Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tuesday and more rolling in!

Good morning folks from, what is referred to within this household, as 'mission control'!!!!  To answer those who have asked - there are 11 parts to this TIAS so we'll be roughly halfway when day 5 comes out on Thursday.

First in this morning is from Frivole with her days 3 and 4 and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Sorry I scanned these upside down AND back to front!  I could have rotated the image but it still would have been back to front.  I'll try to do better next time.  I went for Catherine Wheel Joins as suggested.  Can't wait to see what that smooth curve is going to be!  I'm afraid I'm still clueless, no guesses yet!"
Actually, Frivole they MIGHT be the right way up the way you've scanned them - there's no way of telling what brain cell 3 might have cooked up!!!

Next in is another tatter from the UK - Frances. She says this:-

"I have decided to do the easy way. I have run out of thread so I will wait till Day 5 to do the last 4ds so that I can work out how best to join on some new thread. My guess is that it will be a basket with a flowering pot plant in it. and we have so far made the basket.

Frances UK"

Now Mary Jo has landed next into my inbox! She says:-

"I had a very busy weekend, but was able to catch up today! (US holiday, Martin Luther King, jr. Day) and now I am ready for tomorrow. I'm sticking with the pram as my guess. Mary Jo"

Now I have Caroline's day 4 with her comment below:-

"Decided to try the Catherine Wheel Join and really struggled with it. Think I maybe getting the hang of it. I do have a question though. Do you count the join as the first ds of the next group? No guess. I am enjoying the guesses from everyone else.

Caroline H"

Well, Caroline, I don't count it as a double but I'm sure there are some 'out there' in Tat Land who do. I don't like to put too much pressure on brain cell 3 to have to remember toooo much!!!! Never really thought about it before either.

Next is Diane who has given me a link to her blog which is here and who also says this:-

"Hi Jane,

I'm still intrepid... I managed the Catherine Wheel join! It's not real pretty, but it works. Thanks for the kick in the pants I needed to try this technique!

Hugs, Diane" 

Well, what else would you drink when tackling the TIAS except either a cup of tea or a glass of red wine? Helene has the right idea:-

"Home from work and it was a very very hard day. My wonderful husband had supper ready and a glass of red wine for me, hummmm. After supper, I had the choice of taking a second glass of wine or .... attacking another new tatting technique with your TIAS. Guess what, you won! Here is my day 4 with the Catherine joins. You even got my husband interested in guessing. He thinks it is a tea pot, as for me, "frankly my dear, I don't give a ...." as Rhett Butler from Gone With the Wind would have said. I just know I am having fun at learning new techniques and tatting along with all of you.When is day 5?????"

Day 5 is on Thursday, Helene - just because it gives everybody time to catch up or keep up including me!!! 

Next day 4 in my inbox is from Heather who says:-

"Hi Jane. Here is my day 4, still not sure what it is but it is looking like a boat or flower pot... guess I will just have to wait and see ;) Thanks Heather."

Off to grab breakfast - back in a bit!!!! 

Breakfast sorted, kitchen tidy so back to mission control!!!!

This time I have Omar back with her day 4 and she says:-
"Hi Jane.
Here is my Day 4. As an intrepid tatter I decided to go with the Catherine
Wheel join. I thought I was following the instructions properly but somehow
I must have done something wrong. I think my joins look a bit lumpy. I will
go away and have a practice and see if I can make them look neater.
I'm not guessing today. It's too hot. Hope you're enjoying the snow.
The novelty of the snow (like you and the heat) has now worn off, Omar!!  I want to leave the house!!!

Next in is from Rose Anne who has this to say about her two day 4's:-
"OMGG I think this TIAS will be showing me that I've lots of practice time required to say I'm a tatter. Again the Catherine Wheel Join is new to me and took many "redos" before I finally figured it out! BUT it sure is a lovely join - yes I agree!!!
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA"
Just had a PS from Rose Anne and she adds this:-
"Sorry I forgot to give you my guess after all the "redos" etc.
I'm thinking it's a shopping cart in a grocery store?"

