Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tuesday and Day 2 is now ready!

Here are the two links for Day 2 of the TIAS.

This link is for the more cautious tatter who doesn't want to tackle a split chain.

This link is for the intrepid tatter who doesn't mind the challenge!!!

You can easily change your mind if the split chain doesn't work out and do a cut and tie if you like.  I leave it to you.  Help is at hand if you want it and my email address can be found at the side of the blog.

Wonder who will be first to finish this stage?

First into my inbox this morning made me smile as it's a goat from last year - I won't add this to the blog in order not to confuse myself.  BUT I will give you the link here to Coretta's blog where you can find her goat!  I'm pleased to see that her son's problems are now resolved, poor little chap.  Also in another post which you can see here is Coretta's day 1 of this year's TIAS.  Here's her picture too.

Next in this morning is from Claire who says:-
"Here's my Day 1. I have no idea what it is, but I'm pretty sure it is not animal since there are no beads for eyes.
Do you prefer jpeg files or pdf files?
Claire from Washington state--USA"
Oh, Claire, jpeg files are easier to deal with - thanks for asking. I love your little 'hats' on the shuttles, by the way.

Now I have Monica in my inbox! She says this:-
"Here is my day one for the Tat it and See project.
I used Lizbeth #115. I am excited to start this and can't wait for day two. I am hoping I will be able to see the patterns going forward. I had to cut and paste the URL to be able to open the pdf.
Thank you for doing this. How fun
Monica Braxton"

Now we have Anita with a couple of pictures and a thoughtful insight into the TIAS. 
"Now, what is it??? I first thought you were making a political statement about our newly appointed U.S. Secretary of Treasurer, Jack Lew. There's been a lot on the news about him lately, especially his signature...and I thought perhaps that's what we were tatting...here's his signature (honest, it is!).
Then I decided, "nope that's not it...cause our tatting is too neat!...hmmmm, so then I decided it has to be from Dr. Dolittle, a two-headed creature!

But then Mary reminded me that there are no beads this year... A creature with no eyes?????
Now, I'm stumped again! Can't wait for day 2!
Thanks for all your hard work each year...
Anita aka Yuma Tatter
Arizona, USA"

Now I have Sue Anna's day 1. Don't worry, Sue Anna, it'll straighten out - if it has to!!!!

Next in my inbox is Rose Anne who has this to say:-
"Well I finally got batteries into the camera, photo taken and the TIAS template prepared for uploading. I'm very glad Jane that you are doing this for us "tatters" once again, Thank you!!! I was trying to pick from my many size 20 Lizbeth balls but gave up and settled for this Daisy size 30 (I think - a garage sale find) and this year I'm trying the front and back sides method as noted. So I just might find another couple of shuttles and try this yet with Lizbeth size 20 yet and then will see the difference - well I'll see if I can tell the difference that is! And just in time for Day 2!"
Last in of this morning's offerings is from Marjorie who say:-
"A fencepost? :)"
Could be, Marjorie, could be!!!!

Ta de da and first in with day 2 is Ginny W who says:-
"Here is my day 2"

Next in is Geraldine who has this to say:-
"Morning Jane,
Small flurry of snow here this morning, so nice to sit in front of fire tatting. Have done small amount of split chains in the passed also worked on a ring, so YES I have done a split chain. My first guess is a Fish and we are doing the scales?
Happy tatting Geraldine. xx"

Oh, now we have Sonja from a snowy place - ours hasn't arrived yet!!! Here's what she says:-
"Hello Jane
My day 2 from a very snowy holland. Tonight 20 cm snow. My split chain is not too bad. It’s not my favorite, but It’s a challenge. Greetings from a snowy Holland – Sonja"

Next in is from Frances who says:-
"Good morning/evening Jane. Have completed day 2 before going to bed. I always challenge myself when doing TIAS to do the FS/BS, and I tatted the split chain after refreshing the technique.
I have checked with the men in my life as to what they think it may be. The best guess from No 2 son is Swiss cheese as it is full of holes. (They really think
they are funny! he’s 18 )
As for me I will still refrain from a guess for now."

Just back from milking the cow. Well, not really but had to pop to the shops for some milk - I drink endless cups of tea while I'm doing this!!! 
Now I have Fiona's day 2 to show you and this is her comment:-
"Hi Jane,
Thanks for taking the time to write out the 2 different patterns. I had thought that I would be daring and try the split chain (has been 12 months since I completed one), but after a couple of minutes reading through both patterns I went with comfort :D I still have to sew in my ends, but I still think it may be a boat! Oh, and I forgot to write last time that I am using Lizbeth size 20 thread, falling leaves colour. I received this thread in an exchange in 2011, and other than for a couple of bookmarks, I haven't had the chance to use it. 
Hope you are having a nice morning...I'm off to bed 9.40pm here!"

