Monday, 6 February 2012


Don't forget Day 11 is tomorrow - things are 'hotting up' over here with the TIAS!!!!!

First in today is from Mary Jo who says:-
"Here is my goat for the day. I had my beads in the wrong order, so my little lady has something of a super-sniffer! Mary Jo"

Now sunning himself is Jeanne's goat and she says:-
"Hi Jane, here is Day 10. Billy needed some sun, so here he is laying on my blocking board in the window.

Please send me some sun, Jeanne!!

Next in is from JB who says:-
"Here is the making of debonair William T. Goat. JB"

Now I have Sharon who says it all in rhyme again!
"Hi, Jane and all you tatters out there. I couldn't help myself from continuing my silly limerick. This little guy just brings something out in me.

I'm still on my back
And, so they say ,
It's because I can't help it
I've fainted away.
But I think, Dear Jane,
If some legs you can send
I'll be up on my feet
Before fainting again.
Looking forward to Day 11
Happily tatting in NC, USA
It's all about attitude"

Now our other 'rhymer' is next in - that's Sarah who says:-

"Here is day #10 of Billy Goat Gruff

I have still not had enough.

Of this jolly tatting game 
Run for us by genius Jane.

I have tatted along with folks I don’t know
Enjoyed seeing all the talents that they show.

I am sad little Mitsuki had to go away.
I hope the ‘fallling down’ goat will get up and play.

I delight at the multi colored coats 
Of this international herd of goats.

Each little goat has his own special charm
Whether he lives in the mountains or down on the farm.

Just want to say
Looking forward to the eleventh day."

Now I have Melanie's day 10 and this is what she has to say:-
"Hi Jane-
I'm a little slow with this submission. We have been filling out forms for my daughter's college. My brain was so tired, I couldn't even tat 4 rings and chains between! But finally, between chores on Sunday, I figured out I must have done it correct enough. Can't wait till Thursday.

Next in is from Fox who shows us what her goat is doing.

Now I have Anita's picture - her goat is wearing camouflage, I think!!!
"Hi Jane!
What a cute creature this pattern has turned out to be! Tatters the Goat is so colorful that I decided he needed a colorful background, so I've taken him to the Badlands of South Dakota, USA, where his multicolored coat will almost provide camouflage.
I've loved all the posts, but especially want to give a thumbs up to Gunhild for her idea on Friday of a cowboy boot. Think about it, Jane, with just a little bit of tweaking, it could have been a cowboy boot instead of a goat.
Yuma Tatter aka Anita"

Next in my inbox is Fiona who says:-
"Hi Jane,Was so tired I didn't even turn on the computer last night. I have just done day 10 after lunch. So nice to see our little friend filling out! I hope he doesn't get any ideas about eating our vegies we harvested yesterday! "

Don't forget, Fiona, goats eat anything!!!!

Now I have Andrea's day 10 and this is what she has to say:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is day 10 and my goat is still a little legless!! Let's hope days 11 & 12 help him find his feet (or hooves)!!
best wishes
Andrea x"

Next in is from Martha who says:-
"Here's another part, running late as usual."

Now I have Angel San's and she nearly missed Sunday altogether!! She says:-
"My 10th picture.... I'm a day late because I didn't notice the changeof days, duh ! But I'm glad we are speeding up. Will we have another
TIAS after that ?"

Next to drop in is Jane who says:-
"Hi Jane, here’s day 10. I thought Bok looks as though he’s kneeling, so his front legs don’t show!"

This next picture and comment is from Frances who says:-
"Hi Jane
please find Billy who is pleased that he will soon have some legs to stand on. it will be great to also have the nanny goat to go with the billy goat. my black billy goat has an orange nanny goat waiting for her instructions. will post all on the last day."

Final one in my inbox before I shower and have breakfast is from Gunhild who says:-
"Hallo Jane, on day 9 Pimboli had some problems, but finally I could convince him to make a picture, ...
bitterlycold greetings from Guni"

Now I can show you Elfriede's day 9 and 10 together. She says:-
"Dear Jane,
This is my day 9 and 10.
Greeting Elfriede"

Now before I go out I'll pop Lyn's onto the blog. This is her comment:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 10, finally got to it after a busy day. Have enjoyed my first TIAS very much!!
It has been much cooler here in WA but not as cold as you.

Next to drop in with her day 10 is Nima who says:-
" Jane, this is my day 10...and it was fun....

Now I have Marco's day 8 and she says:-
"Hello Jane,
Again late, sorry for that, but it is the way it is this time haha.
Well my guess was very wrong he, i saw it no what i think it is as as well as a lot of other people that it is a goat.!
I will try hard to make day nine this evening!!
Because it is very cold outside , so i am staying in.
Tomorrow i have to go to celebrated the birthday of our grandson. Already
2 years old.
Have a lovely Sunday."

Next to arrive is Jeff with his demon goat!! This is his description - in fact this is what he says:-
"Hi Jane!I have finished Day 10 of my Demon Goat. I can't wait to see him when he's finished.

Oh, I've just been blog surfing and have found Sherry's day 10 here too.

Next in is Bernice with her day 9 and she says:-
"Here is my day 9, got behind a little. Bernice O"

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