Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saturday - Day 1 continued!

Good morning, world.  Here I am after a good night's rest and an inbox full of wonderful tatting.  

First in today is from Melanie C who says:-
"I'm moving a bit slow today. It's 3 PM and I'm just now getting to the first set of instructions you posted this morning. I intend to have a picture on my blog : right now my computer doesn't seem to be cooperating. So, I'll just attach a copy to this message.
 My guess???? a straight line something.....which reminds me, I have to look againa at...... SORRY....I've been doing that a lot lately. No guess yet.
Next in is from Frances who has this to say:-
"Here is my Day 1. I was not sure where to send it. Using Lizbeth Purple Splendour - don't think I have spelt that right!"

Now I've got Jo's day 1 and she's a relatively new tatter.  I'm sure you'll be fine with this, Jo.  Here's what she says:-
"Here is my rather late-night TIAS day 01.  Maybe I should have done it when I wasn't quite so sleepy but I wanted to be in on day one.
Even though I've already seen the image on your blog marked "clue 1"  I don't have any blue thread yet so I've used this brown variegated thread which is Puppets Eldorado size 16. 
This is my first TIAS since I only started tatting in September 2012."

The next participant was a wonderful surprise to see in my inbox.  Hi, Omar, haven't heard from you 'down under' in ages.  Here's what Omar has to say:-
"Unfortunately I was unable to join the fun last year but hopefully this year
will be different. Here is my day 1 and I think we must be due for that.....
Wigwam for a Gooses Bridle!!
Very best wishes for the New Year from Omar in Australia on a 40 degree day."

Off to have a shower but will be back in a bit to finish updating this blog!!!!

Back again and this time with Maureen's day 1.  She says:-
"Lizbeth Jellybean; and I'm hoping for a rabbit again. Three years ago it wasn't a rabbit - and then we had Norman - and the aeroplane, and the goat - until someone tells me it ISN'T a rabbit in 2013, that is what I am tatting!"
Oh, Maureen if it isn't a rabbit will I lose a friend?
Next into the inbox (I always work from the bottom - first in, first served) is Prabhjyot who has this to say.  Please go and visit her blog too. 
"Thanks a lot again for another fun-filled session of tatting when people around the world are working on one pattern & guessing what they will end up making?
Here I am attaching my tatting for the day one & don't want to guess because I love surprises & I waited for this session for two years now.
I have posted my little story along with this same picture at my blog too -
All the best with all your designing sprees.
Thanks again for making an effort to bring tatters around the world at one platform."

Now I have Arial's offering and she says:-
"Here is my entry for your current project. I plan on just sitting back and watching the progress. Done with Lizbeth size 40 Apple Pie.

Just off to have breakfast but I'll be back to continue working on the inbox straight after!!!

Breakfast eaten and now a few more before I go out in the rain to Morrison's to shop!
Next in is from Diane who says this:-
"I just posted my Day 1 TIAS ( I have no idea what it could be, but I'm going to try and stick with it this year!"

Now I have France's Day 1 to show you.  Actually it gave me an odd feeling when I realised that I'd handled those two shuttles on this side of the world and now they're living with a friend right 'down under'.  Wonderful feeling, I might add.  She says:-
"Well I am home from work and have just completed day 1.  I am using Jess’ HDT Queen Anthias size 20 and two of Him in the sheds shuttles.  As for a guess I will leave that for now.
Stay warm as I try to stay cool,( well over 38 deg C today).
regards Frances."
This is from Wanda who says"-
"Finally got a chance to start,  a bit later than I had hoped to. I'm using Lizbeth thread #131 Vineyard Harvest in size 20. This is my favorite color right now. I have no guess at the moment. Looking forward to finding out what you've come up with this year, it's always good! 
Wanda in Kansas, USA"

This is the last in my inbox this morning so after this I'm off to the Supermarket to get something to eat for later. This is from Denise who says:-
"I almost forgot to come check for the new 2013 TIAS. Glad I stumbled on it with such perfect timing. Here is my day one. 
I'd like to thank you for holding these yearly surprise tat games. They keep me tatting. Even if it is the only thing I'll tat all year long, I do look forward to them. And thank you for marking the reverse rows. I usually don't try to reverse my second row, but I'm going to do it for this Tias. The extra time it took you to mark the reverse rows is very appreciated!
Of course it is a caterpillar!"