Now I have Mary's contribution towards day 2. She says:-
"Good morning here's day 2, can I see a triangle?
(It can't be a tree in these colours)

Next is Maureen who thinks I might be standing on my head to do this - least I think that's what she's hinting!!!
"Not a split chain in sight, not an intrepid tatter and not a rabbit either; - but three lots of ends to deal with at night took a bit of fiddle-time! Here is Day 2, and all I can think is that perhaps it's upside down to confuse us all."

Now I have Omar who says:-
"Thanks Jane for day 2.
Love the term 'INTREPID' TATTER. I've been watching the Australian open on the tele while I tackled day 2. It took me longer than it should have but I enjoyed the challenge. This reminds me of the beginning of a little Christmas tree that did a few years ago and also the beginning of a snowman...but I don't think that is what this will end up being. 
Gnite I'm off to bed 

Goodnight, Omar - see you in a few days when day 3 is launched!!!

Oh, look, look, look. I have somebody new who doesn't speak any English. That's not a problem, Grazyna as you've found me and I use google translate. This is what Grazyna says - thanks to the translator:-
I want to join in the creation of TIAS 2013
Grazyna A. I'm Polish and I do not know the language, but I'm using the scheme so far the problem I have. My 1 and 2 days you can see the challenges.
Grazyna O."
Here is a link to her blog. Here are her pictures of day 1 and day 2

Next in is from Julie down in Oz. You should be in bed by now, Julie!!!! Here's what she says:-
Here's day 2's results. My daughter, Marnie, thinks it's going to be a starfish!
I've started a second TIAS too, in Altin Basak Green Variegate.

Now I have day 2 from Denise who says:-
"Here is my day 2. I can hear the rain pattering on the cold ground outside. Sitting cozy and warm on the couch, I enjoyed starting the day with some tatting. I practiced the split chain yesterday, and was surprised it gave me no troubles. My split chain today came out even better than expected. I'm not sure I have a guess yet, but I showed my Day 1 to my sister and she says it is "a tatted representation of cracking the DNA code." I suppose I'll throw my vote in with hers. 
Sorry the photos are not turning out well. I'm having a hard time getting my phone and camera to handle the red thread without distorting it.

Just back from an afternoon out and I find Jane is next in my inbox. She says:-
"Aha, Jane, intrepid here I come!! Happy tats, Jane"

Now I have Axa's day 1 - welcome, Axa. Here is a link to her blog and her comment too:-
"It is my 3rd TIAS, and it is my day 1. I use Ariadne 20 thread, and I am so excited, what will it be this time.
Thank you for the game Jane!"

Next in is Monica who is making me feel a bit warmer on this very cold day. OR, should I say jealous!!! She says:-
"Hello Jane!
Here is my day two. My current bet is an Ice-cream cone - but probably just because it is so hot here, I want one!
Read you later!"

Now I have Nima's day 2 and she has this to say:-
This is my day 2. Looks like we are building a house."

Woweeee, another new participant. Welcome Rebecca. She says this:-
"Good Morning Jane,
Let me start off by saying thank-you for hosting another TIAS. It is one exercise that is fun. 
I often participate in private, but have only posted once before. This year I decided to take part in the whole experience.
I am a little behind but will try to catch up with today's installment. 
I have no guesses at this point.
Michigan, USA"

Now I have Fox's day two and she says:-
"I do love it when you say the “I” word, Jane! Makes me feel so proficient! Thanks for making my day.
Fox ; ))"

Next in is Valerie who says:-
"Dear Jane, here's my Day 2. Have a nice day. :-)"

Now the next person to drop into my inbox is Allison who says:-
"Here is Day 2 for me! My guess is that the pattern isn't an animal...maybe a flower or a boat???
I used the split chain method and I'm enjoying seeing the variegated colors everyone is using! What a fun game this is!
From Illinois,

Next in is from Jenny who lives here in the UK. She says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my day 2. I have resolved that this is the year that I am going to unlearn the habits of a lifetime and get to grips with frontside/backside tatting. This is giving me some practice. I have said before that my brain fully understands front/back but my fingers insist on doing their own thing!

Now I have Dale who has had a bit of a change of heart!!! I have her days 1 and two. She says:-
"Here is my day two TIAS contribution. I decided to re-tat day one in a varigated turquoise. I originally started with purples in size 40 (will be completing both as we go but finished this one first and wanted to share). I am still not sure what it might be, but with the blues it looks like ocean waves. Quite lovely in my opinion:-) I am looking forward to day three already!!"

