Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday, Day 5 and more!

Good morning from the upstairs department of Mission Control. This can be roughly translated to - I'm on the big computer as opposed to the laptop which is the downstairs department.

First in my inbox this morning is from Allison who has this to say:-

"Here is Day 5 for me! It was fun to give lock chains a try! I had never done one before and it looks great with a variegated thread. I'm pretty convinced that we are tatting some kind of basket/bowl.Have a lovely day everyone!



Next in is from Liz who says this:-

"Here is day 5. My friends at work are having a great time watching the progress. One lady says it is a SWAN... I still have no guess.

Waiting for day 6.


Now I have Fox's day five next and her hilarious comment is as follows:-

"Day 5 This looks like a very overweight, pin-headed, legless chicken. Inelegant

I'm afraid, Jane.

Fox : )"

Carol is next into the inbox with her comment which is as follows:-

"Day 5 completed....enjoyed learning the lock chain! Never done that one before...kinda looking like a hot air balloon to me...with the picots at the bottom to attach the basket...that's just my thoughts at the moment....



Next in on this cold UK morning is from Heather who is also pretty convinced this is to do with flowers and flower pots:-
"Hi Jane, here is my day 5. My flower pot is going to have some colorful flowers in it :) Heather" 

Off to grab some breakfast - I'll be back in Mission Control shortly!!!! 

Porridge eaten and now I'm back with Helene's day 5 and comment:-
"Hi again Jane,
Well I have learned ANOTHER new technique! I like it a lot. I really like how the chain looks. 
As for what it is we are tatting ... still don't have a clue, but the Viking ship sounds interesting. Still, whatever it is in the end, it will have been fun from day one.
My shuttles are ready and awaiting day 6.
Hélène, Québec"

Next in is from Cindy who has enjoyed the 'short, sharp challenges of the TIAS. She says:-
"Hi Jane - here's Day 5. It has to be a flower basket! Doesn't it??? 
Thanks for the daily tat - I'm enjoying tatting just a little bit instead of trying to accomplish so much in one sitting. 
I've also done a little bit of chain studying on my blog in the past - this is a good refresher :)
Thanks again!

Oh my GOSH, this is one handy lady to have around. Never mind the tatting, Maria, get yourself round to my house - we could do with you round here. Hope you manage to re-assemble your kitchen too. This is what Maria has been up to:-
"Today was not the best of days.... I started out in high hopes for a fully planned day, but we woke up to freezing rain and everything encased in sheets of ice! Well, that means I get to stay home and tat :) But not so fast.... after 2 days of demolishing my kitchen with a sledge hammer, my hands are a bit beat up and very stiff and sore, and they just didn't want to let me tat... It was like I had gloves on and all I could do was fumble my way through :( I was finally able to tat day five and get a picture taken.... then when I went to send my update to you, my computer decided not to cooperate .... after much frustration I finally got things sorted out, updated, and rebooted, and now, when it is almost bedtime, I am finally able to send you my picture.... hope things are back to normal for day 6!
Marla " 

Next to visit my inbox is Rose Anne with her TWO pictures of day 5 and her comment:-
"WAHOOIE!!! Finally back to some tatting I'm comfortable with but I did have to follow the instructions for the "Lock Chain" (something new to me) and refresh my memory on a lock join. Now as for my guess I'm still going to stay with a grocery shopping cart! We are halfway through with the mystery instructions so soon we'll see what this baby is going to be!!!
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA" 

Anybody 'out there' got any anti depressants for Katie? Here's her story:-
"Dear Jane,I was depressed at the end of Day 4--did I have an army? the piece looked so like a helmet! So, Jane, I'm relieved with the little bit of flower-like tip added on Day 5--so less warlike!!
Truly, I didn't believe that you'd take us on a martial adventure! Even "intrepid tatters", adventurous as they are, are not aggressive. We're rather more light-hearted, I think. It's not for nothing that "tatting" in French is"frivolite'".
Katie in NC"
Don't worry folks, look like Katie's going to be OK!!!!  Must tell you all that Katie always joins in the TIAS and does at least four or more of them!!!  I do hope she's not disappointed when she finds out what 'it' is!!

Next in is from Omar down in Oz and she says:-
"Good Morning to you. It's the middle of the afternoon here but I'm assuming that it will be morning for you when you get this.This is becoming curiouser and curiouser. I'm afraid I don't have a clue what we are all making.
I love the lock chains. They look very decorative. Hmmmm. Looking forward to day 6.

Now I have Denise who has also tackled another 'new to her' technique. This is her comment:-
"Here is my day 5. Once again you have introduced a new technique to me. I've never used the lock chain before. It made an interesting chain. My husband claims this is a whale. He apologizes for not having the time to draw the whale as proof that he is correct. Maybe he will submit something for day 6.
--Denise from Central Texas"

Last one for a while as I HAVE to go down to the market before the forecast snow returns - IF it does!!! This last one for now is from Maureen who has this to say:-
"Late because we were celebrating a riotous 30th birthday party here last night! And then I had sticky floors to deal with. So here is my Day 5, and I can see now that I am missing a picot along the way - comes of tatting at night. 
It does look like a Viking ship now, doesn't it? - but on the other hand, it could also be an upside-down tortoise, and that would be perfect, because the rabbit/hare could join him next year.
We are not hot any more, now we are flooding under a Cyclonic Depression and my glasses fog up all the time - so I have another excuse for the missing picot."
No excuses needed, Maureen - we all do that all the time.  I often wonder if I enjoy un-tatting because I'm forever un-tatting!!!!

