Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 3 and more days 1 & 2 - Friday

Good morning.
Today I am giving you the links to day 3 of the TIAS!!!!
First of all the cautious tatters who can find their link here.
Next for the intrepid tatters (you can change your status to cautious if you like) the link is here.

First in to my inbox this morning is from Denise who is sending in her day 1. She says:-

"See attached for first day. Almost done with second day. I love doing crochet and knitting a longs so doing a tatting one is great!

Denise Royal"

Next one in is from Liz who says:-

"Here is my day 2 finished. Looking forward to day 3


Las Vegas NV USA"

Now I have Prabhjyot's day two and she doesn't like her 'blips'. This is what she says:-

"Hello Jane,

I am attaching my TIAS day 2 picture. I don't like those blips in the joins & I think I need to work out on those ones too. I never thought of learning those because I never actually worked with variegated thread but with this one I think it is worth learning new skill.

Thanks for the fun & looking forward to day 3 tomorrow.



Now I have Sarah's day two and she's got herself well organised to complete the TIAS - IF she's right!!! Here's her comment:-

"Request permission to come aboard, Captain Jane. 

I'm a bit behind the wind I'm afraid, but I believe I have caught up to the rest of the crew and am ready to hoist the sail and go where fair winds doth blow! 

Where will the journey carry us? Somewhere over the rainbow. 

I even managed to do a split chain. Hurray for me! ... it may not be perfect but it got me where I need to be and I found it was not so daunting as I had supposed.

Let the adventure continue. 



Next into my inbox and very welcome too is Dorcas with her days 1 and 2. She says:-

Here is my version of day 1."

Now I have Marjorie with her day 2. She says:-

"Hi Jane,

The day got away from me! Finished Day 2 and am all braced for Day 3! I wish I'd done better with the fp going from the split chain to the split ring, but it's a learning experience, isn't it! At least it's the shape everybody else got. Onward!"

Right - off to grab breakfast before I add the rest of you 'overnighters'!!! 

Back again between eating and going down to get Nick's paper - in the SNOW. I LOVE SNOW!

Next in is Denise again but this time with her day 2. She says:-

"Here is my day 2. Not perfect but I am learning lots of new things with this so my stitches will get better with time."

Another guess at a sailboat and this time it's from Becky who says:-

"My first split chain... I think it's a sailboat.


I must congratulate Rose Anne on her persistence - it's certainly paid off here. This is what she says:-

"OH BOY that split chain sure had my knickers in knots!!! I did get the blue one done first and it's lots better than the yellow one but I was not trying to untat that ring! And just in time as Day 3 is around the corner. Even with the two clues I still do not know what this will grow up to be."

Rose Anne," 

Ta deee dah, here's the first day 3 in in well under an hour after launch. Sorry, Ginny, but Sarah beat you by two minutes!!! Here's what she says:

"HI Jane, Here is day 3 complete....maybe we are working upside down, and this will form a skirt of a dress??? hmmm


Now I have dear Ginny - a hair's breadth behind. She says:-

"Here is my day 3!"

Now I have Claudia with two fabulous drawings of the rest of the TIAS - well, so she thinks!!!! What do YOU think?

"Good morning Jane.

Here comes my Day 3 and 2 guesses. Well, my drawing is not so good...... 

First guess, it might be the lower part of a cupcake.

Second guess, well, I just have breakfast, a cup of tea, this kind of old fashioned tea cup.

I wish you a nice day


Just back from a wonderful walk down to the town - it's SNOWING and I LOVE the snow and being out in it. Bit silly for an old woman to go out in the snow but I'll never grow up. Just going to post a video taken of our back garden a few minutes ago - I'll put it up on Facebook. 

Anyway, back to business and the next person in is from snowy Holland - it's Sonja who says:-

"Hello Jane

I think it will be a camel. But I also think it will be wrong. Happy tatting from a still snowy holland

LOVE your drawing, Sonja.

