Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Good morning once again!!!! I have a few more additions to this TIAS I'm pleased to say.

81. First in this morning is from Leah who says:-
"Thanks so much for another fun TIAS! Attached is my finished billy goat. I posted progress along the way on my blog willardofcats dot blogspot dot com. Thanks again!"

82. Next in is from Martha. I thought the other day that Martha was having problems with the TIAS as she was constantly changing shuttles but now I know she was just trying to trick us all!!!!
"Dear Jane,
Here I am done at last! Of course, each part took only a few minutes, but I've been easily distracted lately. This was both a lot of fun for the game and a great pattern as well.
For the record: North Carolina, USA. Two tatting blogs: http://marthas-tatting-blog.blogspot.com/ and http://tatting-origins.blogspot.com/
Silly guesses seemed to be thriving, so I looked for another way for my own extra fun factor. Did anyone guess my game? I pretended to use a different set of shuttles everyday. I finished up with my largest and smallest shuttles together for an unlikely combination.
Take care,

83. Now I have Wendy from here in the UK's goat and she says:-
"Hello Jane,Here he is, Billy Goat Gruff.. I really enjoyed tatting him. One of your best. Thanks for all your hard work putting it together.
Wendy x"


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Gunhild said...

Oh thats great! Congrats to 82 participants!!!