Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wednesday and even more!

Good morning world from here at Mission Control!!! First of all - tomorrow will be day 5 - the suspense is killing, isn't it but I'm JUST about keeping up with you all with a few glitches on the way. Losing broadband connection doesn't help!!!

Anyway, here's the first person in this morning. It's Carol who says:-

"Day 4 completed! Not only have I learned how to do the Catherine Wheel Join, I have learned how to un-tatt a Catherine Wheel Join...loved every minute of it though!"

Now I have Dorcas back with her day 4 and she says:-

"My day 4, it is a baby carriage. The Catherine Wheel join is a challenge."

Next in is Jeanne who has found time to send in a picture but has secretly been tatting along with us all the time!! She says:-

"Hi Jane,
I have finally found some time to catch my breath. 
I have actually been able to keep up, just not found the time to take pictures or scan and send this too you.
I am using Lizbeth #155 Ocean Sunset.
I chose to use the Intrepid directions and Catherine Wheel Joins. 
Jeanne Lugert"

Now I have Frances's day four on that pretty stool she's got. Here's her comment:-

"Dear Jane,

please find attached my day 4, with CWJ, no guess’ at the moment."

Next in is Maria who has this to say in Dutch first and then in English!!! 
"Hola, JANE! Gracias por responder mis preguntas!!
Aquí va mi trabajo, es la 1era. vez que intervengo en ésta forma divertida de tejer. ME ENCANTA!"
"Hi, Jane! Thanks for answering my questions!
Here's my work, is the 1st. time I have spoken in this fun way to tat. I LOVE IT!" 

I'm off to have breakfast and then I'm going to test the pavements to see if I can get down the town - oh to escape from the house!!!! 

Porridge eaten and now I'm back for a while before I try to get to Silver Surfers!!! 

Next in is from Martha who has been working things out with the CWJ. She has an interesting comment.
"Well, I first glanced at today's diagram and thought I could whip out a few chains in no time. Wrong! After reading the text, I thought it would be good practice to relearn the CWJ, and practice I did, putting them in and taking them out. After struggling with the first few, I was moving at a better pace and decided I didn't like the shape and belatedly realized I should count the stitch forming the join as one of the stitches. So after picking it out and working again it looked much better. Then I started to wonder if I should have made the vsp's before the CWJ or after it. After a moment's panic at the thought of picking it all out again, I realized that if the picots are in the wrong spot, I can tug on the adjacent stitch and "move" the vsp." 

Now I have Nicole back with her day 4 and she says:-
"Good morning Jane, here's my day 4. Love the Catherine Wheel Join. At first I struggled a lot, but YouTube was a patient teacher (as always). And a good night sleep and some daylight afterwards to help me see what I was doing helped as well."

The good news - in spite of a slippery path outside our door I managed to get onto the road and walked down there to the safe pavements closer to the town centre. This afternoon I've even managed to stagger to the supermarket (on foot) too. It felt like a prisoner must feel on being let out of prison but I now wonder why they re-offend!!!! 

The next person into my inbox is Margaret who is feeling rather 'royal' today!! Here's her comment:-
"Hello Jane,
At last I'm back with my TIAS after day 4. Tatting with the flu, I could cope with, even learning the Catherine wheel
join (isn't it great) but cope with the computer __ I could not. But eventually here is my picture. I think we have the roof of Anne Hathaway's cottage, or maybe a pram for the royal baby?
Well I designed this back in October so not sure about the royal baby.  Annie Hath's could do with a new roof, though!!!

Next to arrive is Emilia who says this:-
"Hi Jane, I am glad that I waited for day 4 and did not cut the last row.
Day 4 is a challenge for the Catherine wheel join. I think I need a little more practice to make it really look nice. Waiting now for day 5 maybe it becomes clear what we are tatting?

Now I have another newcomer to this year's TIAS. It's Vicky who says:-
"Hi Jane! I'm really enjoying the TIAS! I've been needle tatting it, and ended up creating my own method for how to do Catherine Wheel joins with needles instead of shuttles. :) I love that this project is introducing me to new techniques! I'd never even heard of a Catherine Wheel join before! 
All my pictures, comments, guesses, & a link to my video tutorial are over on my blog which is here. 
Happy crafting!

After a quiet afternoon I now have Jon strolling into my inbox. She says this:-
Finally managed to get my TIAS up-to-date. I too, worked with CWJ, but struggled a bit trying to make sure the loop does not twist while making the join. After the recent heavy snowfall in England, I think this is going to be a sled, or a pram, or ... maybe I should see what Day 5 will show. ... heh heh ...

Following shortly behind comes Bernice with her comment and picture:-
"Soooo I finished my day 4 with shuttle but where did my needle tatting hide? So it is just going to be shuttle which I need to get better at anyway. Bernice" 

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Vicky said...

Hmm... I see I missed a picot in that last section! And my Day 4 chain is a little wonky. I think I'll frog & redo it. Part of why I love needle tatting: not too hard to fix mistakes! ;)