Now I have Karen's day 3 in and she's sensibly decided to stay in - she's got more sense than me!!! Here's a link to her online shop here in the UK should you need supplies!!!! This is what she says:-
"Morning all I am quick off the mark this morning as the snow is falling thick and fast we decided it was silly to chance going out in it so decided not to open the shop today. Is it the beginning of the Eiffel Tower?"
Your guess is as good as mine, Karen!!!!

Poor Omar is suffering the exact opposite with her weather to ours. This is her day 3 and her comment:-
"Hi again Jane.Here is my day 3. I've been thinking that maybe this could be a tea pot or a kettle or maybe a pretty handbag:) :)
We are suffering terribly with the heat here at the moment and there are some terrible bush fires raging around NSW and Victoria. It was 45 degrees in Sydney today, only 37 here in Orange where I am at the moment. Thank God for the air con. 
Hope all is well 
Love your handbag, Omar.  Looks great - wonder if you're right, eh?

Nima made me smile too with her comment which is here:-
"Hi Jane,
An intrepid tatter thatched the day 3 of roofing.
We have a few thatched roofs around my town, Nima so I could've been inspired by those!!!!

Now I have Corina's day 3 and she says:-
"And the 3rd part, it's so much fun!"

Singapore is awake and here's Val's offering. She says:-
"Hi Jane, here's my day 3. This mysterious piece is growing rather large even from the beginning! Can't wait to see the next part. ;-) How's your day coming along? Val"
We've got snow, Val. It's great!

Next in is from Frances who says:-
"Here is Day 3. I am now trying your 'Joining colours with no blips! article from 2011. I have used this before when I was tatting in red and yellow and it does work. However I find the instructions very hard to put into practice. Do you know if anyone has made a video of it? This TIAS has a rich opportunity for practising tricky manoevres which I like.
I am using the TIAS to use up bits of thread on numerous bobbins that I have and accidentally picked up one with blue and yellow instead of just blue.
I'll have a look around later, Frances, when things have quietened down here!!!!

Now I have Mary's day three and she says:-
"Hello Jane Day three
Yesterday's 'mess' looks very similar to the two mess's I recently found that are waiting to go round hankies.
Just got to find the hankies they were intended for!
Enjoy the snow. Mary" 

Off to get lunch now but before I go here's Heather's day 3 with her wonderful coloured thread. I love this one. She says:-
"Good morning Jane! This is my day 3 thanks Heather"

If I hadn't read it here I would never ever have believed that a member of MY family would pass up the chance to eat CHOCOLATE!! Well here we have the evidence from Sally:-
"Good Afternoon Big Sister, After finishing day 2 I decided to start another ?? . However, the new one is looking more like a chocolate bar! 
Here they are basking in the snow that fell this morning in our village.
Could not bear to eat teddy bear though!"

Now I have an apology from Fox who has guessed what the TIAS is going to be - or so she thinks and I'm not saying a thing:-
"Sorry to ruin the fun so early…this is definitely Sponge Bob Square Pants on steroids. : ) Fox"

Next into my inbox is TotusMel's day 3 and her comment. If you want to know the 'story' behind the comment you'll have to take a trip over to her blog!!!
"Thanks for your comment know I love the snark. Since I won't blog again until Monday here's my day 3 for you. I of course still have no idea what it is I'm making.Thanks


Now I have day 2 and day 3 from Axa who's comment is:-

"Dear Jane!

I am here with my 2nd and 3rd day of TIAS. I feel when I tat it, that it is like a mosaik, a puzzle, or like LEGO. We have the 3ds rings, and chains, and if we put them together, they will be interesting we'll see... I am waiting for day 4th.

thank you

Axa from Hungary"

Now I have Jane's colourful day 3 and she says:-

"Hi Jane, I think my split chain in this stage is neater than the first one. Hurray! Happy tats, Jane"

Next in is Nikki who says this:-

"My day 3, I think I'm getting the hang of these split chains. My waterfall is turning into a basket of sorts.... Can't wait to see what it becomes!!


