Thursday, 17 January 2013

Thursday - more rolling in!

Before I start - good morning!!! I'm still getting lots of lovely pieces rolling into my inbox so please bear with me as I try to keep up with you all!!!

Tomorrow will be Day 3 so be ready!!!!

First in my inbox this very cold morning is from Sunela who says:-

"Hi Jane,

Here is day 2. Now I think this is a "fat-legged, eyeless creature". In any case, very simple steps to get it done so far. 


Now I have Janet's days 1 and 2 - welcome to this year's TIAS, Janet. She says:-

"Here is my day one and two after I finally managed that pesky split chain. 

I've enjoyed seeing other people's tatting and amazed myself at how many thread colors I recognized. I think that means I spend way too much time (and money) on the Handy Hands website!!

Mine is done in "Cranberry Bush" and looks a bit like a lopsided slice of watermelon at this point!


Next is from Madhur who has this to say:-
"My dearest Jane,
Here's my day 2 TIAS.
Only the first (pink) piece was undertaken by shuttles loaded with CTM. Otherwise I had to deal with 2 tails in the rest of the three pieces.I simply could not figure out how to do the split chain without reversing work. I would need your help there. I have learnt split chains as explained by Linda Davies in her You tube demo.
Otherwise, there was no problem even though I tried the Lark's Head Picot Join (Karen carbera tutorial on You tube) didnt produce the desired result. The speckle was still visible in some places. I did this join for the first time yesterday, and to practice more and more, resulted in making three more pieces.
I'll be able to practice catherene joins too, as and when the pattern demands.
Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to be able to participate in the game.
Thank you once again."
I'm wondering, Madhur, (don't have time to look right now) if that is the Marie Smith's Fast and Easy way to do the split chain. I have a link here in case it helps for the next (and last) one!

Now I have another new person joining in. This is from Nyx who says:-

"Hello! I have recently started your 2013 TIAS.. I started tatting a few months ago and often try out your patterns as I learn new things, you share so much information and it has all been a fantastic help to me. I have attached my day one and two which while they were done on the same day the second part had a five or so hour gap.. Hehe! The thread is Lizbeth size 40 blue river glades, and I impressed myself and took the intrepid path, although I tried to do a different than usual method for the split chain which did not turn out so flash.


Amelyth/ Jenn"

Last one for the moment - I'm off to the shops for milk, bread etc. This is from Frances who says:-


Here is my second attempt using #6 thread which is more comfortable for me.  I was informed that my mutant would not be able to grow into the adult because of its deformities and so I created a new one.  Puppets Eldorado."

Shopping done and now I'm back to the inbox!!! First in on this 'session' is from Frivole who says the following:-
"Good morning Jane,
What a lot of work it must be for you keeping up with all your participants! I almost feel guilty joining in!
Here is my Day Two little bit:"
Don't feel guilty, Frivole, Nick's very grateful for me being kept busy - makes for him having a quieter life!!!

Next in is from Shelley who says this:-
"Morning Jane,
Here is my Day 2. No guesses from me.

Now Brenda has the best reason I've heard so far for starting again!! This is why:-
"Hello Jane,
I have had to start again with day 2. Nothing unusual with that because I usually have beads to contend with.
I took my project with me to my brothers. I have left it at his house so had to start again. 
How dumb am I? 
The split chain needs more practice but it's better than cut and tie."

Next and after a cold, cold walk I have Goudenren's link to show you for her blog post. She sent me a comment on the TIAS blog which told me where to go! Here is her comment here too"-
"Hello Jane,
I already sent a comment to the TIAS blog, but I think it is better if I mail my picture to you. Must give you time for your gin and tonic.
Had to start over again because of the split chain, but the second time I maneged it! I want to be an intrepid tatter (needed the dictionary for that).
Is it a crocodile? That is why I use green thread.
Thanks for all your efforts, it is fun.
Greetings Helen"

Next in is Charlette who says:-
"Hello Jane, Voici ma deuxième partie du TIAS... J'ai aimé faire en split ring et split chain...Mais qu'est-ce que cela peut être???
A bientot Charlette"
Which, when run through 'google translator' comes out as this in English:-
"Hello Jane, 
Here is my second part of TIAS ... I loved doing in split ring and split chain ... But what can this be???

There seems to have been a hiccup at my end as I didn't get Caroline's day 2 onto the blog when it first came in. Thankfully she's realised and sent it again. I do apologise, Caroline. Here's what she says:-
"Here is my day 2. It is getting a little warmer day by day so thought spring might be coming and then they said cold again over the weekend. Hopefully my spring colors will get it here quickly. Have no idea of what it is but my split chain is pretty good. We tatted around rings using using a pattern (with Jon's permission to use one pattern) from Jon Yusoff's book Tatting With Rings. Covering the ring seemed to make the split chain click for me. Now they are better but not perfect yet.Caroline"

Next in is from Martha who has this to say:-

"Here's Day 2. Looks like I'm keeping up barely. I did the split chain, but luckily both shuttles had come around to the same color, so there's no half and half chain. I remember you have a technique that results in a split chain all the same color, which I've used exactly once."

If we're on the same song sheet, Martha, it's just a case of doing a shoe lace trick in the middle - not rocket science!!!!

Next I have Claudia with her day 1 who says:-
"Hi jane!! here again with my second challenge in your TIAS!!
really have no idea what it could be!!!!.. so lets shutlle go on tatting!
Claudia's back again now with her day 2 and another comment:-

"Thanks jane ! and i just finished the day 2!!! shuttles are flying!!!
greetings from Formosa, Argentina!!

claudia meza"

Next person in my inbox is Roelien who says"-
"Hello Jane,
Hier is my second day. After much trouble, but here it is.
Many greetings ,

Last entry on today's blog as I'm heading for bed.
This time it's from Arlene who has this to say:-
"Here's my day 2. I think it's the Great Pyramid of Giza. I'm right, aren't I."

Goodnight, world!

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