Sunday, 12 February 2017

Another lady arrives

This morning I only have the one lady to show you. She's lonely so I'm hoping more will arrive during this miserably wet Sunday!

76. This lady is from Lori who says:
"Hi Jane 
I think I have sent you a picture of my lady but haven't seen it on the blog. So I am not sure if you got it. 
So here she is, I added a flower. The color I used is 
lizbeth girly girly #174 size 20. 
She must have got lost on the way over, Lori. I've checked and she didn't arrive!!! Pleased she's got here this time!

77. Betty has just arrived (mid evening here) with her finished lady. She says this:
"Dear Jane, 
Thank You very much for the nice Tias. 
I have made the Ladies with a lot of fun. I made them of: 
The lilac version is made of Altin Basak 50 colour 379 
The red one is made of Lizbeth 20 colour 147 
The brown one is made of Lizbeth colour 150 
Nice regards, 
Betty Vos from Soest in the Netherlands"
Thank you, Betty.  I love the colours you've used.

78. A friend of Dorcas's has just sent in her TIAS as there seems to be a problem at Dorcas's end. Thank you for helping out, Mary.
"Dorcas Newkirk mailed this yesterday but don't think you received it. She lives in Evansville Indiana USA"

79. I've just found Marco's finished lady in another old email box and she says:
"Hello Jane, 
Finaly here is my TIAS. 
IT is a pretty lady. 
Thank You for this lovely TIAS 
I made mine with Lisbeth, size 20 and Color 153 
Greetings Marco"

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lej619 said...

yes, it is a long flight across the pond! hehe