I have a comment now from Tine who seems to think this is a duck!! She says:-
"Hi Jane.
Your Tias is looking like a swimming duck
greets Tine"

Now I have Rosemaryann from 'down there' in Oz!!! She says:-
"Hello Jane, I got my husband to scan it this time. It shows up my mistakes... I'm not worried as it is a learning exercise and I am enjoying the process. I have visitors and they have guessed it as a teapot or a bowl of icecream..
Me, no guess yet :)
Rosemary Dubbo, NSW, Australia"
Ummmm, I can't see any mistakes at all. 

Next in is from Helen who has found me at last in her spam folder!!! Best to leave me there, Helen, as at least I'm quiet when I'm 'eating spam'. Sorry, bad joke!!!
"Hello Jane,
here is my day 5. It is on my blog also. Just found some of your answer mails in my spam folder!
The background on my scans is just for decoration. I loved to make the Lock Chain, first time for me, it looks very nice.
Thanks again.
Greetings Helen"

Now I have Shelly's day 5 with her conviction that it's a - well, I'll let her tell you:-
Here is my day 5 and I actually have two thoughts as I look at it. For the first time :)
A Viking ship, although I think it would be a longer body if it were. And a chicken! That is my first guess, a chicken.

OK, back from a shortened afternoon walk. The snow is thawing but it's 'trying' to snow again. A cold wind doesn't help either.
First in this afternoon is day 3 from Sara in Sweden. She says:-
This is how far I have done your TIAS! It´s so much fun to be a part of it! I was guessing a basket from the beginning, after day 5 it looks a little bit like a viking boat . Thank you for doing this work for us! Big warm hug from a cold Sweden - it´s -20 celsius today!"
Hmmm, Sara, why am I complaining it's cold here when it's SO much colder in

Now I have Sunela back with HER elephant's ear. How big is Sunela's elephant going to be?!!??
This is definitely getting to be an interesting "elephant ear" with a little flower Can't wait to see what it is going to be. 

Now for some very clever art work from Anita who is talking about warm weather!!!
"Mornin' Jane!
It's almost spring! Here in sunny Yuma, Arizona, we're looking at a high of over 70 degrees F today! Someone has been out picking flowers already this morning (even though it looks like half the basket is still missing). Maybe tomorrow....

Next is Roelien who has sent in her day 5 and comment. She says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 5. Al again I'am thinking of a flower basket.
I am looking forward to the next day.
Is there much snow with you in Stratford? 
Here it is very cold.
Have a nice weekend.
Many greetings,
The snow has nearly gone but it's now trying to snow again and it's very, very cold with a nasty wind too.

Now I have Rebecca from Michigan's day 5 and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my version of Day 5. I am still have no clue as to what this may be.
Rebecca D.

Now this comment just cracked me up. Couldn't stop laughing for ages. Sweet, simple and to the point but, thankfully, so wrong. 
Bernice - I know miracles happen but at the age of 69 - not for me!!!
"Day 5......It's a Baby Bonnet! Are you not telling us something, Jane? Bernice"
PS - Nick howled too!!! 

Now Michelle's shuttles are so, so pretty - they must be from La Cossette, I think. Here's Michelle's comment:-
"Hi Jane,I'm starting to think this is a tortoise, upside down in this picture. Maybe. Or a teacup. Or a...sheesh, I don't know but that is not getting in the way of having fun!
Thank you!
Lizbeth size 20 Scottish Thistle" 

Next into my inbox is Jenny who hasn't got a guess yet. She says:-
"Still no guess as to what it might be

Now I have Jeanne who is asking a question - not sure I know the answer, though! 
"Hi Jane,here is day 5. I have been using the Lark's Head Picot Joins as this is varigated thread and I didn't want the color blips, but I couldn't figure out how to do that on the 2nd side of the split ring #25, so I have a color blip there. Does anyone know the technique to do this?"
I guess that you might pull the thread the opposite way which would be pulling the loop down? I'm not sure as I've never used the LHP. Perhaps somebody could leave a comment on this post? 

I've just had another comment from Miranda who can't take part this year but who is obviously following us all! She says:- 
"Hi Jane, 
I haven't had time to make the TIAS this year, but I'm still having fun guessing. At this point, I would say it's either a swan, a Viking boat, or a wheelbarrow. Viking boat is my favorite, so let it be that, OK? :) 

Next into my inbox is Frances who's making FIVE of the TIAS pieces. She says:-
"Hi Jane
Here are my Day 5 efforts. I am not sure which will be my final favourite.
Frances UK"
Will there be SIX day 6's Frances?

Last in tonight and on my way to bed is Monica's day 3.  She says:-
"Hi Jane!
Here I am! quite behind, but still playing! And having lots of fun.
This is my day 3. I did day 4 today (with CWJ, a first for me! I printed your clear instructions and was able to work it on a road trip, so thanks for those instructions too!), but I don't have a photo yet.

Good night world - I'm off to bed!!!!


madhur said...

Such vibrant colors! I'm loving them all. I was caught up in a whirlwind of activity. We have our republic day functions tomorrow.I will be tatting day after tomorrow.

Rose Anne B said...

I just LOVE checking out the various pictures and naturally Katie in NC with her BEAUTIFUL shuttles. I'm going to find them one day and for sure will have them out all the time and/or tat more than one at the same time. "winking"