Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wednesday and more Day 2's and 1's!

Please don't worry if your picture and comment don't appear for a while but I'm struggling to keep at the moment which is GREAT!!!  I'll be out this morning at Silver Surfers as we're one volunteer short so I'm probably going to be needed there.

So, first in this morning is Cheryl who says:-
"Hi Jane. I’m caught up."

Next in is from Sook Yi who says:-

"Thanks, Jane. 

I was so excited about this and because of the time difference, I googled for instruction videos right after I e-mailed you. I tried them out and after numerous tries, I managed to tat a split chain and split ring (I think ). Woohooo, my very FIRST split chain and split ring!

Here are pictures of the finished DAY 2. The other is a close-up of the split ring and split chain. Did I get them right?

Sook Yi"
Really, really great, Sook Yi.  Well done.

Now I have another new TIASer!! Welcome, Liz. Here's what she has to say:-

"Last year I watched and wanted to join the fun, this year I took a leap and am trying to tat your project

Attached is my 1st day

I am having problems with the split chain, but am going to keep trying…

Thanks for all the fun… I look forward to each day…


Next in is Ray who is joining us. He says he's intrepid and from North Carolina. I LOVE NC and SC too. Anyway, I digress, this is what he says:-

"Just to let you know I am participating in thru TIAS. The most exciting thing was when I learned that I am an "intrepid" tatter. I have no guesses but I hope it goes with my thread-Lizbeth size 20 leaf swirl.

Ray ... A male tatter from North Carolina USA."

Now I have Sandy's day 2 and she says:-

"Hello Jane! I think the roof of the magical candy house is progressing nicely...Split chains always raise my heart rate a bit, but having it only 3ds long made it less intimidating. I will do most anything to avoid a cut and tie, but I sure wish I used the technique more frequently so I wouldn't have to look up the directions each time I need to make one!

Sandy S"

Next in is from Andrea with some very pretty bootees and she says:-

"Hi Jane .... well I procrastinated all day as I really wasn't sure about the split chain, but hey I had a go! They aren't the neatest, but at least I understand the principle now. I made the little felted bootees on a day course and was wondering what to do with them (they were just trial ones) ... and hey presto I think they will make perfect tatting project holders ... with a little addition of a fastening!

Not sure at all what this will be now!

Best wishes


Now I have Katie's picture and comment. She says:-
"Hi, Jane,what? are we decorating a cake?!!
tatty hugs,

Now I have Diane's link here and her comment too:-
Hi, Jane!
I did it! I tatted my first split chain and I successfully tatted a split ring! I am so pleased with myself, I'm not sure I'll sleep tonight!
Hugs, Diane"

Now I have Wanda's day two and she's turned into an intrepid tatter too!!! Here's her comment:-
"I was intrepid today. The split chain has a bit to be desired but it's there. It also helps to read ALL the directions - things just weren't going to work right so I finally read through it again and found what I was leaving out. *sigh of relief* Looking at it this way it could be a bowl. Turn it over and it's the start of an umbrella.
Looking forward to the next installment.
Wanda in Kansas, USA"

Now I have Marie's day 2 and she says:-
"I taught both tatting and knitting today so I got a late start on my Day 2 of your wonderful TIAS. I also decided that I needed to make 2 of them. Now that I see them together, I see exactly what it is. They are turtles and mine are racing! As you can see the female turtle is speeding away from the male. I did the intrepid version. Did you figure that? - Big ol' hug......Marie"
Next in is Alva with her day 1 who says:-
"After a one year expectation and a goat ago, here we are together again in this exciting tatting game. Thank you very much Jane for sharing.
Alba Alicia
Tijuana, Mexico"

Next in is Deana with her day 1 and 2. Anybody can join in at any time with this so it's a lovely surprise seeing new people all the time. Deana says:-
"Hi Jane 
After a busy weekend I finally got my first attempt at day 1 tatted and re tatted even figured out the split chain. Now I have finished day 2 it looks a lot better when it isn't smiling back at idea what it could ever be though ...
Tatting in London Ontario Deana aka tataway"

Now I have Alva's offering of day 2 and she has sent in this picture.

Next in is Liz with her day 2. She says:-

"Hello Jane

Here is my Day 2 attempt. Looking forward to seeing the end item - no ideas yet!



Now I have Monica who has had problems with multi tasking. Come on, Monica, you're a woman - you can multi task!!! Here's her comment and picture:-

"Hi Jane,

Here is my day two picture.

I am really enjoying this project. I couldn't wait to get this next step done. I made a mistake after completing the split ring and mixed up my shuttles. This is what happens when I try to watch tv, carry on a conversation with my hubby and tat all at the same time. I really like the effect tho, I may have to mix them up each row.

