Sunday, 5 February 2017

Day 10 has arrived!

This is the penultimate day so I expect you are all now aware of what the TIAS is going to be!!! Here is the link.

Wendy has arrived overnight with her day 9. She says:
"I really have no idea what it is. 

Lelia too came in overnight and she's sent in her days 5 and 6.
"Days Five and Six
Fan? tea cup? sea shell?
I don't know Jane!!
Always, Carol
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II"

First in with her day 10 this time is Maureen who says:
"Here is the sunburned Lady in all her glory - well, most of it, we still have to discover how she is going to complete her hairstyle. My Bee is in the picture because, of course there will be a perfectly good beehive under all that hair, and maybe they are Manuka bees since that is very good for her bad case of sunburn. She has come to the Ball well-prepared. 
Sad that there's just one day left - it means that I now have to get serious about 2017 and the lovely hiatus is over!"
Oh, please don't get serious, Maureen!

Fiona (also from Australia) is the next to arrive and she says:
"Hi Jane
Is either a butterfly or a crinoline lady.... hoping I'm close.
See you for day 11.
Fiona T "

Jane has another idea which I've had to look up. Here's an interesting link for you.
"It’s a Herero lady! When we lived in Botswana for a while we used to see Herero ladies in town with their big skirts and headdresses."
Aren't they gorgeous, Jane.  Thanks for telling us about them.

Now I have 'Patricia of the Turtles' in my inbox. She says:
Have you seen your optometrist lately? Those really are not turtles keeping "my lady's feet" dry, those are stepping stones! 
Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Celine has arrived next with her days 9 and 10 all rolled into one.
"My day 9 and 10
Maybe it is a princess "

Elisabetta is next to arrive and she says:
"Buongiorno Jane, 
Il mio 10 giorno è questo. Rimango sempre dell'idea che sia una signora del 700 😀😀😀. Ho cambiato la perlina e questa mi sembra più adatta. Non crede? 
Le auguro una buona e soleggiata domenica come qui in Calabria 

Hello Jane, 
My 10 days is this. I am always of the opinion that it is a lady of 700 😀😀😀. I changed the bead and this seems more suitable. He does not believe? 
Have a nice and sunny Sunday as here in Calabria 
Elisabetta "

Tim has an interesting comment. Tim, how can I sit next to her when she is me and I am her!!!
"Jane, you think everyone knows now. I am not so sure. 
Did you sit next to the duchess at tea? Is this her? 
Day 10 would remind me of the headdress. 

Irene is next with her comment and picture:
"Hi Jane,
Day 10 maybe Cinderella or a little Breton?

Muskaan is the next to arrive in my inbox with the following rhyming comment.

"Hi dear Jane :-) 
Sniggering BC3 
thinks we're 'over the bend' 
Clueless still 
my Day 10 I send 

All my guesses 
didn't pass the test 
Setting it aside 
I'll, errrr, take a rest 

Now I'm wondering if even the last day will appease my confusion LOL. Although I'll persist with a lady in a gown and this is her hair/hat/hood with the rest of her ensemble shawl or cape will appear next, wrapped with an alligator pin (join). 
muskaan :-) 

AnSo is the next and she's sad. What a shame, AnSo.
"Hi Jane 
My day 10. The penultimate day !! Already !! 
I’m a little sad the TIAS is coming to an end and at the same time I am eager to discover 
what it is. 
AnSo Alia"

Next to arrive is Emilia with days 8, 9 and 10 and she says:
"Hi Jane,
I think this is a fierce lady with her skirt blowing in the wind. I like it.
I hope the next part will reveal it all.
Thank you so much for this years fun.
Met vriendelijke groet,
Emilia Teerds-de Jonge."

Jacee has now arrived with her day 10.
"Good afternoon, Jane. I see my first wild guess was correct! Will there be a bouquet in her lady's hands? 
You will have to wait a day or three to find out the answer!!!

