Monday, 20 February 2012


Yesterday the herd had a day of rest!! Goodness knows what they got up to - I didn't even go and look!!!

Today I have number:-

92. This is from Jenn who says:-
"finally have a camera so i can send a picture. first ever tias and first time i have ever had a scmr work out for me. I am using my new found skills on an edging. awesome design, thans for all the hard work was lots of fun. jenn in missouri usa. 

93.   I've just found Vanessa's on her blog and have 'kidnapped' her goat to show you.  I'll put a link to her blog post here so you can read what she says.

94. Wow, another goat and this time from Jaycee who says:-
"Hello jane, my name is Jacee and I live in Malaysia. This is the goat I tatted using vintage Coats 20, shade 4148 - veriegated brown. Thank you so much for all the fun - I enjoy evey minute of it tattimg this little critter. In fact I am looking forward to TIAS 2013 now! Lol Best regards, Jacee"

95. Riet has kindly sent me in five more goats and when I'd had a word with them (you didn't know that I could talk goat, did you?) I found that three of them were trying to get into my herd twice!!! So I have two more now. This first one is from Roelien who is from The Netherlands.

96. Also from The Netherlands is Ankie and this is her goat.

97. Now I have Joanie's goat and she says:-I have attached a picture of my goat. I think my nose bead is on the wrong thread. He is cute! Thank you so much for doing another TIAS!!! It always brightens my day, to go look for another day to tat on or to see what others have done and said!!! : )"



Val said...

Does goat #100 get a prize? I'll send mine.

Jane Eborall said...

That's funny!!! From a Billy Goat the prize might well be a kick in the rear!!! I don't think you'd like that - LOL.

Val said...

aww, that's not nice at all! of course i was putting that question to it's maker... LOL