Now I have a message and picture of Cathy's day 2. This is what she says:-
"So excited! My guess...ice cream cone.. We're freezing here in Central Texas!!"

Yet another of my dear friends has arrived at the TIAS!!! Welcome, Suzanne. Here's what she says:-
"Good morning, Jane!
I bet you were wondering where I had got to; after all the ruckus I made before the start of the TIAS. Attached, you will find a photograph of my partial crocodile, in Blue River Glades size 40, basking on his Clover shuttle log, in a green plastic moiré swamp, next to his La Cossette kaleidoscope surfboard. There are no beads, because his eyes are closed, as he blissfully soaks up the rays. Roll on day 3!
with warm salutations from sunny Santa Barbara,

Now I have Carol's day 1 which has just popped into the overworked inbox!!! Welcome, Carol. She says:-
"Trying to catch up! J Just finished up Day 1 and will be starting on Day 2 tonight! So excited to see what this will turn out to be!"

Next in is from Stephanie who says this:-
"Hi Jane!
I finally figured out what the TIAS will be. The name might change after a few more tatting sessions, but it's definitely a UFO (for now). Unidentified Frivolite Object. ;-) 
This is so much fun! Not just the tatting, but the guessing, seeing everyone else's TIAS, seeing what colors everybody used, seeing so many different shuttles, and the backgrounds people choose for their picture or scan....what a treat! 
Forgot to mention the color, but I *am* using Lizbeth Caribbean for this part of the TIAS. 
Now I have Ancolie's comment and a link to her blog here. This is what she says:-
"Hello Jane, here's my work "day 2 for the intrepid tatter " ;-).
To make the Split chain, I had to take a needle, otherwise the shuttle did not pass through the loop because of the picot…
With love from Ancolie from France"

This made me smile from Maria - I think hunger has a lot to do with guesses but this one is funny:-
"Here is my day 2.... I am determined to keep up. AND, with that in mind, I also have a guess! 
Yes, I'm going to go for it, I think it is the Nina, the Pinta, or the Santa Maria! 
Perhaps... or a bowl of salad.... It must be lunch time :)

Oh, this is a great guess from Melissa and beautifully illustrated too! She says:-
"Well--- Here's a scan of Day 2. I have the flu that is taking America by storm and didn't feel like getting a picture of Day 1. (It's okay- I had a flu shot so it shouldn't be too bad!). I may be running into a train wreck with this but a train has a lot of places for a straight line!!"

Another newcomer just now. This is Leah who has sent in both days 1 and 2. This is what she says:-
"I have no clue what this will become but I sure love this little game! I just relocated and was a bit slow to get a day #1 picture to you so here are 2 pics (days 1 & 2). I have never done a split chain before and felt like taking on the challenge. I can see that I need a lot more practice at this skill but I'm always willing to have a go at it. Looking forward to day #3.

Now we have a communication from Karla in her secret underground bunker 'somewhere on planet earth'. This is her comment:-
"My guesses so far include: 
Something with a dress/hat, or a 3D figure.... hot or cold? Oooh! Maybe a sail!"

Next in is from Jacqui who says this:-
"Hi Jane - here's my effort - the split chain isn't as good as yours but at least I tried (and succeeded - yay!)The thread is Lizbeth 20, shade 160 Country Kitchen - very pretty colours.
ttfn Jacqui"

Now I have Claudia's day two and she says:-
"Hi Jane I wanted to tat day 2 this morning, but then I had to leave early for a long working day! So now back home, and the first action was to tat!
It must become the famous mountain in Switzerlan: Matterhorn
Or maybe a snail, or ..... 
Greetings from white and cold Switzerland"

Next I've got Jo's day 2 and she says:-
Here is my result after Day 2
I tried the more intrepid split chain/split ring version even though I'd never done those before. It's also on my blog here:

Last one today as I'm off to bed now. This is from Heather who has sent in days 1 and 2 together and she says:-
"Hi Jane, thanks for starting a TIAS 2013 :) always have fun doing them! Here is my day 1 and day 2. I have been busy working on a baby set, I forgot that it started last week. Thanks again Heather"

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Rose Anne B said...

WOW WEE Jane you've some new followers to your TIAS. I know my non-tatting friends are all curious and I'm sure the quilters at my retreat coming up are going to check it out. I'll be taking my binder with me just in case someone is a tatter there!

I LOVE this and now onto trying to be an "I" tatter!!!