Carine is the next in my inbox. She says:
"Hi Jane, 
I know now that it is not a butterfly, but I still dream that it can be an angel ;-)"

Next to arrive is Jolimama who has sent in Anna's day 10 and she says:
"Kedves Jane, Anna elkészítette a 10. napot, küldöm :-) 
Üdvözlettel: Jolimama

Dear Jane, Anna has prepared for the 10th day, I'll send :-)
Yours Joli Mama"

Pigmini says:
"Different cat this time! Neo, my 3 legged cat says he's sheltering under the parasol this lady must be carrying... to protect him from the rain!! What?? Lady carrying something? Which is it? A psychic cat or have you been watching too much Downton Abbey? Either way I hope she is carrying a parasol as I need something to put in that EFUS! In those colours she has spent a lot of time outdoors.. it's definitely lichen!! 
Pigmini aka Sue"

Maglina has arrived with her days 9 and 10. She says:
"Bonjour Jane 
Jour 9 et 10. Maintenant elle a un corps et une jolie coiffure ma princesse reine! 

Hello Jane
Day 9 and 10. Now she has a body and a pretty hairstyle my queen princess! ;)"

Catherine has been catching up too with her days 7, 8 and 9. She says:
"Bonjour Jane, 
Voici mes jours 7 - 8 - 9 avec un peu de retard...... Bon ce n'est plus un cheval bascule..... 

Hello Jane,
Here are my days 7 - 8 - 9 with some delay ...... Well it's not a rocking horse .....

Finally for now is Ankie who says:
"Hello Jane,
Here my two ladies from the renessance.
Groetjes, Ankie"

Ankie K has sent her days 5 and 7.

Riet has sent me more pictures from her group in The Netherlands. Here's her message.
"Some more pictures
First 3 are from Petra Stassen then 1 from Gina Oschmann and 2 from Sanne
I hope they will arrive in a nice way
It can happen that you already got them sometimes they mail them to me but also to you."
The more the merrier, Riet.
The first three are Petra's days 1 and 2, then days 3 and 4 followed by days 5 and 6

Gina's day 5 is next

Finally Sanne's days 7 and 10.

Shirley is the next to arrive with her day 10. She says:
"A Cinderella tale with a twist: Our beloved frogs and insects have morphed into a princess! 
Shirley McKee"

P Melanie is the next to drop into my inbox. She says:
"Perhaps a queen? No, today's chains would have had picots in the middle to make her crown pointy. Maybe it really IS a bride. I'm wondering how in just one more day we're going to get back around to join to the vsp of R1 of Part 2--or is that a little breast? I'm also still perplexed by the chain (rather than a ring) with which Part 1 ended and the picot (rather than a vsp) in the double row of split rings in the skirt. Anyway, I think mine must be Elizabeth Taylor, as her eye is violet (specifically iridescent blue-violet)!" 

Virginie is the next to arrive with her day 10. She says:
"Hi Jane,
This is my Day 10.
It seems to be Cinderella ... ;-)
Good evening."
What a good idea, Virginie.  I suppose it could be!!!!

Judy is the next person to arrive and she says:
What to my wondrous eyes did I see but wonderful R4 & R5. I sat amazed at what I was seeing. I paused in shock. 
So Nessie is still the name but maybe for a dancer.Who knows? Maybe it is a water feature."

Linda has three guesses. Wonder if she's being greedy!!!!
"I have three guesses for day 10...tudor lady, bride or Anne Hathaway? "
Hmm, the last one is very appropriate to my area and heritage!

Wendy is back again today - this time with day 10. She says:
"I can see a crinoline lady ! At last
Wendy "

Diane's just arrived with her day 10 and she says:
"Good morning, Jane!
Only one split ring today? You must have known I'd be up early today. 😴
Diane Cademartori"

Frances is back now with her day 10 and the following comment.
"Hi Jane 
Here is my Day 10. I like the asymmetry in the design and the feeling of movement that gives it. I put my bet on Cinderella running away from the ball before the clock strikes twelve and her gorgeous dress changes back to rags. Not sure where the alligator join is going to come in though. 
Best wishes 

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