Saturday, 26 January 2013

Saturday morning

First thing I must tell you is that day 6 will be ready tomorrow morning. 

Next thing I must mention is that one of our TIAS 'gang' has pointed out that it would be helpful to have a link from each page back to the TIAS blog so this will 'happen' from now on. Any other useful tips you can give me for next year's TIAS would be very welcome. This was something I'd not thought of so I was really pleased that Marjorie mentioned it to me.

First person in my inbox this morning is Coretta who made me smile with her comment:-

"So I was wondering why my tatting hadn't been added to the blog and then realized that I haven't actually sent a picture to you yet. Silly me. I completed the Tatting on the morning of day five (your afternoon) and then went out with the babies (ages range 2-5years) to pick lemons and throw "snowballs" around. Since we live in Florida and it's a good 70* F currently, snow is not available. We had some old panty hose filled with flour and tied off into balls that they threw around. Messy, but much warmer than real snow and they love it. :) Anyway here is some Tatting resting on my delicious lemons... in a basket. :)

I've also added a few of the days to my blog here.
Glad you sent this picture, Coretta as I can't imagine being able to go out into the yard to pick lemons off a tree.  Certainly it wouldn't be possible here.  This morning we have no snow so maybe we should use your idea?!?!?!

Next in is Lyn who has sent in days 4 and 5 along with her comment:-

"Hi Jane, here are my day 4&5 I took ages to get my head around lock chain! Lol I looked at you tube and some other sites then came across a page from tat-man with photos yes! It all fell into place. I must be a very slow learner!! Anyway I am enjoying learning new things. I wondered if we are maybe making a fancy baby carriage !


Lyn from down under"

Shannon didn't leave a comment as such but I think her picture says it all!!! Isn't he cute?

Now I can present Dale Marie's day 5 with her comment:-

"Here is day 5 complete. I had never tried the lock chain before, but I love the lovely color effect it produced. I would like to see this technique used in more patterns. I look forward to seeing what day 6 reveals.

Dale Marie


Finally from my morning's inbox is Nima who says:-
A bit late this time because of the long weekend in this part of the world. Glad to learn lock chain.
No such thing as 'late' Nima - not in the TIAS. Take it at your own space - you're welcome anytime.

I'm delighted to see Mariya next into my inbox and I'm so pleased that in spite of being very busy that she's found time to join us. This is her comment:-
"Dear Jane, 
It took me much time to make this photo :) To be honest, when I saw TIAS this year, I though: :"Yeah, that's great, but I'm so busy this year that I would better not participate this time!". When I saw day 2, however, I couldn't help starting :) After day 3 I supposed that this can be an Xmas Tree (except that you won't do it that easy). Now, after day 5, it looks more like ship. However, I'm waiting the next days :) Thank you for this fun!

This has been a quiet day on the TIAS but I must admit it's been lonely!!! Anyway, now I have Grace's day 5 and she's a bit flummoxed!!!
"Dear Jane,
Here's my Day 5. The new skills keep coming! This time I got to practise my lock chains a bit. Never done a back facking lock chain before! Guesses — well, I'm a bit flummoxed. Maybe it's a flowerbox with a little flower sticking up out of it. Or maybe it's a duck?

Poor Mary Jo is having some of our weather, I think. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Here is Clue 5 from soggy Southern California. It looks like the pram concept is gaining ground. It's still my guess! Mary Jo"

Next in is from Adrian (I LOVE this thread colour) who says:-
"Hi Jane
A little late with this one. It's starting to look more like a flower basket than a teacup now...

Sharon's now arrived in my inbox and she's having problems with the TIAS multiplying!!!
"Golly, every time I look around, there's another one sneaking up on me! Well, unless there's a magic shuttle-portal nearby, 3's gonna be the limit!
These are so much fun, not knowing what the end is!
sharon, now icy, in North Carolina" 

Now Dorcas has the right idea - I'll just go and put the kettle on!!! 
"Here is my Day 5. Baby carriage still seems to be a good guess. Maybe Jane wants us to have nice warm thoughts on these chilled winter days with nice hot pot of English tea. ;-)
I had a slightly difficult time understanding the directions for this. It just seemed odd. I checked some other peoples work to see if I had it correct. I did. I am still wondering what the benefit would be, other than a unique texture.  Dorcas"
Ah, Dorcas.  In this design I used the lock chain to give a 'slimmer' chain and also to avoid a cut and tie.  Mostly I use them for decorative purposes, though.

Wendy has sent me her picture and comment and this is what she says:-
"I still think it could be a boat
Wendy x"

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