Thursday, 24 January 2013

Day 5 now available

OK, this is roughly the halfway point and it's now time for Day 5 which is here. Keep the guesses rolling in!!!

What a wonderful surprise to wake up this morning to lots more TIAS's in my inbox. Yesterday was very quiet after the morning 'rush' but it did give me time to brave the slushy snow (not icy at all by then) to shop. 

Even better - the first person in this morning is another new joiner - welcome 

Tania. Here's her comment and three pictures:-

"Hi Jane!I only found about TIAS a few days ago but I think I managed to catch up.

I've been shuttle tatting for about a year now and I'm having lots of fun with this game. I went in the intrepid way and did split chains and Catherine Wheel joins for the first time. :)

I'm looking forward to see what's reserved for the next days!!


Now I have poor Elizabeth who is struggling to keep up!!! Here's her day 3 followed by day 4! You've caught up now, Elizabeth - well, not quite as day 5 is ready now!!!

"I am trying to catch up, Here is my day 3 

From Las Vegas NV USA"

She's caught up now!!!

"Here is my Day 4

Still need more practice on Catherine Wheel Joins, but feel better about them than I did on the first one...

Can't wait for Day 5


Now I have Sunela's day 4 and she says:-


Here is Day 4...this can be a flower pot or a weeping willow tree!!


Next in is from Michelle with news of new and small tatters being brought into Tat Land. Here's her comment and three pictures:-

"Hi Jane,

Here are days 2, 3, 4. I'm pretty well pleased with the Catherine Wheel joins which I had been working on for a few days before the TIAS because you said they were coming. When you read a pattern though, does the CWJ count as one of the ds? Because it looks like one but a regular join does not.

I showed my little tatting club today the TIAS- they are a bunch of 12-year olds that I've conned into tatting once a week after school. They were VERY excited about the idea of the TIAS and were helping me to guess. They agreed on a teacup.

Michelle in Minnesota where tonight it will be -20F / -28C I hope the car starts in the morning!"

Next I have Prabhjyot's day 4 and she has found out something about her tatting. She says:-

"Thanks Jane for the encouragement. Actually this FS/BS stuff started when I tatted Modern heart motif by tatman - which is here. Mine didn't look as good as Mark's. I knew it differs from person to person but still there was something which was not settling up in my mind. After looking at both the pictures many times, I realized that FS/BS tatting makes a big difference in the look of the final product. Your site is perfect place to find all the solutions to such questions.

Also I am attaching my day 4 with this mail & I am loving themystery pattern for all the different types of techniques I am working on to it.

Thanks a lot for the fun & looking forward to day 5



Now I have Leah's day 4 and she has this to say:-
"This is the first time I've done the Catherine wheel join, and I love it! I can't believe I haven't done it before. My guess @ this point is a basket." 

Well Anita has had a big change of mind over the resulting TIAS item!!! This is her comment and picture:-
"Good Morning, Jane,
You may remember that at the close of Day 3 we were sailing the seas in our tub!
Well, the aquatic trip is over, but another, better trip is underway...
The DREAM Shopping Trip! 

Now I have Coretta's day 4 with her picture and comment:-
"Oh, I love the CWJoin. New to me and I too had the question of whether or not it counted as a stitch, in the end since I saw nothing in your directions about it I did not count it. I have a pattern that I am working on creating that I am excited to try using this join. Thanks! 
Coretta in sunny Florida, USA"

OK, now a BIG announcement. Here is Mary's DAY 5 and she's the first to get it done. Sorry I didn't get this on a bit sooner, Mary, but I'm very strict with myself and work from the bottom of the inbox upwards. You were VERY fast getting it done today!!
"Good morning JaneHere's day 5. 

