Wednesday, 15 February 2017

15th February - another!

Well it's almost time for our evening meal here in a very wet part of England!!! I've just received Carine's finished lady and she says:

86. "Hi Jane, this is my final work. 
Thanks for this Tias , it was a real pleasure so as each time ! 
Have a nice day"

87. Now it's time for Julie (she translated the whole TIAS into French for me) to send her finished lady and she says:
"And here is my Crinoline Lady ! Such a lovely pattern <3 div="" nbsp="">
Thank you Jane for letting me be part of the adventure again."

88. Next to arrive is Anne-Marie who says:
"‌Hello Jane, 
Sorry to have not communicated to you for this funny TIAS.I began, but a husband' s health problem (not serious but temporarily handicaping ) kept me distant of computer.And above all, I had no time for composing my small message to you with assistance of my favourite book, THE English -French dictionary. But my shuttles worked in spite of this contretemps.So I took photographies and I take the liberty of sending them to day. I made an error and put a ring at the bottom of dress,then I begin again when I noticed the mistake.So the first pictures aren't of same colours than beautiful dress's princess...... 
I wish I'll find again TIAS 2018 and address to you all my congratulations for all your creations! 
Regards....Read you soon. 
Anne-Marie Naudin (France)"
I hope everything is now well with your husband, Anne-Marie. Thank you for joining in.

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