Saturday, 18 February 2017

90 and MORE

I'm so double chuffed this morning to find several new ladies in my inbox. It looks as if we're seriously going to beat last year's total of 94 or maybe 95 rabbits. Thanks folks. So, first in today is from Lelia who says.

90. " Dear Jane: 
These are my two .... 
Thanks for hosting the game!! 
Fibers used: 
Lizbeth Size 20 
Col. 161 (Sea Island Citrus ) 
Lizbeth Size 20 
Col. 403 (Winter Ice) Twirlz 
Always, Carol (USA), 
blogging as Lelia at Stitches of Life II 

Next in this morning is from Denise B who says:
91. "This is my lady. I haven't blocked her yet. I enjoyed this one. I'm going to make more in different colors and sizes and holding different things. She took me less than an hour to tat. There are many things I can do with her. I will send photos of her. Well she's off to adventure land to discover the world. Thank you.
Lol, Denise Brant"

92. "I finally finished! And I think it's another winner. I always look forward to this in January. Thank you."

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