Have a wonderful day

Monica Braxton"

Now I have Michelle's day 1 as she's just joined us. Here are her comments and picture. She says:-
"Dear Jane,
Thank you for doing the TIAS! What fun! I have picture below of my day one. It's Lizbeth Scottish Thistle and of course I have no idea what it is.
I must be one of the most cautious intrepid Rodericks in the world. I've only tried split chain once with much figurative hand-holding but I'm going to give it a try. That said, I'm curious why the millers go to ring 17 but the roddys go to only 16 since the split chain is way back after 8? Should I venture into this dangerous world?
Thanks for the fun!
Sent by my owl"

Now I have a really, really intrepid tatter in Sheila. She says:-
"Well, Jane - you've done it to me!! I have never learned the split chain as I prefer to tat with the ball instead of a second shuttle but now I've had to think again. After only 9 rings I was faced with having to sew in two ends so I brought up your instructions on your blog and gave it a try. The first two times ended up in a mess. The thread kept getting around the end ring, it was hard to get the stitches upright so I put on my thinking cap and came up with the idea of putting some weight on the end. The attached picture is what I did and with a little practice I should be able to manage them now.The paper clips did three things for me: gave me something flat to hold onto, kept the thread from going around to the wrong side of the end ring and kept the work upright and I used my large magnifying glass! So I just had to send you a picture. Oh, yes, the cotton is Lizbeth Summer Fun.
On to day 2.
Thank you,
Here's Sheila's split chain practice.  Well done, lass!

Next in is Sharon who says this:-
"Hi, Jane.
Day 2!
I think it took me 3 times as long to do the 3 split-chain stitches as it did to do the remainder of this segment (and what a scruffy job I did of it, too, heehee! wait, no, don't look too closely)!
No, we won't look too closely - you should've seen MY first attempts at doing the split chain!!!

Now I have Mary Jo who seems to be fixated on a pram for some reason. Lovely picture, though. Here's her comment:
"Hello Jane- this took me from trepidation to intrepid! Thanks to your tip and tricks page I was able to tackle the split chain! I'm still thinking pram. Mary Jo"

Now I have Grace's day two to show you:-
"Dear Jane,
Here's my Day 2. I decided to be intrepid, and so I learned a new way to make a split chain! As well as trying up joins for those back-facing rings. Thanks. My thread is Lizbeth Autumn Spice — I love it! My guesses: (1) Smaug's waistcoat, (2) Roof tiles on a Mediterranean villa. :-)
Who is Smaug?!?!?

Now a simple suggestion from Starlene who has just joined us!!!!
"An inch worm?"

Right, I'm back from Silver Surfers and ready to hit the inbox again!!! This next message and picture is from Margaretha who says:-
"So here is day two and what a drama I had with it today anyway I finally got it done!"

Next in is from JoLene who has now got her tooth fixed - well not fixed exactly as you'll see:-
"Done with day 2. Finished at 1am. I think it is either a tatted Sunbonnet Sue or a Victorian lady. 
I had my broken tooth extracted on Monday. Doing better now.
Your faithful minion,
JoLene McFarland"

Now I have Nicole's day 2 and this is what she has to say:-
"Here's the base of my green pyramid! Guess the temperature is much better in Egypt at the moment (it's freezing cold here)."

Next in is Adrian from here in the UK. He has this to say:-
"Hi Jane
Day two! I'd forgotten how fiddly split chains are. I think I need to practice them more. 
It looks like we're making a triangle, but then your TIAS patterns are never that predictable! :)"

Emilia's back now with her day 2 which is a Christmas tree and she has this to say:-
"Hallo Jane,
Hereby day 2 . As always I like the challenges you set for us. For me where new the Catherine wheel join and the split chain. I love the internet that show me all the new techniques. When I just started with tatting I wondered how others could work so neatly, without showing T&C’s. Now I think they didn’t but used split rings etc.
I think we’re making a Christmas tree. Maybe because I use green thread?
With kind regards Emilia"

Back again with her day 2 is umintsuru who says:-

"Hello Jane,

Thank you for organising TIAS 2013. It is fun to read about what tatters around the world are up to."

Well we have the first right guess here and I'm going to publish it. It's from Carol who says this:-

"Other than hiding ends, Day 2 done! I don't have a guess as to what it is yet....but I'm pretty sure it's NOT a goat! :)"

The next lass to pop in is Frances who has this profound remark to make:-
"Here is Day 2. Sorry to report that an unexpected mutation of the replication process in the pattern occurred.
I am just taking my violin teachers advice. If you make a mistake dont stop playing and apologise, just keep going and hope no-one notices your mistakes. The art of covering up mistakes is a good thing to learn how to do!

This time I have Janelle's needle tatted piece. She's just joined us with her day 2. This is her comment:-
"Here is my day 2. I forgot to take a picture of day 1 before I started. I'm using Lizbeth Autumn Spice size 20. I needle tat so this is going to be an interesting adventure." 

