Thursday, 2 February 2017

Day 9 now available

Yes, it's here - the day you've been waiting for to give you more idea of what the TIAS will be! 

Here's the link.

First in today with day 8 is Sarah with another of her rhymes. She says
"Yes, dear Jane, each year at this time 
I begin to think in rhyme! 
And you dear lady, are to blame 
You, and this mystery tatting game. 
Each time you send a new tatting clue 
I’m compelled to send a rhyme to you. 

So here’s day eight 
My big balloon has started to deflate 
I know something new will appear 
But what it will be is not yet clear. 


Rose Anne is next with her day 8 and she sounds confused too!
'Just don't know what this 2017 TIAS is gonna be? Today Day 8 - I was thinking a Volkswagen Bug but we have ONE bead to add in sometimes. HMMM!"

Carol has sent in her day 8 and this is what she has to say:
"Hi Jane,
I've just caught up to day 8 but haven't cut and tied yet, no scissors atm.
Has got to be a butterfly! Enjoying this immensely 🦋
Regards Carol
P.s. I love how it curls!!"

Finally I have Linda in my inbox from overnight and she says:
"Hi everyone. 
Still trying to figure out what we are tatting. My mine is still whirling. I do enjoy the mystery in this work. 
Couple more days and we should have more ideas. 
Success to all 
Linda "

I will be out until mid afternoon so I'm sorry you will have to wait for further updates unless I can fit some in before I actually leave the house!!

Back home again to several people in my inbox. First of all I have Barbara with her days 6 and 7 and who has this to say:
"Dear Jane, 
Lower back pain as me grounded, but at least I can still participate in this year’s TIAS. My guess: it’s a ballerina in arabesque. (2nd picture down) 
Have a great day! 
Barbara from California, USA"

Frances should try standing on her head to tat, I think!!! Here's her comment.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 9. My brain couldn't relate to the diagram so I had to flip it round as below. I have great problems orientating images in my brain - just cant do it. I wonder if any others will have trouble?! Still a mystery what it will be. 

Maureen is next with her day 9 too.
"Day 9 caught me unawares - and I was sure we were tatting an animal because of the beady eye - but could she possibly be a crinoline lady instead??? Maybe she's been out in the sun too much in that case, her complexion is a little overcooked."

Next to arrive is Tim with his day 9. He says:
"Jane, my day 9. Still do not see it. I did, however, finally catch the extra picot on ring 4. Now it has a few extra stitches, but that is just my “design change”. 

Sonja is next in my inbox and she says:
"Hello Jane
It looks more and more like a lady, but we will see. Fun.
Sonja from Holland"

Well, Jane's still puzzled!!!!
"Mmm no, the bead doesn’t help." 

Muskaan seems to know what it's going to be now but we'll see!!!
"Hi Jane 
What a pretty gown this is, with a pearl at the slim waist or bodice ! No wonder the lady is "over the moon", knowing she will be the belle at the ball /dance as she walks across the moor :-D Now I begin to wonder which of That Jane's character has been tat-embodied by This Jane !!! 
I do know where the alligator join is going to be, though 
Hats off to the creative and imaginative guesses of fellow participants ! 
muskaan :-) 

Elisabetta is next with her day 9
Ecco a lei il 9 giorno veloce veloce 😀😀. E se fosse una domina del 700 ? 👍👍👍👍? 

Here you are the fastest 9 😀😀 fast day. And if it were a little lady the 700? 👍👍👍👍? 
Elisabetta "

Diane has arrived next and she says:
"Good morning, Jane! 
I seem to get a different email for you every time, so I'm just covering my bases and sending to whatever comes up! 
Day 9 has exposed some design changes on my part, totally unintentional of course! I'm pretty sure my "changes" won't significantly change the overall appearance, but I'm amazed that I didn't see them at the time! 
Adding a bead to the second side of a split ring is a whole lot easier than adding a picot! I probably should not have chosen a white bead, though. 😏 
Diane Cademartori"

Veronique is next to send in her day 9:
"Mon jour 9 ⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉

Finally in this batch I have Maglina who says:
"Bonjour Jane
Ce n'est pas une robe de princesse mais de reine ;) ;) ;) Si si il y a le pli du milieu et la traîne sur le coté !

Hello Jane
This is not a princess dress but queen ;) ;) ;) If so there is the middle crease and behind on the side! "

Sue (aka Pigmini) is back with her guess!
"Now has the humberella for my EFUS blown outside in or am I getting something wrong?? Is it a besom??"

Claire's asking a simple question with her day 8 which she's sent in.
"Is it Snoopy??????"

Shirley is next with her day 9. She says:
"Keep 'em comin'. I've no idea today. Shirley"

Now one of the people I look forward to seeing in my inbox - Patricia and the turtles!
"Patricia Lyn Cobb"
I hope that turtle doesn't mind being upside down!!!

Next to arrive is P Melanie who has sent in her picture of day 9.

My other Melanie (C) is the next to arrive and she says:
"Hi Jane- 
So we have the bead in place. I'm still not seeing what I'm tatting. But maybe that's because I'm trying to "see" what the garden should look like. Planting should begin next week!"

Linda's just arrived in my inbox. She says:
"Here's day 9. No guess today...
Linda Barnes"

Denise J is the next person to arrive and she sounds confused!!
"I see so many possibilities today. It could be a space helmet, or a Dalek from Dr. Who. Or it could be a pretty butterfly. Waiting to see what happens next.... 
Love your ideas, Denise.  I'm wondering what it is too now!!!

Next into my inbox is Anso who says:
"hi Jane !!
My day 9. I have no idea what it is, not a butterfly.
AnSo Alia"x

Ankie is the next to arrive with her two TIAS's and she's not guessed it yet!!
"Hello Jane,
I do not know what it will be, haha. But it is nice to do.
Groetjes, Ankie"

Jacee seems sure she knows and maybe she's right or maybe she's wrong!!!!
"Tra…la…la…la…, she IS a crinoline lady, no doubt! 

Bernice is next and is looking forward to the alligator join too!!!
"Hi Jane, 
I am finally coming out of my shell, do you see the Hermit Crab? Hmm, looking forward to that alligator join. 
Bernice in Western Canada"

Jolimama has sent in Anna's day 9 and says:
"Kedves Jane! Küldöm Anna 9. napi munkáját :-)
Barátsággal: Joli Mama

Dear Jane! 9 to send them everyday work :-)
Friendship Joli Mama"

Now Jolimama has sent in her days 8 and 9 with the following comment:
"Kedves Jane! Ma volt időm elkészíteni, ezért együtt küldöm a 2 napot. Már nagyon kíváncsi vagyok mi lesz belőle :-) 
Barátsággal: Jolimama 

Dear Jane! Today I had time to prepare, so I'm sending along the two days. I'm very curious to see what happens :-) 
Friendship Joli Mama"

Caroline is the last person in my inbox today as I'm now heading for bed. She says:
"I finally got caught up yesterday and today. Spent a couple of days in the hospital and it took me a couple of days to gain my energy back. I guess I also lost the ability to transfer pictures the right way and not delete the wrong one. Day 7 is still in my camera but it won't let me upload it since I did it once. I am sure there may be a way to do it but I can't seem to find it. Thus I will only be able to send 8 & 9. You have me completely stumped. I liked the goose idea but it does not seem to fit now. I sure enjoy all of the fun you are giving us.
Caroline H."

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