Thursday, 9 February 2017

More finished Crinoline Ladies

I will get as many as the overnight ladies in as possible before I go out - it's a teaching morning for me - no, not tatting but IT for oldies!!!

38. First in overnight is Dee who says:
"Tatted in Coats Anchor six chord mercerized crochet cotton size 20. 
From the 'great, white north' of Alberta, Canada. 

39. Sarah is next with another rhyme. How do you guys manage to make them up so quickly?

"Good morning Jane, 

Here is the sweet little lady of your creation 
Who has come to join the celebration. 
Thank you Jane, for all the fun 
and all the work that you have done. 
The pleasure your game provides 
is enjoyed far and wide. 

I look forward to next year. 
Perhaps the big balloon will again appear? 
Or maybe a whale 
with a big tail? 
I will just have to patiently wait 
to see what your BC3 will create. 

Happy tatting one and all. 
Sarah from CT,USA 
thread: Lizbeth color #178 Grape Pomegranate"

40. Rose Anne is next in my full inbox. She says:
"YEAH I did it!!!! So you can post the following or parts. 
Feeling sad because the 2017 TIAS tatting mystery is now complete. Thank you very very much Jane Eborall for your tatting expertise, time and patience in providing this fun exercise for all of us. I totally enjoy it even if it's a bit of a challenge for me at times but I persevere and eventually complete the projects. I'm going to have to find a way to display them together for our annual Northern Lights Lace Days event. 
So in the end my friends who mentioned a fancy dressed lady were right!!! I didn't guess that till Day 9 or 10 and VOILA it was revealed on Day 11. I LOVE my finely dressed crinoline Southern Belle! Maybe one day I'll tat a parasol and she'll be complete. Thank you Jane. "

41. Anne is the next person to arrive and this is what she has to say:
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my complete work of TIAS 2017. It's pretty lady..... and it's pretty tatting design, Jane 
I'm very lucky join this happy game, I learned zigzag chain and I could improve my split ring and more.. 
Thanks for the happiness you bring.. I've already miss you, Jane. 
Best regards from Indonesia, 
I will miss you too, Anne.  Please do keep in touch.

42. Denise - you're too funny!!!! I'm glad there is a happy ending to your story!!!
"Jane, so sorry to see this game over. But at least the princess 👸 got to kiss the frog. Let me know if he turns into the handsome prince. He would if it was a Disney game. This was such great fun. Thanks for all your work. 
Denise Wessman"

43. Caroline is next in the inbox and this is what she says:
"I am sure you are in bed sound asleep by now. Hope you sleep well. 
I was a little slow this year but am doing well now and hope no more problems with my health. 
I love the pattern and will be making more. 
I used Lizbeth size 20 thread in Peacocks Blue #149. 
Caroline H - I live in Omaha, Nebraska USA"
Yes, I was in bed - probably snoring but only Nick could tell you that!!!

44. Another pretty lady arrives from Sue. She's carrying a bunch of flowers.
"Hi Jane 
A bouquet of flowers for our fearless leader! Thank you for TAIS! 
I used size 20 thread, Lisbeth Spring Garden variegated. I live in Washington state, USA.
Not sure I'm 'fearless', Sue but thanks for the compliment!!!

45. Following on is Amritha who has sent in her day 11 too. She says:
"Hi Jane Madam 
Am sending you picture of my TIAS through here. This is my first attempt at TIAS. In fact am a beginner started only few years back. Learnt only Split Ring. This game surely gave me a good practice to tat split rings thanks. Am happy it came out well. And got to use some new joins and technique. Thanks once again. 
You're welcome and I hope you join us again next year, Amritha.

46. Coretta has completed her lady too in spite of a busy, busy life. She says:
"Well, it certainly couldn't be anything else now that it's finished, but it definitely was unexpected! 
My Crinoline Lady is named Honey as in Honey Drizzle (thread) she's 20 (size) years old (I'm not) and comes Florida, USA. Her bustle is flat, I'll help her get it right next time... 
Thanks for helping us through another January! 
Thanks for your distinctive images, Coretta.  So easy to find in my downloads.  See you next January.

47. Heidi is next with her lady who she talks about here:
"Hi Jane, 
Thanks I had a blast. Thought she may like to carry a flower. 
Done in Lizbeth size 20 Color 662. 
She looks REALLY happy with her flower, Heidi.

48. Finally in this batch is Claire who has sent in her final TIAS. She says:
"She's not perfect! but i loved it this game. Thank you!"
Well even if you're not satisfied with your work there are loads of us who think it's GREAT. It's not easy to get a 'good finish' when you're really 'tatting in the dark' and not knowing what to expect.

49. I'm now back and again updating this blog. First of all is a picture from Maria Tegen which Jolimama has sent to me. 
"Én is elkészültem ...remek volt ez a játék ...tanultam belőle. Köszönöm Jane-nek hogy részt vehettem...." 

"I have finished ... It was a great game ... I learned from it. Thank you Jane to attend .... "

50. Sue (Pigmini) is next in with her comment:
"Here she is finally. The lady who is preparing to push the pram we made a few years ago. Or maybe she will grab an umbrella from that EFUS I was sure she would be! Still. She will love being on my bag with the peacock! It's been fun! Btw the thread is lizbeth 20 in 134 mountain breeze and a very old ball of cordonnet 20 in green from my stash. 
Thanks Miss!"

51. Mary is next in my inbox and this is what she has to say:
"I used Lizbeth 20. Wild Flowers 
Thank you so much Jane for your beautiful pattern. Waiting for next years 
Mary Jane Brittingham. Indiana USA"

52. Next to arrive is Barbara. This is what she says:
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my complete work of TIAS 2017. 
Thank you for TIAS! 
Thank you for the effort of creating and for sharing this work.  
Jane have you ever had a feeling that your finished work is unfinished? 
I ate my breakfast, drank the coffee and ... I finished. 
Crinoline Lady got the umbrella 
I used size 20 thread, Anchor Aida-col. 0213 
I live in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. 
See you next January 
Oh I do hope to see you next January.  I LOVE the parasol.

53. Next is a lovely surprise - somebody who's been playing with us but has kept hers til the end. Welcome, Susan and thank you.
"Hi Jane, 
I have been lurking about playing the game without sending in each day. I decided to send in my finished piece so you know how many people play along and enjoy your creativity. This was my first time playing and I really enjoyed it. It was perfect having just bit to finish each time, but fast enough I didn't get bored...and it always had me guessing what it would be. Everyone loves a good mystery! I used Lizbeth size 20 Falling Leaves and am from California. I wanted to also thank Melanie C who started a Tatting Tuesday with Tea group which has made tatting finally "stick" with me and who pointed me in the direction of this fun project. 
Thanks Jane and Thanks Melanie! 
PS Thanks for keeping previous y

54. Berit has just popped into my inbox with her finished TIAS. She says:
"Dear Jane, 
Thank you for a very good Tat it and see game! I have enjoyed every day of it! This crinoline lady was tatted in Lizbeth 20. 
I hope you will give us another TIAS next year! 
Best wishes, 
In Oslo"

55. My final lady tonight is from Jacqui who has sent hers in. She says:
"Hi Jane - here is my finished Madam Pompadour - I never managed to finish last year's because of my illness (my brain wouldn't work properly for months afterwards) 
Thanks for doing it again - everyone seems to enjoy it so much. 
Regards Jacqui"
Good to have you back with us this year.  

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