Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday and more.

Tomorrow will be day 4 so be ready!!!

First in this morning is Linda to whom I owe a big apology. Somehow I missed adding her day 2 on Tuesday so now I'm adding it along with day 3 this morning. This is what she says:-

"I did not send Day 3 because Day 2 was never posted. I just thought there was too many coming in and posted it on my blog. Also between the 2 Internet companies I have to use is a royal pain. I sure hope they get it figured out soon.

Enjoying the TIAS and it helps with the long, cold winter month of January!!! Love seeing all the variegated threads!! Here is a link to Linda's blog."

Sorry about the delay with your day 2, Linda.  I download all pictures onto my desktop, open and re-size (if needed) and then go to another browser which is permanently logged into the TIAS blog.  Then I paste in the comments sent in (which have been copied from the other browser) and then add the picture.  After that I move the pictures to another folder to keep until the TIAS is over.  Then I go back and reply to the sender.  I messed up somewhere this time - probably wandered off in search of a cup of tea!!!

Now I have Judy's days 2 and 3 too. She says:-

"I finished day 2 and had every intention of taking a picture to send when I realized on was already attaching the second ring on the third day! 

Yes, I was cautious I have never worked a split ring before."

Next in is Denise who has this to say:-

"Here is my day 3. I am really enjoying seeing all the guesses. I saw that another Denise from Texas is joining in. Would love to know which Denise as I know quite a few Denise's who live around me in Texas. I was thinking of a triangle which would work for the sailboat theory. "

If the Denise's want to get in touch please let me know and I'll exchange your email addresses. All part of the 'Jane service'!!!! 

Next in (note to self - must go and get breakfast after this) is from Sharon who says this:-
"Hi, Jane.
Here's my Day3, with a companion that came sneaking up from behind. I enjoy the mystery too much to force a guess!

Porridge eaten and kitchen tidied so back to the TIAS blog!!!

Now I've got Deanna next in my inbox which I work from the oldest to the newest messages.

"Here is my day three attempt....have to do some practicing on my split chain...this is the second take after messing up my last split chain...grrrrr..not the best picture either

No guesses from me yet

Tatting in London Ontario Deana"

Next in is from Rebecca who is offering a few tentative guesses. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Attached is my day 3 installment. The current poll in my little corner resulted in a few more guesses. The original pyramid is still in play. The additional guesses are a skirt, a flower pot and a sail boat. 
Michigan, USA"

Now I have the most delightful drawing from Surya's daughter. Isn't this charming. Surya says:-
"Hello Jane,
I'm enjoying keeping up with the TIAS, but not doing well at keeping up with picture taking. Here are my day 2 and day 3. Perhaps it is the hem of a lady's skirt? I'm sending an illustration, courtesy of my little lady." 
Thank you for taking part Surya's little lady.  Who knows - we may have a future tatter here.

Next in is from Julie who is probably baking in the heat in Australia whilst I'm sitting in a freezing UK and trapped in the house by slippery pavements. Oh, and it's snowing AGAIN. Anyway, this is Julie's comment:-
"Hi Jane,
Well I am thinking a fish but my kids are thinking a chandelier?

Next in is from Laurie who has just joined us. She says:-
"Hi Jane!
I didn't have any variegated, so chose a bright pink...size 10 Lizbeth. I am using a size 6 needle to hopefully get a finer result. What I figured out is that I had to do two split rings AND a split chain at the end of rows 1 and 2 to get down to the next row. This is helping me get more experience with split rings that are split unequally (3-3-3/3) and split chains, which have been hard for me, but are finally making more sense now!
Thank you for sending the links...can't wait for day 4!
It looks fine to me, Laurie, although you're talking a 'foreign language' when it comes to needle tatting!!!! 