Now I have Monica's day 4 to show you. Here's her comment too:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my Day 4. I am having a great time tatting this. I tried the CW join and am not sure if I like it or not. I think I am going to stick with the blips for now.
Have a great week. Can't wait for Day 5.
Monica Braxton"

Next to sail into the inbox is Sarah with her picture of her day 4!!! Here's her comment too:-
"Hi Jane, I'm still sailing along though a bit of the wind might have been taken out of my sail on this day 4. Humm I wonder what will develop on day 5. I am having fun wherever the wind blows.

Now I have 'before' and 'after' pictures from Denise who tells us all about it:-
"So I really didn't like the way the day four section looked when I finished tatting it. I decided to unpick it. The first time through, I was so busy trying to learn the Catherine Wheel join that I neglected to count it as a stitch. I think that is why my piece was so lumpy. After unpicking it, I redid day four and counted the join as a stitch. I think it looks much better this time around. I wanted to share my better version as I dislike the lumpy version. Here are both the before and after so you can see what I mean.
--Denise from Central Texas" 
WHAT a difference - the 'after' is sooooo much better.

Another flowerpot has now arrived from Shannon who has just joined us and who says:-
"Day 4...my guess is a flower pot with flowers. If you want  you can just link to my blog to make less work for you. the link is here.

A mystery from yesterday with a day 3 picture has now been resolved!!!! It was Starlene who came back today with this comment. Here's her picture too to remind you:-

"So sorry I did not put my name on that, I sent it from my phone and I forgot it does not have a signature feature so that my name is always there!! I am just going to punch a jumbo Star and put it with all my pictures so if I do send and forget to post my name, you will know it is me! so sorry, can I blame it on the Head cold that wants to creep down to my chest? LOL



Now I have Judy's day four along with her comment too:-

"My first time working Catherine Wheel join.."

My next friend to drop in has come all the way from India. It's Madhur with her day 4 and she says:-

"My dear Jane,

Now I'm curious! Are we doing a swan/duck? Is it an animal/bird? Is it an article..a flower basket for example?

Looks more like a swan to me.

So here is my day 4 TIAS and thanks to you, the patttern required advanced techniques. I've finally got my lock joins and catherine wheel joins nicely.

How many more days to go? 12, 13, 14....?????????

Hugs from India


There are 11 days altogether, Madhur so a lot more guessing to be done.  I like the idea of a swan too - we have a lot here in Stratford that I can get ideas from - but, we'll see ...........

Now I have Grace next who's managed to get a good picture of the thread she's using. I must say I doooo love the look of that one too. Must see if I've got a ball of it!!! Here's her comment:-

"Dear Jane,

Here's my Day 4! (Finally, I have managed to take a picture that does some justice to the lovely thread colour — Lizbeth Autumn Spice.) After I was more than halfway, I noticed that you said to use Shuttle 2. Oops! Anyway, the chain still faces the same way, so I hope it doesn't make a difference to the finished tat. My guesses: (1) flowerbox, (2) beehive, (3) hat.
I'm sure the mix up on the shuttles won't matter - you can always use the SLT trick or add in thread if things get scary!!!

Now Wanda's also thinking I'm leading you all astray!!! Here's her comment and picture:-
"Here is my Day 4. I don't have any guesses today but I keep wondering if you aren't leading us down the garden path by having us start this upside down. I know, I know, I'll have to wait to find out just where this is taking us. I'm looking forward to it:-)
Wanda in Kansas, USA" 

Time to welcome Rosemaryann who has just joined us with a picture of all four days which you can see below her comment:-
"Hello Jane,
Finally I've joined 2013 TIAS and caught up. 
Sorry the quality of my photos are shocking. Done on my iPad as my camera is playing up at the moment.
I've used Lizbeth Size 20 "Carousel".
Had "fun" accomplishing split rings and tried Catherine wheel join but not totally happy with result. One thing that happens when I join your TIAS's I'm forced to try something different and by doing so I learn a new technique. Thank you for your inspiration.
from Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia" 

