Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday and more Day 1's!

Good morning, world!  Here are a few more of the Day 1 participants.  I'm going to leave day 2 until Tuesday so that I'm pretty sure that those who want to start with us have plenty of time.  

First in today is from Susie K who says:-
"I just started tatting and this is my first time with size 20 thread. I won't even tell you how long this took me! ;-)
I'm looking forward to the other clues!
Thanks for doing this!
Susie Kline"

Next in is Monica from Argentina and I think I can see sunshine on her work.  Strange as it's SOOOOO cold here to see sunshine!!!  Perhaps that's why she's made this guess - they do live in warmer climates!!!  Anyway, here's what she says:-
"Good morning Jane!

I am a bit late starting, but here I am! I had wound my shuttles last week and could not find them until yesterday afternoon... I finally got my tatting done on the starting day, but I only just now have a chance to write to you...

I am using Lizbeth Juicy Watermelon (yum! I love watermelons, they are in full season here! So refreshing...). I can tell you with this start, I would have chosen the hook shuttle for the rings too!

And I am going to make a guess! I showed it to everyone around, but nobody ventured anything! However, I know I have the right answer already - it is going to be a giraffe! 
Peace to you, 
Mónica from Argentina"

I had to giggle at Karla's comment - you can see why when you read it here:-
I didn't have any variegated thread when it started, or size 20 =( but hopefully it still turns out okay =) 
From My Secret Underground Bunker in Switzerland"
It's the last sentence that made me laugh!!!

Finally before I stagger off to find breakfast I'm adding Grace's day 1 to the blog.  Here's her comment:-
"Here's my Day 1 tatting! Guesses — (1) It's the underbelly of a crocodile! (2) It's the spinal column of a skeleton (but maybe not; that would be in white)!

BTW, the automatically generated title of this e-mail is "TIAS 2011". :-)

Cheers, Grace"

Next one (post breakfast) into my inbox is from umintsuru who has sent me the link to her blog and a picture to share too.  Here's what she says on her blog.

I've just found another participant in the blogs that I follow.  The colour goes with Surya's name which means sunshine.  Wish we'd got sunshine here!!!  Here's a link to her blog.  Surya has sent me in her comment now - she says:-
"I'm looking forward to Day 2.  Looking at the nice straight line of rings, I think it is some piece of heavy equipment.  A tractor?  A truck?
Hoping some sunshine comes your way."

Next in is from Jon in Malaysia.  She's using some of Zarina's thread which is lovely and she also says:-
"This is my TIAS Day 1.  I am using Zarina's HDT size 20.  There is some that I already have in the ez-bob, so I just load about 7 yards on a shuttle and got started.  Since shuttle 2 requires not that much thread, I just leave the rest on the ez-bob and will use that as  shuttle 2 when needed.  There isn't much of this thread left.  I don't know how much of it will be needed in all, and I am sure you are not going to tell, so I may have to change to another colour if I run out.

Would you believe I could be so stupid?  REALLY cold day here and I go down the town for milk and to have my HAIR CUT!!!  Still some old gits never learn.
Next into the inbox is from Claudia who says:-
"I try to send my day 1 from the iphone. Easier to send when making the pic
No guess at the moment. 

Greetings from cloudy Switzerland


Next in is from Roelien who says this:-

"I hope my result of the first day of the Tias will arrive at your adres. Please let me know will you.
Thank you.

Many greetings,

Roelien Moesker from the Netherlands"

Guess what?  My little (much younger as she'll always point out!) sister has started the TIAS this time too.  Here's what Sally says:-
"On this auspicious occasion I decided to unwrap two of my Aerlit tatting shuttles which I won from Handy Hands many months ago.
But first I had to choose the thread and then match the shuttles accordingly, a slow start but I'm off!!"

Now I've got Emilia's day 1 and she says:-
"Hello Jane,
What fun again that you organize another TIAS. Hereby is a picture of the first day.
This morning I searched the internet if I could find an instruction for the Catherine wheel join. I found an instruction film on youtube and after a little practice I think I know how it works. Although a lock join works fine as well.
I am looking forward to day two. With regards Emilia Netherlands"
I will give a link to a page on my tips and techniques site when we get to the Catherine wheel join, Emilia but as you say - the lock join works just as well!!!

Next to pop in is Alison who has this to say:-
"I got the first day of TIAS 2013 done! So excited to play along this year. Can't wait to see what the pattern turns into. The variegated thread has me very curious!  The thread is Lizbeth, size 20 in 'Sea Island Citrus- #161.'
Have a lovely Sunday!
Take care!"

Oh, my GOSH, one of my favourite designers has started taking part in the TIAS.  A HUGE welcome to Julie Patterson.  Hopefully we'll see more of you back in Tat Land with your wonderful designs now?  Here's what Julie says:-
"Julie from Down Under here.  Finally created a few moments to pick up my shuttles again when I saw your TIAS email.  I realised the last one I did was the hippo which I think was 2008 - how sad, when I enjoyed it so much.  Here's to tatting in 2013!
 Thanks for doing another TIAS.  I'm using plain ol' Coats blue variegate and my guess is..... a butterfly.

Now I present Ancolie who has this to say:-
""Hello Jane,
I would like to participate this year, if possible.  here's my day 1. I'm using Lizbeth Cordonnet Size 40 Color 130 “ Island Breeze”
Thank you !
With love from Ancolie from France "
Do check out Ancolie's blog - there's always something interesting to see there.

Now why does a big grin spread across my face when I see Katie V's name in my inbox during a TIAS?  I'll tell you why. I've never thought of a TIAS before as an excuse to 'acquire' pretty shuttles.  She always makes more than one of whatever we're making.  Usually four but this year - well, let her tell and show you!!!
"Happy Sunday, Jane.
TIAS is a great time to use the fancy shuttles--matches the honor of the project, I think!  Thanks to the Hintons and Sherry Pence, I'm spoiled deliciously rotten.  And Sherry and Marilee spoil me with their lovely threads.  As I know you and TIAS well enough, the result will be superb; so, I'm making five.  My guess on Day 1:  the back of a baby stegosaurus, humpabump, humpabump!
Tatty hugs,

Have I told you about Riet who is painstakingly translating the TIAS for me into Dutch?  Riet lives in The Netherlands and she takes on this task every year.  Here is a link to her blog and also the picture done by Marieke below.  Thank you to both of you.

I have just found that Charlette is taking part in the TIAS too.  Her blog is here and this is what she says:-
"I visit the site every day Jane Eborall and I often draws great ideas, but this year I wanted to participate in its TIAS but I do not know how to subscribe to me I allowed myself to start anyway, I hope she does not mind me .. I do not mind that I please guide me You'll find anywhere!!"
I have written to Charlette to say that I'm pleased she is joining in.  The translator does a pretty good job on her blog.  Here's her picture.

Next in is Maggie who is also 'new' to the TIAS. Welcome aboard, Maggie.  She says this:-
"Dear Jane,
Here is my Day 1 tatting for the TIAS. I'm using Lizbeth Root Beer Float.  This is my first TIAS, and I'm excited to see where it goes! No guesses yet...
(geek_girl on InTatters)"

Now I have Bernice who is a regular TIASer.  Welcome back, Bernice.  Here's her comment and picture:-
"I decided to try doing the TIAS with both shuttle and needle.  No
ideas yet.  Bernice"


Coretta from Confetti said...

Katie, I have shuttle envy. The wood ones are georgeous. Where did you get those?

Anonymous said...

Great fun Cant wait for day 2 tias. Donald