Now I have Frances who is showing us her day 3 in such a pretty setting. Can you see her two shuttles that have travelled all the way from here in the UK and made by 'im in the garage? Sooo pretty. This is her comment:-
"Good morning Jane
well here is my day 3, no idea what it could be yet.
The weather here has been SOOOOO HOT 38 deg C in the shade of my patio, so it has been hard to concentrate on any task.
Today is a little cooler with a nice breeze.  Enjoy your snow I was so envious to hear that.
regards Frances S" 

Final person in my inbox at the moment is Margaretha who says:-
"Hi Jane, Here is my day 3 still don't know what it will be! Have a great day! Margaretha" 

Now I have another new person joining in - Hanneke. She says:-
"Hallo JaneAfgelopen weken weinig tijd gehad ivm werk. Omdat ik niet te veel wil achter lopen en ook naar het bowling tournooi van mijn zoontje wilde, heb ik deze 2 gecombineerd. 
In 3 games heb ik dit gemaakt. ;)
Ik weet niet hoe ik deze foto bij Kane krijg, en aangezien jij ook graag alle foto's wil hebben, stuur ik hem naar jou. 
Groetjes Hanneke Heijna
Ps wel met een naald gemaakt"
Which in English (thank you, Google Translate) means
"Hello Jane
Last week little time because of work. Because I do not want too much lag and also to the bowling tournament of my son wanted, I have these 2 combined.
In 3 games I made ​​this. ;)
I do not know how this picture to get Kane, and since you like all the pictures will, I will send him to you.
Greetings Hanneke Heijna
Ps or with a needle made" 
I hope the translator has done a good job.  Thank you, Hanneke.  Welcome to TIAS 2013.

Next in is from Gea who has sent in her day two and she says:-

"Hallo jane, Hereby my second day. I started an extra one to practive the split chain. I am not yet happy with the result but will practice more today with day 3. Greeting Gea"

I think your split chain is great, Gea.

A quiet afternoon for me on this blog which is tending to become boring now!!! I'm glad to see Geraldine (from here in the UK) back as she's not been well. Here's her comment:-

"Hi Jane, 
I'm late in with my offer this time due to a stinking cold and cough, was not up to tatting the last few day's, but better late than never. Has been snowing slowly all day and still going. Have again done a split chain. My guess is still fish-ie, but a whale. wow o wow so many people having fun this year. Thank you for the fun. Love looking at everyone else's Tatting and their guesses. 
Happy tatting Geraldine."

Funnily I've now got another email from somebody else here in the UK. It's Wendy who says:-
"Hello Jane, 
I am a bit behind but catching up. Been knitting a lot for my granddaughters.
Enjoying the tatting though. It looks like the bottom of a skirt to me.

Next into my inbox is Martha who has this to say:-
"I did this Friday morning and then forgot to send it. I've only taken a few quick peeks at the TIAS blog, but I'm happy to see the silly guesses since I haven't had time to do them myself. I remember how much fun that was the time I did a silly guess with each step." 

Now I have Jess's days 1, 2 and 3 - all in one!!! This is what she says:-
"Well, I've been meaning to send this to you.
I decided to do each day in a different color, 
All of the colors that I have chosen so far are my Messys, so I will likely continue with that pattern. :o)
Thank you for the fun Jane!!"

Next in is Sonja who has just joined us. She says:-
"Dear Jane,I've worked three days! I think it's ok. I wonder which object it will be. In the moment I've no idea. 
Your Sonja"

Emilia has just popped into my inbox and she says:-
"Hallo Jane,
Attached is my day 3. Unfortunately I wasn’t very concentrating so I made the picots on the last chains to long. I hope this is not too big a problem. Otherwise I have to cut the last row away and do it again.
Well I hope to find out tomorrow.
Kind regards Emilia"
Oh, Emilia, don't worry - that looks fine to me and it won't be a problem at all.

Oh, now we have tulips - lots of lovely tulips from Gea. She says:-
"Hello Jane, today with a good size mirror and some youtube movies with the principles of a split chain I finished my two parts of maybe some tulips??I needed the mirror because I am a left handed tatter and this is one of the trics I use.
Greetings from Gea"
Well I think you're VERY clever, Gea to be able to do this when most people are right handed. WELL DONE.

Next I have Nicole's day 3 and she says this:-
"Good evening, Jane! Finally, I'm ready for day 4 as well. Very proud of both my split chains. Love to see everyone's creations and to read all the messages."
You should be very proud of the split chains, Nicole - they look perfect to me.


Hanneke Heijna said...

I am pleased to see my work on this blog.
I am tatting since november 2012 en already addicted. My english is not very good but i wil do my best. I hope every one understands what i a want to write haha. Hanneke

Jane Eborall said...

Hanneke your English is VERY good and we understand you very well. We also understand your addiction to tatting too!!!! We have the same 'problem'!!!