Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Well here we are on the penultimate day of the TIAS 2012. Before I start on the day's uploads I want to share this poem which I was very touched by and which Sarah Smith sent in a week or more ago. 

by Sarah Smith 2012
Dedicated to Jane Eborall

The pattern of life is tatted with little knots,
And only seen in small snapshots.

How it turns out is only a guess,
But with patience and persistence it does progress.

The threads of friendship do entwine,
And add color to life’s design.

The pattern itself might be hard to do,
But support from our friends will see us through.

With laughter and smiles and words that encourage;
We move beyond the parts that discourage.

There may be a part we approach with fear,
But we push ahead, we persevere.

And just when we think our skills are weak,
VOILA! we have mastered a new technique.
There may be something we didn’t do right,
But we adapt and gain insight.

Perhaps there’s a portion where frustrations run high
And we sit down to have a good cry.

At times progress is slow ...
Where will this lead, we want to know.

Sometimes there are errors that must be undone,
And that, I admit, is not much fun.

But on occasion, those corrections,
Can take us in new and exciting directions. 

Sometimes there is something we can not repair. 
We weep, we cuss, we despair.

But then we focus on what is true...
We have a chance to make something new.

We pick up the thread,
And keep moving ahead.
What will life be?
Tat it and see.

Guess what? The first person I find in my inbox this wintry winter's Wednesday morning is Sarah who says in another rhyme:-

Day number 11 is complete
I think this pattern is really sweet.

This little goat is really cute.
This tatting game has been a hoot.

One day left to transmit
The last little tatting bit.

Onto day 12 we go
to finish up this fellow.

Next in this morning is from Mary Jo and she says:-
"I think she is very happy that she is nearly complete and is kicking up her heel(s)! Mary Jo"

Now I have Michelle's day 11 with her comment:-
"Hi Jane,
Not only did I get it tatted but even took a picture and downloaded it! : )
So fun- thank you!

Next is from Liz who says:-
"Hi Jane, here is my TIAS day 10 and 11. This has been so much fun, thank you for putting the project together for us all.


Now I have Sandy's day 11 next in the inbox. She says:-
"Dear Jane - My goat is kicking up his heels, anxious to go check out the world! It could be difficult to keep him in line after Thursday! (this is such fun!!! - thank you!) Sandy S"

Fortunately the next piece from Alma has been found safe and sound!!! This is what she has to say:-
"I wanted to play along but my piece got lost early on. It magically reappeared in time for me to cross the finish line with everyone else. I have to admit, in the beginning, I thought it was going to be a fancy pendant. Now I have a goat who looks like he's having a wonderful time at Mardi Gras! Day 11 all finished.
Thanks for the fun,
Alma Negrete"

Now I have Sharon's upside down goat!!! Here's her comment - in rhyme:-
"Finally got this done today. I think he's taking on a life of his own.

Yes, I'm still here
Lying flat on my back
It seems there is still
One leg that I lack.

Ms. Jane, I do hope that
You will give me four
I'm tired, you see
Of this really hard floor.


Now I have Rose Anne's days 9, 10 and 11 which kept me busy for a while too!!!! This is what she says:-
"Yes it was "catch up" time after my 4-day quilting retreat this past weekend. As I had a meeting last night I then tatted all three steps tonight. Here are the pictures of my "Billy Goat" with pearls. It's close to being finished - one more leg I think! "

Finally my inbox is nearly empty of TIAS pictures - well this morning at least. There's always room for more, of course!!!! This next picture is wonderful. It comes from Gunhild and Pimboli and this is what they have to say:-
"Good morning Jane, this is day 11... and Pimboli is playing outside! He still was grumbling, that his new pet can not stand alone, ...but suddenly doesn't matter any longer...;-)) because, after stabilising her on a piece of wood, he found out: when he pulls the thread the goat can push the ball!!!! Fantastic - a football goat!! So Pimboli is occupied, I can go out for work!
Greeting from Guni ;-)"

After a shower and breakfast and before I go out to 'work' I've got a few more in my inbox!! First in is from Adrian who says:-
"Hi Jane
Here are my Day Ten goats. I took the pictures last night, then forgot to send them.

Next in is from Martha who has sent in day 10. She says:-
"I'm still running behind, but I'll catch up to you someday. I love the goat; its shape is great.
Almost went to bed without sending.

Now I have Lyn C's and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Day 11 attached.First time I haven't had to undo something !!LOL

Back from a walk over the fields to see my friend in Shottery and here I am with more to show.
First in is from Grace who says:-
"Hi, Jane,
Here's my Day 11 — the penultimate stage. I'm really pleased to have gotten this far, but sad it has to end soon! I thought I'd show you a little more than my usual boring red background, so Mr. Goat is running along a friendship bracelet (a split ring practice pattern from Sharon Briggs), and you can see my shuttles below it."

Next to arrive is Jeanne's and she says:-
"Hi Jane,got this done last night about 9:00 pm. needed to wait for daylight to take the picture.
on pins and needles for tomorrow's final step."

Now I have Margaret's day 11 and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Its a freezing cold day here in Somerset, the tempurature has not gone above freezing all day, Here is my Day 11 as you know I am doing a guessing game on my blog for those who dont tat, so far I have had 3 dogs, 3 kangaroos, a rabbit, a turtle and a bird!!!!! I think they will get it now thanks to Wendy who left a comment saying what a cute goat.
Thanks Wendy, I was going to make one for who ever got it right, I think wendy can make her own, sorry Wendy.
Thanks for doing the TIAS its been fun.


Perlen-Guni said...

Oh thank you to Sarah and Jane for this beautiful poem!!

frances said...

iwell written poetry is wonderful and it contains messages for life in general thank you Sarah and Jane