The second person in with day 5 is Frances who is sort of thinking about a basket of flowers. I wonder .........
"Good evening/morning Jane,
I hope your day is going well and that you are able to get out.
Here is my day 5 and my first guess, the flower pot is starting to look good, although there are still two picots on the bottom?????
have a lovely day
tatting is OZ

Well we've had the UK, Australia and now we've got Singapore in with day 5. Here's Val's and her comment too:-
"Dear Jane, here's my Day 5. I've definitely done something new today ~ lock chains! Was fun! Just wondering if this TIAS will be a viking ship. It's getting even more curious than before. Hugs, Val" 

Now I have Claudia who's asked a question about the lock chain. I'll answer it with just one word, Claudia. PERFECT.
"Good Morning Jane
Lock chain is new to me, I hope I did it correct. At least the second one seems to be ok.... Training, training, training!
After todays work it looks like a hat, but as we are only half way through,....
You leave me with 1000 ? For the next couple of days!
I wish you a wonderful day

Now I have Corina's day 5 but she hasn't commented. Her husband has, though!!! This is what he says:=
"And a new picture! My husband says it's going to be a viking ship..."

Next in is Karen who is also thinking along the lines of a ship. She says:-
"Here is my Day 5, now could it be a basket of flowers or the front of a galleon"

Now I have Ginny's day 5 - late (so she says!!!) but for a very good reason! Here it is:-
"Here is my boat! sorry i took so long i couldn't drag myself out of bed earlier this morning" 

A funny story now from Brenda who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 5.
You wouldn't believe me if I told you what happened when I had finished.
I am going to tell you anyway. I looked at the diagram and thought I don't have those two picots on the last ring.
LOL, ROFL, I looked closer and it said 28……I keep telling you how dumb I am.
Don't worry, Brenda, I'm sure we'll visit you in the hospital when the men in white coats have collected you!!!!!!
Just back after a quick lunch and now I have Ancolie's day 5. She says:-
"Good Morning, Jane
Here is my Day 5
Is there still a lot of snow in your area? Here the snow has melted but it is very cold!Could it keep us warm?
I wish you a nice day
We don't have much snow left now, Ancolie, but it's very cold and I'm not going very far from home today!!!  The TIAS MAY keep us warm but I'm not telling.

Next in is from Fiona who is thinking of hot air balloons today. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane, My next guess is that we have made the basket of a hot air balloon. How wonderful would it be to have a page filled with hot air balloons! 
Looking forward to day 6!" 

Now I have Helen's day 4 and she says:-
"Hello Jane,
here is my day 4 of the TIAS. It was good to practice my Catherine Wheel Joins. The background on my scans is just an old embroidery book. I have also posted day 4 on my blog.
Thanks for all your work. My guess? I agree with some that it could be a flower pot.
Greetings Helen" 

Back after a walk in the snow - see my Facebook page for pictures. 
The next person into my inbox has the opposite weather to ours!! It's Claudia from Argentina who says:-
"good morning here Jane!! so hot in this part of Argentine, but my day 5 is up!
have a good day!!

Now in from Jane is this picture and comment:-
"Hi Jane, handles for the basket? Here’s day 5. Happy tats, Jane"

Next in is my little sister, Sally. She says:-
"Attached my TIAS photo, lovely and quick and easy this time!It is so much warmer here, hope it is improving in your area."
I notice she's still not eaten the chocolate - if that had been me it would've been long gone!!

Patricia's day 5 is next into my inbox and this is what she says:-
"Jane,You have me bumfuzzled--I have no idea what we are making!
Patricia Lyn Cobb" 

Now I have TotusMel's (aka Pamela) day 5 and she says:-
"Hi Jane, Here's my day 5. I'm starting to think it might indeed be a basket of flowers, but you're so wily that I don't fully trust my guess!
Wily?  As in a fox?  Foxy lady?  Hmm, in my neck of the woods a foxy lady is young and sexy and I'm old and NOT!!!!!  Good to keep you still guessing, Pamela!!!