I smiled when I saw Omar's name back again this morning in my inbox but had to share with you her next comment and her improved day 4:-
"Hi JaneI redid my 4th day. I was really unhappy with the Catherine wheel join so I found a YouTube demo from Marilee and I saw what I was doing wrong. Looks a lot better. Have a good day :)

Next in is from Fiona who says:-
"Hi Jane,I'm thinking this may turn into a trolley perhaps? or a pram? or a mountain for our billy goat? Goodness only knows what you have cooked up for us! LOL. 
Melbourne weather is cooler at the moment, but everything is so dry, there are lots of fires cropping up where they don't usually. Hoping for good, drenching rain soon...even though it's isn't in the forecast.
Hope you are enjoying snow still.
Fiona T" 
The 'novelty' of the snow has worn off now, Fiona!!!! I'm still frightened of slipping on the pavements and haven't been out since last Friday.  Hope you get rain soon.

Roughly three hours later I've come to the last overnight message about the TIAS in my inbox!!! This adorable picture and comment is from Andrea who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is Day 4, with a couple of guesses!! Love it so far!
Andrea x"

Back and this time with Roelien's days 3 and 4. She says this:-
"Hello Jane,
Here comes my 3rd day and my 4th day. In the weeeknd we were not at home. 
But this time it was not so difficult.
Many greetings ,

Next in is from Grayzna who has written in Polish to say:-
Pokazuję kolejne rządki - dzień 3 i 4 na blogu http://grazynao.blogspot.com/2013/01/tias-2013-dzien-3-i-4.html wg mnie efektem końcowym będzie koszyk wielkanocny.
Which translates into English as
"Hello Showing consecutive rows - Day 3 and 4 on the blog http://grazynao.blogspot.com/2013/01/tias-2013-dzien-3-i-4.html by me the end result will be the Easter basket. Regards GrażynaO."

Next in is Cindy who has this to say:-
"Greetings from frosty Minnesota - where it is currently -10 F. A good day to stay inside and tat, but I have to drag myself out to (hopefully) start the car and get myself to work :)
Attached is my Day 4 TIAS progress. Thanks for the inspiration, and the nudge to study my joins again. I've chosen lock joins for today, but I will be researching those CJW again too.
Have a great day!

Now I have Rebecca and I've just looked at the time - good morning, America!!!! Halfway through our day - about time you guys got up!!! Here's Rebecca's comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane,
Atttached is my day 4. We have no new guesses.
Rebecca D.
Michigan, USA" 

Next to pop into my inbox is Allison who says:-
"Here is Day 4 for me! I gave the Catherine Wheel join a try and LOVED it! It has such a clean and smooth look to it versus the lock join; I'll definitely be using that technique in the future! Thanks Jane! Here is a link to my blog for you if you'd like :). It's been super cold here in Illinois so I've been tatting quite a bit and getting ready for teaching a beginner's shuttle class on Wednesday. Such good fun! Blessings!! Allison" 

I don't think my next visitor knows how to use the spell checker on her computer BUT she does know how to make me howl laughing. This is Patricia's comment:-
"Catherine Wheel Joins = !@#$%^&* (is that the same in any language?)
Patricia Lyn Cobb"
I think so, it's the same in my version of the English language!!!

Now I have Denise R's version of day 4 - she says:-
"Here is my day 4. I forgot the first picot but oh well, I was not going to attempt to take it all back out.
Denise Royal"
Don't worry, Denise, you'll be able to get round the 'problem' when we get to need it. 

Next in is Linda who says:-

"It looks like a nice tea cup!! Learned another new technique called the Catherine Wheel Join. Jane said it makes a neater finish instead of using a lock join."