Another of my friends from America has popped in now - Phyllis. She says:-

"Here is my Day 3. Turning out quite nice (even my split chains!). Think it is the beginning of an Easter basket. Phyllis in GA USA"

Next in my inbox is Arial who says this:-
"Here is my day 3 entry. Loving all the participation this time around. Not even going to try guessing yet. I love the process."

Well I'm not going to crop Patricia's picture cause it's just sooooo pretty. I love those colours. Here's what she says:-
"Jane, You can crop my attachment and leave out my notes if you wish
This is on top of the mat I finished this morning! The edging is from a pattern of Nancy Tracy's available here  The thread is Lizbeth, size 20, colors # 684, Leaf Green Medium and #129, Purple Splendor. Doing the three layer onion rings were a lesson in patience and perseverance! 
My guess is we are making a turtle hiding in his shell!"

Now I've got Allison's day three to show you. Her comment follows here:-

"Day 3 from an Intrepid Tatter in Illinois!

I really have no idea what it could be. The fact that the thread is variegated makes me think of an ice cream cone or a lady's dress???? We shall see soon enough!

Thread is Lizbeth, size 20 'Sea Island Citrus'


Not that soon, Allison - we're not halfway through yet!!!

Next in is another of the American tatters that I've had the privilege to meet. This lass is a prodigious doily tatter and I have one of her wonderful creations which is done in a size 80 thread! Anyway, here's her comment including lots of guesses - oh, and her picture too:-

"Hi Jane!

Here's day 3 of my UFO (shopping cart? Christmas tree? Flowerpot? Boat? Stocking cap?) Having great fun with this! Thanks for all the time and effort you spend at it each year. What would we do without you? :-) Big hug!  Stephanie"

Just popped in is Monica who says:-

"Hi Jane,

Here is my day three entry. I wasn't expecting the next day to come so quickly. I am really enjoying the requirement to so split chains. It gives me a lot of practice and although I was OK at doing them, I am getting better and better. I'm not going to make a guess as to what this will turn out to be. I am just going to wait and see.

Happy Tatting

Monica Braxton"

Now I have Wanda next into my inbox. She has had a bit of a hassle with the split chain - so she says but it looks fine to me!

"Here is my Day 3 fearlessly done with a split chain. I did worse on it today than I did on day 2 but I decided it would just be left in it's deformed state while I continue on. This will be a reminder to me that I should have practiced more when you first let us know that these pesky little things would be used. I will practice them more as I now realize they aren't as hard as I thought they would be. My guess today is it is NOT an umbrella and probably not a bowl, either. 

Thanks for the fun, Jane!

Wanda in Kansas, USA"

Next to pop in is Marjorie who says:-

"Wow! If I could have stayed up all night to get your post. . .

but it's morning in California so here's Day 3. No trouble this time except neatness. Maybe I'm earning my Intrepid Badge.  And just so I remember to Switch Shuttles, I cut up a sticky note to remind me which is now Shuttle 1:"

I award you your neatness badge, Marjorie!

Now I have Carol's day 3 and her comment. She says:-
"Day 3 completed! I still have no clue what it is going to be...and I'm glad I don't....I like the suspense! (But I do enjoy reading everyone else's guesses!)"

Next in is from Dale who says this:-
"Day three completed! I found todays split chain far easier than the last-very promising for future projects as I do hate hiding pesky ends! I can imagine so many possibilities as to what it will be. I did think it may be a sailboat, but I could see it as the base to a muffin as was suggested before, or perhaps the base of a basket. This is my latest guess~ basket base, handle to follow and filled with tiny flowers. I guess we shall see what day four holds. Looking forward to it Jane:-)"

Now I have Marie Smith who taught me her fast and easy way to do the split chain. Here's what she says:-

"My turtles are beginning to think they are rabbits. They are beginning to hop around and MULTIPLY! Please, send us some snow. Had 2 inches of rain yesterday and sunny today. Marie in SC"

I wish I could send you some snow, Marie but I'm holding on to it cause I love the snow. I'm getting a bit old for going out to play in it but I did get out (my excuse was shopping) for a while.

