Friday, 11 January 2013

We're OFF - Day 1

Here we go!!!!  Watch out for postings of completed day 1 pieces as the next few days pass.  I'll let you know when the next part is ready on both this and the regular blog here.

Back from my Friday shopping trip and I'm SO relieved to find these two Day 1's in my inbox!!!  

First in is from Jane who says:-
"Hi Jane, I loaded my shuttles with Jess’s tat-ilicious thread this morning and waited with bated breath for the first installment! So here it is. Happy tats, Jane"

Next in is from Fiona - Hi, Fiona!!!  She says:-
"Here is my day one complete. Random guess.  Perhaps its a boat?  
Fiona T"
Well, Fiona, it could be, I guess!!!  What a pretty shuttle.

Now we have Ginny W's who comes up with a very good guess too!!! Here's what she says:-
"here is the scan of flag pole!!!"

Next in is from Geraldine who says this:-
"Well of we go again. Is it animal, vegetable or mineral ? Only brain cell3# know's. Here is my first day, I'm using Turquoise Twist 20 Lizbeth thread. A cocktail stick is being used at a picot gauge. Can't wait for day two.
Happy tatting

Next in is from here in the UK and from Brenda who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day one. No guesses at this time, I am rubbish at it.
Brenda. UK"

Well, Brenda, I hope you wouldn't be able to guess at this stage!!  If you could then I've not done my job properly!!!

Just back home again and I find Corina next in my inbox.  This is her blog url where you can see what she says
Don't you just LOVE the way that blogs translate into your own language automatically?

Next in is from Frivole who says:-
"This is it:  this is the year:  I will join in on the TIAS.  Is this the way to do it?  Did you want a photo of our first little piece?
I chose Lizbeth Blue River Glades which is one of my favourite ever Lizbeth.  No doubt, it will end up being an animal and my blue-green colour choice will be completed wrong but never mind.  I like Blue River Glades.  Mine curves a bit as you can see, don't know if it should be straight and my joining picots were a bit short?  I shall look forward to the next installment!"

Now we have a picture and comment from Madhur who says:-
"Here's my version. I practised frontside backside tatting on the chains. The photo has been taken by cell phone. It didnt do jsutice to the work.
Secondly, I fell it is easier and faster to tat..I mean it takes less time than clicking phots and uploading them..he he he he he..
Nonetheless..I simply love being part of the group.

Next in is from Sharon who says:-
"Hi, Jane.
I've been looking forward to this for MONTHS!
Here's my day 1.  :-)  playing the game, but making no guesses
sharon (North Carolina, USA)"

My next visitor in the inbox is Winnie who says this:-
"This is day one! It can turn out to be anything at this stage. I am using DMC size 80. The picture is not that clear, couldn't find my camera.
Bye, Winnie"

Now some people try to confuse this old git!!  IsDihara certainly did that today with her picture.  When I saw her message all I could see was the car!!!  I wondered why she was sending me a picture of a CAR!!!  Ah, is that the first correct guess, do you think?  Anyway, here's what she has to say:-

"Yippee!  Day 1 shows great promise already. My guess is skewed by a sighting of Herbie the Love Bug!  Yes, an actual sighting of a modern-day VW Beetle painted to look like the 1964 car from the Disney TV series.  I think Day 1 resembles  the foot board between the front and rear wheels.  Herbie rides again!


Next in is from Nima who says:-
"Hi Jane,
My day1 progress is attached.
Nima"  Thank you, Nima and welcome aboard!!

A welcome now to Susan who is taking part too for the first time this year.  Here's what she has to say:-
"This is my first time participating in a TIA--have wanted to before but never had the chance!  Here is my day 1.  It is tatted with Lizbeth thread in Peacock Blue.  I had this already on one shuttle wound full for who knows what, so decided to use it.  I am very excited to be able to participate this year!
 Susan Havens in Mountain Home, Arkansas"

Now I have Valerie's day 1 - she's in Singapore and this is what she says:-
"hi jane, here's my day 1. i guess it's a bus! hope it's fun for everyone as it's been fun for me. good day. val"