Back from the shopping trip and I've found another 'new to TIAS' tatter in my inbox.  Welcome, Nicole.  Here is what she says:-
"Here is day 1 of my first tias ever (still quite new to tatting)! Unfortunately, I didn't have any variegated thread, this is dmc babylo color 369, size 20.
Best wishes from the Netherlands,

Next in to my inbox is another new participant - this time it's Shelley who says:-
"Morning Jane,
Thank you for hosting this TIAS.  I have wanted to do this for years and finally I have caught it at the start.  Here is my Day 1 tat.
Shelly (aka f10wer on InTatters)"
Welcome, Shelley - good to have you here.

Now I have a message from Helen who has given me her blog url which is here.  Please go and take a peak at her blog if you've got time.  Here is her picture.

Whoooops, just found Deana in my spam folder!!!  This is what she says now I've rescued her!!!
"Just a late comer coming in from London Ontario Canada. This is my 3rd TIAS that I have started (never finished) maybe if I send a daily update it will push me on to the finish. I got home late last night...loaded the old shuttles (nothing special) with Lizbeth size 20 Pink Cocca (needed something something to remind me spring is coming.  Not sure why my day one is curved and everyone else's is straight."

Now I have Adrian's day 1 which is kindly being modeled by - well, let him tell you!!!!
"Here's my day one in variegated thread, on a variegated cat. (She almost never sits on laps, so I didn't have the heart to move her out of the way. Plus she's a very warm fluffy hot water bottle! :)
The thread is "Passionale" from The Yarn Yard, which I bought ages ago but have only just got around to using. 
I've absolutely no idea what it could be yet, but looking forward to the next step."

Next to show up in the inbox is Sunela's day 1.  She says:-
"Here us my version of Day 1. I am going to stick to my first guess of " eyeless creature".  This section was definitely easy!
Thanks - Sunela"

Next in is from Elizabeth who says:-
Here is my start to the new TIAS.  I used HH Lollipop.  I was thinking it has a lot of colors to choose from when we need to add on a solid color.
Mobile, AL. USA."

Just popped in is my friend Sharren who gets me into such a lot of trouble in Tat Land!!!  Here's her day 1 and comment:-
"Attached is the picture of the Day 1 part, which I just finished a few minutes ago.  I can’t wait to see what it turns out to be, but it’s a little early for me to guess – right now it looks like an inchworm, totally relaxed, stretched out, ready for dreamland!  Can’t wait for Day 2!
Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina"

Next in is Karen from 'down south' here in the UK!!!!  She says:-
"Well I made it better late than never.  Here is my Day 1 done in Lizbeth Wildflower Garden No: 154 and it looks as if our Jane has gone on the straight and narrow LOL - sorry Hun couldn't resist.  No sensible guess as yet but can't wait for Day 2.Well I made it better late than never."
Karen, there's no such thing as 'late' in a TIAS but it's so good to see you here.

Now I have Margaret who is also from here in the UK!!!!  She says this:-
"Hello Jane,  This year, with nothing else to take up my time, I am in at the start.  Here is my Day 1.  Two of them actually, 'cos I'll never get round to a second one later!  Happy TIAS everyone.  Margaret in Norfolk."

Next in is JB who I had the pleasure of meeting at Palmetto Tat Days in September.  She says:-
"This is a great way to start the New Year.  This is the first thing I have tatted since finishing tatted Christmas presents.  I am excited to be participating.  I am using Jess’ Key Lime Raspberry Parfait that I purchased at Tat Days.  Thanks so much."

Now I have Maria's and she seems to think she may be last but I sincerely hope not.  A reminder - there's no time limit and it's not a race either!!! Here's what Maria says:-
"Am I last the last one?   I am a bit poky lately.... so much to do and I just want to tat  :)  I took a bit of a break from work and finally got day 1 finished, and here it is..... I have no guesses as at this point it could be anything and my brain is too tired to think on it. I am looking forward to further revelations though!"

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