Yes, it does, doesn't it.  Bit fiddly, though!!

Now the next to wander into my inbox is IsDihara who says:-


Today I finally caught up with TIAS. It was so nice to settle in to my tatting nook and relax after having DH and Sprout underfoot all weekend. My Catherine Wheel joins aren't perfect but I was satisfied enough to move along.

By this time last year (shortly before the half-way point) several folks had begun guessing "goat" and now I wonder if someone has correctly guessed what we are tatting? There have been a lot of "flower pot" guesses...but as I did last year, I hold off on guessing so as not to lessen the fun for the second half. Fingers crossed that enlightenment is still a few days away.


The lass in the mysterious bunker is back!!! Hi, Karla. She says simply:-
"Okay, now I'm going for a basket ooorrrrr a tea cup =D"

Next in is Arial who says this:-
"Jane, you have done another wonderful job with this challenge. I now know that I have more to practice with the Catherine Wheel Joins. You might not see it in the photo but I did manage to get most of them right. By the time I got to the 2nd to the last I was more than ready for bed last night so had to put it down until this morning. That's what I get for trying to do it right after getting back from a long trip. (chuckles)
So here is my entry for day 4 with still no quess until we are further along. I have not seen my pictures since day 2 but I suppose since there are so many of us doing it, you have to choose and leave others out.
Hope you and brain cell #3 have a good tatting day. :D
Pat G (Arial- The Tattered Faerie)" 
Oh, everybody gets onto the blog but you had me worried for a while.  Sometimes I forget to update when I've added a comment and photo so I did wonder but I found your day 3 on this link.

Next to drop in is Shelly who is now a great lover of the CWJ. She says:-
"The Catherine Wheel Join is a wonderful new technique to me. I like the way it looks and it is easy to do. A new favorite for me and one I will show to my tatting friends. Here is my Day 4 but again no guesses. I sure am enjoying watching everyone elses guesses and drawings. You all are so creative!

Now I have Sandy's day 4 to show you. Here's her comment and picture:-
"Hi Jane! I'm enjoying that you have given us the option to use different techniques in this TIAS. Took me a bit to figure out the Catherine Wheel Join, but I'm glad I perservered. Tatting in bite sized chunks makes it easier (less stressful) to attempt new things! Thank you!And... though I have no new guess for today, I'm loving having learned a new technique!
Sandy S" 

Next in is Marie who has been having problems - not with the TIAS but with her connection. Here's her comment:-
"It is sunny but brisk here, and getting colder by the day. Maybe we will have some winter this year. Last year it forgot to show up.
My internet was down again for the last day and a half, but good to go now - at least I hope.
Have a good evening and don't stay up too late. ;-)
Big ol' hug,

Now here is Laura-Ann who has just joined us and she's done a very good drawing which made me giggle. Isn't this a good guess? Here's what she says:-
"Dear Jane,
I am participating in TIAS as you recommended. I am happy, because it is an opprtunity to learn new things. I will practice the catherine wheel, and if I don't succeed, I'll let you know.
I thought of a mermaid, or some kind of fish, becuse of the color that I choose. But I know tha your critters are never that big.
kind regards, Laura-Ann" 
Welcome, Laura-Ann.

Oh, this next picture will make you smile too - I've still got a big grin all over my face. This is from Gea:-
"Hello jane, hereby my day 4. I struggled a lot with the c.wheel but finally got it now. And with the help of my daugther our guess is shown in the picture. Greeting gea" 


Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Loving everyones work and guesses!

IsDihara said...

Me too!

FYI--I have fallen behind and am hoping to get caught up before Day 5 is released.

Has anyone guessed correctly yet? Or is it impolite to tell?

Jane Eborall said...

Well tried, IsDihara. Did you think you were going to catch me out with an answer to your question? Maybe somebody has guessed correctly but maybe not!!!! Tat's all I'm saying!!! Day 5 will be on Thursday.