Next in is from Dale Marie who is taking part for the first time too.  She says:-
"This will be the first year I have tatted along with you TIAS. I have admired and procrastinated in the past but here is my day one contribution:-) No guesses just yet as to what it is, but I anxiously await the surprise!
Dale Marie"

I've just found another participant on a blog - it's Quayceetatter and here's her url 

Next into my inbox is from Stephanie who has this to say:-
"What fun!  I've been looking forward to the TIAS for months.  Sorry, no guesses from me yet.  I was THINKING of guessing 'a black cat with its eyes closed on a very dark night with his fur reflecting the Aurora Borealis,' but I can't imagine leaving a cat outside on a cold night, so he'd have to be INDOORS near a window with all the lights off, and that's just getting a bit *too* outrageous, even for one of my deliberately crazy guesses.  :-D"

Now I've got Fox's day 1 and she says this:-
"Late to the party… as usual! I was not going to participate this year, but had a stern talking to myself as I am too much of an old “Bah, Humbug!”
So, fickly, I am sending the first tat - no guesses!"
Oh, dear Fox, there's no such thing as 'late' with a TIAS party!!!

Next to pop in to my inbox is Nikki who says this:-
"Ok I finished part one, size 20 peacock blues. And since its so early in the TIAS and with the blues I am calling it a waterfall lol"
Love your suggestion, Nikki but I'm not saying anything to give the game away!!!

Now I have this to show you from Caroline and she says this:-
"I did the last two and really enjoyed them so was really looking forward to this year.  I chose spring colors as it is winter dreary here and to get colder this weekend.  Hope your design is springy.  Caroline Hill"!!!"
Well, Caroline, it's gone really cold here this evening - I'm looking forward to getting to bed now!!!

Another hour before bedtime and I have two more to add.  This is from Michel who says this:-
"Hello Jane,
This is my first TIAS.  My guess is that it is going to be .... fun.
Québec, Canada"

Next in is Sandy who is using my favourite (at the moment) variegated Lizbeth thread and she has this to say:-
"Here's my day 1.  I've no idea what you've created for us... but, since I'm tatting with Rainbow Taffy, I'm guessing this is the edge of the roof on a candy house  (of course, this is a magical house that may morph into something quite different as the days go by...)
Sandy S"

Now dropping into my inbox is Andrea who says:-
"Here is my picture of Day 1 ... I did two!!!  I thought I would do two as it's my second year.    The ceramic shuttle was a Christmas gift from my daughter (purchased from 'Lady Shuttlemaker') and the thread is Lizbeth 20 shade 132.  The other piece is made from an old Coats chain mercer crochet 20s thread in rainbow colours.  I think this could be a train .. there I made a guess!!!!  Looking forward to the next installment and very appreciative of your efforts. Just love the fact that I don't know what the heck I'm making. :):)
Best wishes

Next in is Mary Jo who has also made a guess already.  Here is what she says:-
"Here is day 1.  I think it will be a Victorian pram!  Mary Jo 

P.s.  I think Stephanie and I are using the same color way.  Lizbeth 122 Caribbean."

Now I have Jenny from here in the UK and she says:-
"Here is my day one.  It is worked in Lizbeth 20 but I don't know the shade as it was a sample.  I am using my new Aerlit shuttle which I got at Christmas.I am rather late sending this as I have been to Nuneaton with my sister to see the Lace98 group exhibition.  It was very inspiring and good to see some tatting among the bobbin lace.

Next into my inbox is from Sonja who says:-
"Here my first day from Holland. I used Lizbeth 20,  Ocean sunset. I love your TIAS. Too early guess about what it will be.
With love from Sonja from Holland"
The final addition to the blog today is from Marie Smith who says:-
"I am using Herbal Garden from Lizbeth size 20. My grandsons like it, too, as it is camo colors. Maybe it is going to be the pinky finger of a glove. - Big ol' hug, Marie (SC - USA)"
Goodnight, world.  See you on the 12th with more day 1's completed, I hope!!!!


Corina said...

It's such a wonderful project! I just tatted mine (see my blog, feel free to copy my picture if you like). Thank you for organizing this event!

goudenregen said...

Just finished day 1. I used variegated thread #10. Cannot say what it will be yet, so I'll wont guess. Looking forward to Day 2. The picture in on my blog