OK, so I just finished clearing my inbox after struggling for a while to catch up and then up pops Anita!!! Now SHE'S convinced you're all making a shop of some sort!!!  What a WONDERFUL imagination and picture!!!  She says this:-
"Dear Jane,
Leave it to you to slip in a tatting lesson on day 2...clever girl! I have done split chains (hate them with a passion, but can see that they are a 'necessary evil'), but never have I tried one that included adding a ring before finishing the split chain. That was neat! (didn't even hate the chain as much, as it didn't seem to have that "stretching" effect it usually does.)
Then....! Then just when I'm beginning to remember for right side, wrong side tatting, tat the chains in "reverse stitch", (part 2 of the stitch first), you go and switch it around and all of a sudden the rings are in reverse! Us older gals (horrors...there's that word!) don't have the remembering ability we once my piece may be front side, back side tatting.....back side back side tatting....front side ...where was I????
As to what it is...that's easy! It's The INTREPID, that fearless, dauntless, brave, bold, daring sailboat, braving the huge waves of the sea....TATTY HO!!"

Just had time to make a cup of tea and got back to the computer to find Mags has just dropped in. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Attached is Day 2 results. I am not the greatest at split chains, and I am making this FS/BS so it was an additional challenge, but I'm pleased with the results. I suspect this is something four-legged: a puppy or a kitty, maybe?
Mags (just changed my username on InTatters)" 

Next in is Nikki who has done a great job in spite of being out of her comfort zone. She says:-
"My waterfall part 2, please don't look to close at my sad attempt at a split chain, I didn't quiet understand the process but it worked lol, I'm also not to good at fp's for some reason but again it worked lol can't wait until part 3!
I think you've done VERY well, Nikki.

I'm off to go and catch up on blog reading for a while - byeeeeee. 

Back again!!!! This time I've found another new joiner. It's TotusMel who's another needle tatter. Do go and read her blog to see what she says. She's done her day 1 and day 2.

I hate to say this (although she's a good friend) but I think IsDihara's 'lost the plot'!!! I've seen and heard some guesses but this one tops the lot for being a bit 'silly'!!! There again the camel part could well be right!  Here's what she says and here's the link to her blog for more fun:-


My intrepid entries are attached. A second mystery tat in Lizbeth 20 #168 Latte Foam now joins the first (Lizbeth 20 #125 Sea Scape).

Three guesses: a camel, a turtle and an ice cream sundae.

(Don't I usually guess a camel at some point?) This poor cartoon chap is up a tree! And the third guess is clearly influenced by a craving. Can't wait to see what Day 3 brings!

Now after a short break I've got Rebecca's day two to show you. She says:-
"Good Morning Jane,
I was able to complete Day 2 timely even though I had to re-work Day 1. I still have no guesses but my husband thought it looked like a pyramid. Needless to say, we don't have much imagination.
Michigan, USA"

Now I have Arial's day 2. Here's her comment and picture:-

"Finally got some time to play with the next day. Loving the anticipation of a new pattern."

Next I have my little sister's day 2. She's treating herself to chocolate - lucky, sensible lass. Here's her picture and comment:-
"Attached my TIAS, mastered the split chain quite an achievement, that is why I deserve the teddy bear! Freezing cold today, I hate this weather."

Next in is Elizabeth who has sent a pretty picture with her day 2. She says:-
"Here is my day 2. Way to early to make a guess.

Now I have Karen's day 2 and she's been very brave too!!! Here's her comment:-
"Well here is my Day 2 I went for the intrepid and it was my first time tatting a split chain. the result is untidy and I will have to practice but much easier than all that cutting and sewing in ends. My guess is a London Bus." 

Last post of the day is from meeee. Just to let y'all know that I'm off to bed and will be back at work here first thing in the morning. G'night! 


Maureen said...

We now have a new phrase for the passing of Time: I LOVE Deana's expression "a Goat ago".
Any lexicographers amongst us?

Marie Smith said...

I love Frances' comment "unexpected mutation of the replication process". I almost fell out of my chair laughing!!


GraceT said...

Who's Smaug? He's the dragon in "The Hobbit". :-) This link from wikipedia explains about his waistcoat:

Mags said...

GraceT, you're using the right color of thread if it is Smaug...he is a "great red-gold dragon." I've been thinking about tatting him myself, which is why I looked up his coloring. ;-)

goudenregen said...

Hello Jane,I put my day 2 of the TIAS on my blog. I am not sure if it is ok I send the result of my TIAS to the comments of this blog. Plaese let me know if I should send it elsewhere.
Having fun with the TIAS!

GraceT said...

Tatting Smaug would be quite a project! I'm keen to see what you come up with.

GraceT said...

Mags, that notion of Smaug's waistcoat hit me out of the blue — I suppose the colour inspired it. But tatting Smaug himself would be quite a project! Will you be making up your own design for it?

Monica Braxton said...

I love looking at all of the entries. I also like to look at the shuttles some people are using. Beautiful work ladies and gentlemen.