Friday, 3 February 2017

More day 9's and others!

Top of today's blog is Bernice's and I disagree with her comment - I just LOVE this picture.

"Hmmm, sorry the picture isn’t good enough for posting. 
Cheers, Bernice"

Fiona is next and this is her picture and comment.
"Hi Jane 
Looks like a bustle on a dress...but with at least a day or two to go it could become anything! 

Bev is thinking the same sort of thoughts too!!!
"Hi Jane 
Day 9 does have some semblance of a Crinoline Lady (Maureen's suggestion) so it probably isn't!! You sure know how to string us all along. Great fun! 

Linda is next in the inbox. She says:
"Hi Everyone. Still working on the tatting. Loving it all.
Thanks for the many pic and fun comments.
I always learn something each time.
Thanks to Jane for our fun.
Linda "

In spite of a busy, busy life Claire has still managed to do her TIAS and this is what she says:
"Hello Jane and fellow tatters, 
Since I am a bit behind already, and will be moving this weekend, I will not be able to catch up until the middle of next week. So I am not looking at what others have done until I caught up. 
Here is my day 8 and its corresponding blog post:
Following Barbara’s suggestion, I turned my lace in different directions in order to see what it could be. With the help of a graphics editor, I found out that it could become a very nice butterfly (just ignore the 4 antennae): 
Have a nice weekend."

Sarah is next in with her day 9 and she says (in rhyme, of course)
"Hello Jane,

Could it be a lady in a fancy gown
all dressed up for a night on the town?
I’m not convinced yet
that in the end that’s what we’ll get.
Could what I see now
turn into something else somehow?
I will just tat along and see
if what could be, will be.


Marty is next with her day 9. She says:
"Here's my day nine. I undid the goofy one I made and retatted it, so now I have two Hats. Lovely, beaded hats. :)"

Judy is next and she's got the bead in the right place.  Well done!
Found a bead, not the bead..but it worked...."

Annie is thinking 'snail'. I wonder if she's right?
"Hi Jane,
Here is my work of Day 9 and I guess .. a snail !
Happy Tatting from Indonesia,"

Cheryl is back with her day 9 and she says:
"Ah. Looks like another hat.  We are off to have a Cat scan done on my hubbys back. He’s been struggling with arthritis there and now has a loose vertebrae. Poor guy. Such a winter we’re having."

Newly arrived in my inbox is Virginie who says:
"Today, I've just notice I made a mistake !!! I'm going to change Part 2.
Day 9 increases mystery ....
I'm really waiting for Day 10 !!!"

Christine has just popped into my inbox and she says:
"Hi Jane
The mystery continues!
-Christine in Alabama"

Joanie has just sent in her day 9 along with this comment:
Here is my TIAS through Day 9! I can see a Southern Belle (or the crinoline lady), but she also looks like a butterfly, currently! Jane is sooo sneaky with her TIAS's!!! : )"

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