Next into my inbox is Pat who says this:-
"This day started much better than the other one. Sitting here watching the blog on my tablet while seeing the weather changing outside my window. I am having too much fun seeing what others are guessing. I will be more careful to look all the way down the blog before complaining about not seeing my work. (Either that or my tablet is not showing me all of the blog in the first place making me go to my computer to read the entire blog.)
So here is today's entry. 
Pat G (Arial - The Tattered Faerie)" 

Stephanie's just arrived into my inbox now and this is what she has to say:-
"Hi Jane! 
UFO, definitely a UFO. I still haven't totally ruled out calling it a shopping cart, but since we have 6 more 'installments' to this pattern, a shopping cart is looking more and more unlikely. Upside-down it reminds me of those hats people used to crochet back when I was very young - a pull-on cap with long crocheted 'curls' hanging out from the bottom around the back part of the hat.
Have a terrific week!
Big hug!

Now I have Monica's day five and she says this:-

"Hi Jane,

Here is my Day 5. I was so excited this morning when I was opened my inbox and saw your message that Day 5's pattern is here. I grabbed my tatting right away and tatted. This is the first time I did a lock join chain. What a great way to wake up. Thanks again for hosting this. It's so fun. I still don't want to venture a guess so I can't wait for Day 6.

Monica Braxton" 

Next in is Wanda who is another tatter who hasn't really had to deal much with lock chains before. Here's her comment:-

"Here is my day 5. This was fun. I don't know that I've done lock chains before though they are very easy - as long as you pay attention! Habits die hard - I got distracted for one second and made almost half of one chain normally before I went back and fixed it. Teach me not to pay attention! It looks suspiciously like there might be flowers coming out of the top but other than that I'm not guessing. Now I can go look at what everyone else has done and see what they think it is.

Wanda in Kansas USA" 

Now I have Sandy back with her pretty 'wotsit'!!! I love this thread too. Here's what she says:-

"Hello Jane, here is my day 5. I'm wondering if we are at the garden nursery, pushing a shopping basket/cart, and we just put in our first flower.... hmmm.(P.S. love the lock chains!!) Sandy S"

Just arrived from Holland is Sonja's day 5. She says:-
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 5, that was an easy day.
We have still snow and cold, but the sun is shining, so it looks better today
Greetings from Holland
We have the same weather here too, Sonja.

This can become confusing as I have several people with the same names!! This time it's the other Sonja who is following the first Sonja into my inbox. This could cause a meltdown for brain cell 3, you know!! 
"Dear Jane,here are my days 4 and 5. I like to work the new TIAS. It's a boat? Realy? or a hen? LOL! We will see!
Greetings Sonja"

A change now as Andrea has sent in two guesses!!! LOVE the drawings, Andrea. This is the first swan that has come in!! 
"Hi Jane, 
Hope you are ok. I managed to get day 5 done and here it is with 2 more guesses!!! I love the Lock chains... haven't done them before, but what a great effect. You always manage to make this sooooo interesting. Thanks again
Andrea x"

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Marie's having breeding problems with her TIAS!!! Here's her story:-
"Hi, Jane. I have finally discovered what these critters are. They are "tribbles"! Turtles and rabbits do not multiply this fast. With each new segment of the pattern another one appears. They are taking over!! The computer trouble I was having - the baby tribble was teething on the cords. Can you please beam me up again? Would someone like a FREE pet tribble? ;-) Big ol' hug, Marie" 
Hmmmm, I think it's time to send the 'men in white coats' down to SC to pay Marie a visit!!!

Next in is from Evelyne who says in French:-
"Hello Jane, Jour 4 du TIAS sans problème!!!!! Je commence le jour 5 maintenant!!!
A bientot" 
and in English
"Hello Jane, Day 4 of TIAS without problem!! I started the day 5 now! See you soon"

This is funny because I'd just added Evelyne's day four and gone back to my emails and found that the next one in is from - Evelyne again!!! This is her comment again first in French followed by the English translation (via google translate):-
"Hello Jane, Voilà la partie 5 il me semble aperçevoir des fleurs!!!!"
"Hello Jane, This is part 5 I think I see flowers!!"

