Sunday, 19 February 2017

Numbers 93, 94, 95 and 96 have arrived!!

Well I think we're going to make my 'target' of 100 this year which is very cheering as it means I'll be bringing in BC3 for a TIAS 2018.

This morning I woke to find Lyn's lady in my inbox and she says:
93.  "Hi Jane, 
Better late than never! And she's not 100%. 
I got a bit sidetracked as Ian's dad passed away suddenly and we have been busy arranging a funeral ect. 
Anyway thanks again for the TIAS 
Lyn, Busselton WA"
So sorry to hear the sad news, Lyn.  Hope things improve for you from now on.

Next in today is Phyllis who says:
94. "Sorry for the delay. Got side tracked but her she is. 
My little gal seems to be going down a ramp. She just has to be different! Thread is size 20 hand dyed by me. Look forward to next year. 
Phyllis in Georgia USA"
Oooooh, I love your HDT. You kindly gave me a skein once. It's lovely.

Gea has also sent in her final lady. She says:
"95. Finally I finished the lady today. 
It was busy last week with work outside the country and I had to do a lot of stuff..and all the time I was thinking: what would the TIAS be..the butterfly? No could not be...but only at the end I realised it was the lady with the skirt. 
Thank you so much for this years TIAS.. 
Greetings Gea"

Finally today I have Catherine's days 10 and 11.
96 "Bonjour Jane,
Et voici enfin mes jours 10 et 11 !
Merci pour ce tias que j'ai pris plaisir à faire comme l'an dernier.

Hello Jane,
And finally here are my 10 and 11 days!
Thank you for this tias I delight to do like last year.


Lucien Alta said...

I have never tatted, but I did complete a knitted baby afghan (I purchased a kit and it only took me over 20 years to get around to it). My eighty seven years young neighbor taught me, but in order to follow her movements she made me start with the typical potholder first, ouch! It came out beautifully second time around.

Darn Facebook. I just saw a pair of baby booties I want to make for my first great granddaughter. They looked to be either crochet or of lace thread. Are your patterns good for a beginner? Thanks for looking.

Lucie (been awhile since I have made entries)

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Lucie. My patterns are a mixture of levels. If you want help with any of them I'm always happy to help. I 'live' at this end of the keyboard!!! My email address is also on this blog and on the other one here.