Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saturday and more rolling in!

Before I start today I just want to let anybody 'out there' who is taking part but hasn't sent in any pictures that if you're holding back for fear of privacy then please don't. 
I am very aware that some people don't want their names published and (as long as you tell me on each submission) then I will totally respect that. You could send in as just 'anonymous' or just invent a name for yourself. I NEVER pass on any email addresses to anybody unless asked to and then I would contact BOTH parties before doing it. I'm a great respecter of people's wishes.
Also even if English isn't your first language then please send things in - I use 'Google Translate'.
There, that's over so let's get on with today's inbox!!!

Well first into my inbox over night is Melanie who says:-

"Good afternoon-

I hope your day has gone well. I don't expect you're still up and posting, but in case you are, here's my day 3. If you get this as the weekend starts for you, enjoy!

Incidently, I did add it to my blog here.  Perhaps I'll add a guess to my blog after my walk.

Thanks again for bringing in the new year with some fun!


Now I have Sheila's day 3 and her comment which is:-

"Hi Jane: Here is my day 3 finished. Thoroughly enjoying it.


This next offering from Denise and her husband.  This one made me smile. I think I'd go for the pyramid, Denise!!! He's a clever chap is your husband - can't you teach him to tat too?

"Here is my day three. My husband drew a few guesses around the tatting.

Hope you are having a good day. 

--Denise from Texas"

Just had my shower - after chasing the cat out of the bath!! There's always a race in this household to get in the bath before the cat in the morning. She doesn't like water but sits in a puddle staring at it all around her. Is she bonkers like me?!?!? Don't answer that one!!

Now I have Adrian's day 3 and he's got a cat too so probably has the same problem as we do.

"Here's my day 3.

I've worked out what it is. It's a trapezium! :)"

The next day 3 is from Diane who says this:-
"Dear Jane,
I finished Day 3, still intrepid... yea! I did better with the split ring, but struggled with the split chain, total opposite of Day 2. I am convinced that I am tatting a flower pot!
Hugs, Diane"

Now I have Sunela's elephant on day 3!!! Here's her comment and picture:-
Here is one leg of an elephant on its way to you!! Love, Sunela "

Off to get breakfast - back in a bit!!! 

OK, before guilt hits me and I have to tackle the housework let's see if I can get a few more into the TIAS blog!!! This next picture and comment is from another new person taking part - welcome, Michelle. 
"Hi, I'm Michelle from Laveen, Arizona, USA. First timer at TIAS. I am a needle tatter and thought it would be a nice challenge to needle tat this mystery pattern. So far, so good."

Now I can show you another new joiner and this is Lyn who says this:-
"Hi Jane,I have managed to catch up! this is the first time i've used an ipad to take photos and send them, so please let me know if they are too big in size. I chose the hard way and still haven't got the hang of the bare thread space lol! guess I will have to practise more!
thanks Lyn"
No problem with iPad pictures - I just adjust the sizes on loads anyway.  Keep 'em rolling in, Lyn!

Back in is Dorcas with a truly inspiring picture. It's just the sort of picture I use as ideas for new patterns. This is what Dorcas says:-
"Day 3: It is a platform for a circus elephant. Just imagine all the lovely ear rings she could wear!!! ;-) lol. Really it is a window box, but I did not want to draw a house." 

Another new person in my inbox this morning is a much travelled Catrin! She says:-
"Hello Jane, 
First of all thank you for running a TIAS again, it almost send to be getting out of hand this year for you. Make sure your posting schedule allows time to recuperate before anything else on your calendar.
Last year I was participating from Paris & encouraging Nottingham lace makers away from their pillows this year the fates decree that I'm joining you from New York ! I was a little late to the party but have caught up... My day 3 is attached.
I'm glad I got a second crack of the whip at doing a split chain - it all looks a little "tight" as I decided to use up thread I had rather than going in search of more... Size 80 !!
I wonder off this is the lower half of a Victorian lady, with a full skirt and our contrasting colour will be for a parasol or gentleman friend ?
Warm regards,
Catrin EGAN"
Must tell you that the title to Catrin's email message was 'Last year's novice is this year's intrepid tatter'.  Isn't that great?

Next into my inbox is from Rose Anne who says:-
"OK I KNOW I don't like the split chains at all but I persevered and finished Day 3 off!!!"
Rose Anne, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA"

Just found Madhur's day 3 was next in my inbox. She says:-

"My dear Jane,

Here is my TIAS dy 3 complete. Split rings by Marie Smith's method and Lark's Head Picot Joins slowed down the process. But I'm happy that I'm now gradually becoming more comfortable with these two techniques. I must say, TIAS 2013 came at the most opportune time for me. I had all the time to go slowly and patiently on the tatting. In fact I not even trying to guess what eventually it will turn out to be. Waiting anxiously for day 4 now.

Have a great day and hugs from India.

Madhur "

Now I have a very thoughtful message from Frances and I'm wondering if anybody can help her (leave a comment on this blog, please) with her question about the video. Here's her message and her 3 different versions which she discusses:-

"Hi Jane

I have redone the TIAS in 2 colours shown on a green background. The red thread is the red font in the instructions and it does show where the split chains and rings are. 

I have also done it again using the colours so that I could illustrate your 'Join with no blips'. I used it very successfully once before and would like more practice and this TIAS is perfect for that. I enclose pictures of the right and wrong sides on a blue background.

Just to settle one issue - is your method the same as the larkshead join? Whenever I have tried the larkshead join I end up with blips. If it is different and I think it is, do you know if there is a video of it?

Kind regards


So if anybody has the answer to Frances's question I'm sure we'll all be interested.