Next in is from Ancolie who says this:-

"Hello JaneHere's my day 3. Could it be a dress ?
I wish you a good evening 

Now I have Jo's day 3 and she says:-

"Hi Jane

Here is my TIAS day 3. It's looking a bit like a boat at the moment. I wasn't expecting to be able to do it until this evening but my meetings were all cancelled due to snow so I got to do it early! Tried Marie Smith's method for the split chain this time which worked nicely but the thread has gone a bit fluffy from having un-tatted the extra chain and ring I did on day 2. Here's my day 3 blog. Can't wait for day 4! Maidenhead had quite a lot of snow but Cambridge hardly anything."

This next picture and guess is from Brenda who says this:-
"Here is my day 3. When I get the project I took to my brothers I will have ..... Pair of Peacocks. That's my guess at this moment in time.

I'm back again - this time with Maria's day 3 and her guess too. She says:-
"Hi Jane, HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY! I took a break and finally found time to get day 3 done.... I'm sticking with my guess from day 2, but I'm narrowing it down to the Nina or Pinta because of the small size. :) Looking forward to new revelations for day 4!
Marla "
For those of you (like me!) who don't know who or what the Nina or Pinta were I've added in Wikipedia links.

Next in is from Sandy who is now also thinking 'boat'. This is what she says:-
"Good Evening Jane! The 'magical candy house' seems to be morphing... must admit it has some boatlike qualities. Well, no matter what it becomes, it's still magical!Sandy S"

Now I have another boat person - Sarah. She says:-
"Hi Jane, I'm still sailing along on Moon Light Bay. : ) 
Have a good day.

A warm welcome now to Marianne who has just joined us. Here is her comment and her picture of days 1 and 2:-
"Hallo Jane,I am a beginner tatter. Last year I tried to tat the Tias, it didn't work for me.
This year I will try again to tat yout TIAS project. Lucky me, so far so good I'm on my way. Understanding the pattern, keep the shuttles goiing.
Thank you for the funny pictures! They are great!
Here is my part 1 and 2.... no funny drawings, just tatting.
My English is not so well, but I will hope you understand my writings......
Tatting wishes
Your English is very, very good Marianne - thanks for joining us.  If you want help then please do ask.

Now I have Karla from her secret bunker somewhere in Tat Land again!!! She is now puzzled and says:-
"I'm not sure what to think anymore... o.0 
I like the boat idea, and the cupcake idea, but... hmmm... the mystery's getting to me ^_^
From My Secret Underground Bunker in Switzerland"

Next stop is Canada and Helene who says this:-
"Hi Jane I finally caught up. Learning new technique takes patience and some untatting. I am now an intrepid tatter, though not a very good one. The split chains take some getting used to, but I am sure glad I have learned a new technique. Thank you. Still have no guesses as to what we are tatting, but it sure is exciting being a part of this.
Am waiting patiently for day 4
Hélène, from Québec"

Now I have Leah's day 3 and she says:-
"Here is my progress thus far and I still have no clue where you are taking us with this one. I think I'm finally getting the whole split chain concept though, so for that I thank you. This is fun!!! :)

Thanks, everybody for today's fun - I'm off to bed!!!


madhur said...

I had been anxiously waiting...have mastered lark's picot join as well as cathrerine joins. No guesses so ought to have been a christmas tree only that Christmas is over!

tattrldy said...

So the tatter you met in America that tats doilies - who is it? I didn't see a name attached

Jane Eborall said...

Sorry, tattrldy, I missed the end of her message when I copied and pasted it! I've corrected it now - it's Stephanie!!! Amazing work.