Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday morning - more day 1's

To say I'm pleased with the response to this year's TIAS is an understatement.  I'm 'chuffed to bits' with it.  I have quite a few messages and pictures to show you this morning.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be the launch of day 2 where you'll have to decide if you're an intrepid or cautious tatter!!  Intrepid tatters will use a split chain (only 3 doubles) and cautious ones will avoid it by cutting and tying.  Your choice but I'll help with the split chain if I can!!!

So, first in today is Barbara who has managed hers despite hurting her hand.  She says:-
"Well Jane, here is my day 1 of the TIAS!! My little snow bird is certain that this is the tail of a bird....I on the other hand have no idea. 
Hugs from Barbara in New York"

Next in is from Typstatting who says this:-
"Here is day one of my T.I.A.S. can't wait to see what this will be.
Cheers Margaretha (akaTypstatting)"

Welcome next to Judy B who is taking part for the first time.  This is what she says:-
"First time trying this. ."

Another new participant next.  This is from Sook Yi in Malaysia.  This is her comment:-

"This is my first TIAS. I just started tatting in Dec. 2012 and I'm excited about this. The result of my DAY 1 tatting is attached. I'm using Anchor size 20 thread. I can't wait for DAY 2. Open-mouth smile"

Oooooh, another new TIAS person!!!  This time I'm welcoming Sheila who says:-

"Hi Jane:  I'm a new one on the block!  Haven't been tatting for long and I've learned so much following the blogs of the experts.  I think the TIAS will be a lot of fun and I would like to join in if I may.  My guess is a gingerbread house -  which is probably way off base!!
Best regards,

Now I have Bonnie with a very pretty picture of her bear taking part in the TIAS!!!  Bonnie sent in two pictures and I've chosen this one as I think it's great.  Here's what she says:-
"Jane, please forgive my bad pictures.  The one with Matilda (my bear) is better - I was going to use that one to blog about the TIAS, but I can't figure out how to get the picture uploaded to my blog off my computer."
It sounds as if Bonnie's having the same problem with blogger as a few other people.  Still here's her picture and it's SO pretty.

Next in is from Patricia who says:-
"Here is Day 1, Lizbeth thread, Color #102, Western Sunset.  I have no idea what we are making, I just hope I hang in there and finish this time!  Thank you so much for doing this!!"
So do I, Patricia!!!!!

Next in is from Mary who has this to say:-

"Hi Jane 
Happy New Year and thanks for another TIAS.
Here's my day 1.  I'm thinking, no beads = no eyes = no little animals or people.
Mary  (in snowy Bucks, UK)"
Send me some snow, please Mary.  We're back to rain and sogginess again but it's very cold with it this time!!!  Here's Mary's day 1.

Now I have Arlene's day 1 and she has this to say:-
"And I finally managed to get online and do this. My guess: it's a cow. Yes, I can hear them mooing. I'm sure that has nothing to do with my guess.
Arlene M"

Oh dear, poor JoLene.  Fancy having this happen over a weekend - so painful.  Thanks for getting here with day one, though.  This is what JoLene has to say:-
"I finished it early Saturday afternoon but have been in extreme pain from a broken tooth all weekend. Sorry I was so distracted."

Now I have Martha's day 1.  She's such a busy lady that I'm very impressed she's found time to take part.  Here's her comment and picture:-
"Here's my Day 1 TIAS, thread from Jess at Tat-ilicious."

Next in is from Gea who is waiting for day 2.  Tomorrow, Gea, tomorrow!!  Here is what she says:-

"Hello jane, hereby my first day of tias2013. I do think this tias started somewhere in the sea and lived in a shell! But who needs to know, great to be part again. Longing for day 2. Greetings Gea"

I'm pleased to be adding yet another newcomer to the TIAS.  This time it's Svet who says:-

"I never knew this existed. I am very glad to have stumbled across it the other day and find that it was still day 1. I jumped right on board. I had two shuttles already wound with the same thread so I just grabbed those and went for it. I have no idea what color it is though. Since I used blue, I am thinking waves. I can't wait to watch it unfold. 


Next in is from Elizabeth A (in Australia) who has been having problems with her thread.  She says:-
"here is my Day 1. I am quite annoyed because this is not the first time my Lizbeth thread has had a knot in it (hence, the long tail which I will sew in later).  I think I will give up on this brand of thread in the future.
Sorry to hear this, Elizabeth.  I've not had these problems but I'm sure if you tell the vendor about it they'll exchange the ball/balls for you.

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