Next in is from Charlette who says:-
"Hello Jane, Troisième partie du TIAS mais cette fois ci quelques difficultés pour reprendre le troisième tour... Et toujours mystère pour moi ou peut-être un vase de fleur.....
Using google translate this says in English 
"Hello Jane, 
Third part of TIAS but this time some difficulties to resume the third round ... And still mystery to me or maybe a flower vase ....."

Next in is from Andrea who has some lovely drawings of the TIAS 2013 so far!!! Here's her comment too:-
"Hi Jane, here is day 3 .... 2 big fish swimming in the sea!!!! Loving this pattern!
Thanks Andrea x"

Now I have Ann-Sofie who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 3. I think it´s a gigantic flowerpot or maybe a basket. Thank you for the TIAS, it´s great fun. I am looking forward to day 4. Have a nice day!
Ann-Sofie, Sweden" 

Next in is from a cautious Winnie who says:-
"Hi Jane,
My day 3! This is the cautious one, I tried the split chain, but made such a mess of it, need lots of practice. What is it going to be? Panties for a doll?"

Now it's time for Grace to pop into my inbox. Here's her comment:-
"Dear Jane,
Here's my Day 3. The split chain was easy the second time round, but then there was a surprise — a backward-facing split ring! That's a first for me. My guesses (1) Smaug's waistcoat again (even if you aren't familiar with him!), (2) top part of an ice-cream cone.
Cheers, Grace"
Ah, the backwards facing SR is worked the backwards way on!!  First half is worked like the second half (starting with second half of the ds first) and the second half the opposite!!  Takes some doing to remember and to 'train the brain'!!!  It's not a big deal anyway IMHO!!!!

Heeee, heeee - here comes Katie V!!!! Look at this picture - can you tell that she's taken part in this madness before?!?!?
"Dear Jane,a flyby and a curious goat pondering this year's TIAS:
As the images unwind
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind
In the end, with five, will it be a flock, a fleet or a flotilla? a pride or a kind? a bevy, a batch or a bundle?
Tatty hugs,

Now I have another 'professional' TIASer!! It's Jenny who says:-
"Hi Jane
day3 and still intrepidly tatting. I have done this too often before to risk a guess at what it might be at this early stage! I thinkl I will just wait for a surprise at the end

Sharren is back now with both day 2 and day 3. Here are her pictures - and comment:-
"Here are two days of TIAS – I got the tatting done on Day 2, but didn’t have the time to get a decent picture! I got that today, along with tatting Day 3 and getting a picture of it. Now for the guesses: David thinks it’s a basket; I’m going for the easy shot – it’s the pyramid out in front of The Louvre!"

Now I have a very pretty picture from Elizabeth who says:-
"Still no guess. It is such fun to do this and see what others are doing.

Next in is from Lou Dawn who has this to say:-
"Hi, Jane! Love the tias see! Been with you since the rooster. Highlight of my winter My husband is guessing a hot air balloon. Thank you for doing this LOTS OF FUN!!!!! Lou Dawn from Renton Washington USA"

Now I have Marianne's day 3 and she says:-
"Hallo janeeborall,
Here is mine third part of??????
Loving wishes."

I'm back again and this time with JB's. She's sent her day 2 and 3 in with the following comment:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my days 2 & 3. Could it be a Dalek from Dr. Who? Looking forward to day 4. 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

Next in my inbox are two people. Well, one's four legged and fast asleep too!!! This picture and comment are from Caroline who says:-
"Here is day 3 with Mercie. She is almost always by me. Gracie is more of a loaner. Right after I took the picture she woke up and tried to steal it. I did not think quick enough to grab my camera. If when I go to my chair where I usually do my handy work and cannot find my tatting I go on with something else as I know it will show up somewhere. I never know where as she will play with it a while and then drop it. If it is a big project I don't want her playing with I have to really hide it.
Caroline H"

This next comment comes from JoLene who says:-
"I recently discovered I have been printing the intrepid patterns instead of cautious. So day 1 and 2 are each short a a ring. I decided to just add the correct day one (9 rings) to what I had already. I hope it is not too obvious.
My four year old told me I was making a blanket, and then carefully placed it on my sister's dog's chew toy. So I included a picture of that."
Looks great to me, JoLene.

Another new member of the TIAS 2013 has just arrived. It's Neeneral who says:-
"Hi Jane! I finally got a start at the TIAS while at our tatting drop in today! My guess is Noah's Ark to go along with all your critters.
I'm using one of Jess's HDT's I think it's rustic cranberry size 40.
Thanks so much for doing this!
My Internet name is Neeneral."


madhur said...

Responding to Frances, I had learnt Lark's Head Picot Join from video by Karen Cabrera
It does leave blips on the backside.
If however you do down joins on the front side, while up joins on the back side, there is no blip. But then down joins take more time.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Hi Jane, I just love all the creative ideas from everyone as to what they think your TIAS is. I hope to start on it this weekend.

Thanks for the fun!

Jane Eborall said...

I DOOO hope you get time, Carol. It's not the same without you.

Denise said...

Jane, to answer your question, I do not think I could teach my husband to tat. I've tried getting him to try crochet or any other fiber arts and he refuses.The closest I got was sitting him down in front of my spinning wheel. He only practiced treadling, and he was doing it like he was in a bicycle race. I was trying not to be horrified at the speed my wheel was going hehe. He prefers his woodworking & drawing.

wonderjunkie said...

Everyone is so creative! I really enjoy seeing the progress and wish I had variegated thread instead of my solid pink! My craftsmanship is not nearly as good as these examples, but I just a beginner really...and a needle tatted at will not be too hard on myself! Can't wait to see what happens next! Laurie