Next in is from Caroline who says:-
"Well, I had to let my frog out of his cage today. I try to keep him locked up but have to let him out once in a while. After I got my mistakes "rib rib"ed out I am not sure at all what it will be. Being a basket of flowers would sure make those of us in the cold and snow more hopeful that spring will come but who ever said a viking boat also makes sense. Caroline H"

Now I have found Denise R's day 5 next in my inbox. She says:-
"Here is my day 5. One of my friends guessed a basket. I still have no clue.
Denise Royal"

Melanie didn't have a very good day yesterday but I'll leave her to tell you all about it:-
"Good morning (for me)
I'm a bit slow on the uptake today. It seems I've developed "issues" in my knees from a tumble at the ice skating rink. (Ever try cleaning up a toilet without kneeling on the floor? Good thing there wasn't a video camera rolling. It's done for a bit now though!)
Anyway, here's my day 5:
When I put away the ice pack, I'll turn to thinking about WHAT this could be......"

Next in is Geraldine and she thinks she's got the answer which you can see here:-
"HI Jane 
Have been to work today, fell asleep as soon as I got in ,then when I woke realised it's Day 5. What has Jane come up with for today??
Lock chain. Have done this a few times, make's a nice change from normal chain. OOOOO got it a PRAM. ??YES?? 
Having fun Geraldine x" 
Interesting idea, Geraldine - I wonder!!!!!  Makes a change from boats and viking ships!!!

Now I have Karla from her underground bunker!!! She's getting a bit fraught over the TIAS from the sounds of it!! Here's her comment and picture:-
"Forgive my French, but what the fraaaaaaaaack? 
I'm a little confused, haha. I am tentatively still sticking with a basket (with flowers), but no longer the tea cup... I'm thinking maybe a boat and maybe a swan-type bird... hmmm.... 
And we're only half way through! Haha =) 
From My Secret Underground Bunker in Switzerland"

Now I have Elizabeth's very pretty picture of a flower display. She says:-
"TIAS 5 - maybe a basket of flowers." 

Next to pop in is Jo with her picture and guess. Here's her comment:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my day 5. I'm thinking Viking Ship. These are my first lock chains - that's the 4th new technique I've learned in this TIAS!

A big welcome now to another new joiner to the game. Like so many of you Sharon works long and hard hours so I appreciate the effort people like her put into joining and catching up. Anyway, here's what she says:-
"Another newby to the TIAS game. I am so happy that you are giving us several days between steps. My job interferes with my tatting.
I guess you can call me an intrepid tatter, I’m not afraid of split rings or split chains. I did however have to do some training and practicing to do the Catherine Wheel join. I practiced on some size 3 thread. I found it went a lot easier on the size 20 project. Maybe because I did not have to open the loop as large as I did with the Starlit shuttle. (The Starlit is a lot easier to handle than the Tatsy!)
As far as guesses??? It started out like it was going to be the side of a house, now??? I have no idea.
Sharon (stitchingsharon)
Kentucky USA"

Suzanne sent in this comment earlier which I'm going to share with you. 
"Dear Jane,
Still tatting quietly along with you, and thoroughly enjoying every moment. I don't have the time to post a pic this morning (not that you'd necessarily want one, I've been uncharacteristically sloppy with this little motif - comes under the category of 'use it, or lose it': I'm not tatting enough these days), but did want to venture a guess. This is looking a lot like a teacup to me. If we are half way through, it must mean that there is perhaps steam rising from the cup, or a sleeping door mouse draped over the edge.

Another new person has now joined us and I can't believe she's a new tatter. I'm SO impressed that she's taken on and managed to get this far with the challenge. Welcome to Stacy. Here's her comment and picture:-
Almost brand new to tatting, and thought this would be a great second project. I've managed to catch up! I can see room for improvement, but impressed with myself so far.
Stacy (from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)"

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