbeth #138. Thank you for the pattern and your efforts to run the game. You shared exciting news on Saturday, I'm looking forward to your visit to Canada. 
Ontario, Canada"

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