Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday - the day after!

Good morning world.

38. First in this morning is from Frances who says this:-
"Well Jane
here is Billy Goat in all his glory happy to be footloose and fancy free. He is waiting patiently for the other two goat which i have started (made a mistake with the black one and have to untat and need bright daylight to do it.) The orange nanny will not be long and will post her shortly. my blog is and I live in Warwick in Queensland Australia. many thanks for the time and effort put into this project you are an inspiring designer
tatting in fun and Friendship

39. Number 39 is from Marla who says this:-
"Mr ToJo is very happy to be free to run and romp..... all 4 legs and no shuttles to slow him down! :) Thank you for the fun Jane, can't wait for the next TIAS.
Marla in Boise, Idaho USA
I don't have a blog thinggggy... :)

40. Now I have Michelle's goat and she says:-
"Wahoo! It's done- he is adorable! Thank you, Jane. What a fun treat for a gray time of year!Michelle"
I think Michelle is from America but I'll check with her!

41. Next in is from JB who I again assume is in America - I'll check!!! Thanks, JB:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is William T. Goat. Thank you so much for hosting this incredibly fun TIAS. You are the best!

42. Now I have Cheryl's goat and she says:-
"Hi Jane, I’m not sure if this is where I’m supposed to send in my goat. He was constructed in Olds, Alberta, Canada. He was challenging for me. But I did learn some new techniques."
Her blog is here

43. Next in is from Lourdes who says:-
"Hi Jane,Wow! I'm so proud I was able to complete so many new techniques! Hurrah! Here's my goat from sunny Santa Clarita, California. He's going to adorn my sun visor. Thanks for sharing this TIAS to so many and for your tips.

44. Now I have Patsy's goat. Wish she could send some of her warmth over to us here in the UK!!!
"Hi Jane,
Here is my finished goat. I really enjoy doing these TIAS's. This year I chose the blue colors as I was so sure you were going to come up with something from the Sea. My physic powers just didn't kick in and I was wrong again. I can't even use the excuse that's he's cold. It's been very warm here in sunny southern California, USA.
Until the next one, happy tatting,
Patsy A. Goodman
Chula Vista, CA, USA"

45. Next in is from Mary here in the UK. She says:-
"Hi Jane  

Here's my goat trotting in from the snow covered Bucks UK. Thanks again for the TIAS and this years hankie edging.
Mary J UK"

46. Next is from Gunhild and a wonderful picture of a happy Pimboli and his goat!!!
"Hallo Jane! Today's last post of TIAS 2012 out of Germany! Unbelievable where you are all from over the world!...  And unbelievable that it ends now. Our little goat can stand now, and much better : it can run like the wind! And Pimboli is so happy because now HE is flying...This was the first Tias I took part and it was sooo much fun: fun to tat, fun to sent my results, fun to see all your other results, fun to wait till next day! Thank you so so much for all your efforts, Jane! As promised, here is my blog for tatting and jewellery I design, I would be happy when you visit me I will post all my Tias comics together, will be fun I think...
Greeting from Germany von Gunhild"

47. Now I can show you Corina's goat. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Thank you for organising this fun project, which turned out to be a lovely goat! My blog is here:
Greetings from Holland,

48. Next in is from Margaret who says:-
"Hello Jane,
Thank you for another great TIAS, you have out classed yourself this year, keeping us all guessing for so long. My Billy goat has been waiting to get all his legs before undertaking the trek from Norfolk, U.K. to join the rest of the herd.
The motif was done to fill in time waiting for the next day of the tias, I was most surprised when you mentioned joining them yourself, the very next day! Maybe brain cell #3 paid me a visit in my dreams."

49. Next in after an afternoon out is from Margaret D who is also in the UK. She says:-
"Hi Jane and the world of tatters
I live nr Frome, Somerset UK, for those around the world you may not know where Somerset is, we are in the West Country famous for our Cider. Frome is the oldest market town in Somerset and the home of Jenson Button, My blog address is
I am attaching my Day 12, What a colourful herd of goats we have around the world. On my blog I did a competition for non tatters to guess what it was we were making, at last I got a winner, mind you I had some funny things guessed even a teapot stand, several dogs, birds, kanagoos, and a rabbit. Its my way of trying to promote tatting to those who may not have heard of it.
I want to thank you Jane for doing the TIAS and I am already looking forward to the next one.

50. Next in is from Heather with a truly hilarious picture. I LOVE your troll, Heather. This is her comment too:-
"Hi Jane,
I finished my goat late last night... here is a photo of him, oh and this is what happens when you leave the goat alone with the husband! hahaha He is from Maine, USA. Thanks for doing another TIAS :) always have fun doing them. Heather"

51. Now I have Jeanne's goat with her comment. She says:-
"Good Morning Jane,Here is my finished Goat.
I live in the state of North Dakota in the USA,
my blog is
I had a fun time with this pattern. my grandkids had a good time guessing early on, and they have enjoyed seeing the goat as the days go by.
thanks Jane.
Jeanne Lugert"

52. Next into my inbox is Marjan with a sad tale to tell.
"Hello Jane,
This morning at about 6 o’clock Billy and his friend left…
It is so quiet here… I sure do miss the boys, but… it is as it is…
People/goats do strange things when in love!
I’m gonna miss you too, I have enjoyed the TIAS very, very much!
Thank you for creating it! Looking forward for the next time?!!
Lots and lots of greetings from this Dutch girl living in Belgium.
My website is

53. I had a bit of a shock when I opened Lou's picture - a nasty looking troll was gazing at me but a wonderful flock of goats were there too!!! Here's Lou's comment too:-
"Hi! Jane, I love the tias - roosters, airplanes and goats OH MY!!! My goat herd is cavorting with the Fremont troll no worries-- he eats volkswagon beetles From Renton Washington USA I have no blog maybe someday Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Happy tatting, Lou Dawn PS Now I have to wait for next year "

54. Number fifty four has just romped in from Mary Jane who says:-
"Jane., This is my goat.,I live in Santa Claus., Indiana USA thank you for the pattern., love it , Mary Jane

I've already shown you Frances's finished goat (a white one) and now she's back with both a nanny and billy goat to share with us. I hope you can afford to feed all these goats, Frances!!!

55. Now I have Mary Jo's goat (she's in America) and she says:-
"All done! Mary Jo"

56. Now I have a message from Nima in Oman and I've been to read her blog post too. I feel very flattered by what she's said.  I must add this, though.  Nima was a pleasure and a joy to work with and I DO hope you won't put the shuttles down for another whole year, Nima.
Thank you so much for the fun... enjoyed every bit of the is my goat on the green pastures....
(please check my blog I have written a blog post about the TIAS 2012, please feel free to pick up picture of my finished goat)
Lots of Love,

57. This next goat comes from Carla who says:-
"Hello Jane,Here is my goat. Thank you for the TIAS 2012. I liked it very much and I hope that there is a new TIAS for 2013.
Thank you so much. Greatings Carla."

58. Next in is from Barbara P in America who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here he is!!! He was so much fun to tat! Thanks so much for such a fun T.I.A.S.! I have enjoyed it and am sorry to see it end.
Hugs, Barbara "


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