Friday, 3 February 2012

Friday AND day 9

OK, here's what you've been waiting for!!!  Day 9 is on this link!!!!

First into my inbox today ISN'T a day 9!!! That foxed you!!! It's day 8 from Gunhild. I love her cartoons. Pimboli is such a lovely person!! Here is what Gunhild has to say:-

"Hallo Jane , day 8 is finished and Pimboli had still fun playing with it ^^... me too as you can see. Greetings from a cold Germany from Guni"

Ta de dah, (trumpet sounding) for the first in with day 9 - it's Maureen from 'down under'. Thanks Maureen. Here's what she has to say:-
"Wow! - you have outdone yourself with Goat! I did have a little trouble with that last join between the rings, but he's almost all here....maybe he's waiting for the Lonely Goatherd to join him? The Sound of Music is on TV tonight, I must watch it for the umpteenth time, in honour of Goat.And maybe I'll plan a picture for the new baby's room, with the Billygoats Gruff. One red-and-white, one black-and-white, and the smallest one cream-and-white, just like the pictures in the dogeared old Ladybird book."

Now from South Africa comes Jane who says:-
"Hi Jane, here’s day 9. He’s still looking goatish – I do like his beard! I’m not sure I have the right size beads, but they were in the right place at the right time without the SLT, so I was pleased about that!"

Next in is from Nima who says this:-
My day 9 finish is attached herewith....guesses are getting into shape....I'm enjoying this game.
My thread was acting funny today and broke it when i was joining the R33 to the space between SR27 and 28..i didn't expect my thread to misbehave at this point of time...or i don't know if i was misbehaving because of the excitement to finish

Now I have Wanda's comment and picture. I think I'm the troll, Wanda!!! OR am I the OG (old goat)?
"Good morning, Jane. I'm pretty sure now it's a goat. The question is now, which one of the Three Billy Goats Gruff is it? And will you be designing a troll to go with it? :)"

Next in is from Sonja in Holland and she says:-
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 9. I had to un- and rewind my shuttle, because the beads were on the wrong order. I love the little goat.
Sonja from a cold and snowy Holland"

Well it sounds as if Frances is going to have to start another goat shortly. This is her comment:-
"Hi Jane
I love this billy goat and so does my husband and he wants me to make
him a black one for a book mark, so back to my shuttles.
thanks for a great pattern
tatting in fun and friendship

Next is from Mariya who says this:-
"Dear Jane, This is my day 9! It is the first time ever when I tat with beads! So, it is not very nice looking, mostly because of incorrect size of beads :) And I was right - it's a goat, and beads are its eye and nose! But I can expect some surprises from you during last 3 days of TIAS ;)

Good afternoon!!! I'm back again with more day 9's.
First in this cold afternoon is from Meredith who says:-
" Hello Jane, well I waited as long as I could before I started my weekend wind down, that is, vodkas and pineapple juice before you posted the next lot of instructions but I'm afraid 8.00pm on a Fri night is very cruel, so of course I was already very primed by the time you posed it up.
So here is my effort with the needle tatting, after several attempts. My partner says it is a very silly billy goat, and I think I have to agree.
The shuttle version will be a lot longer in coming as I have a very hectic weekend ahead.
Have a good one yourself."

Next in is from Angel San who has this to say:-
"Here's the goat ! Of course, I had the beads on the wrong shuttle, I had to undo the SR and all.... I'm not too familiar with beads in tatting ;) So I looked at what the others already did this morning. I'm glad that the beads I chose are the right size and colour !"

Now I have Ginny's day 9 with the following picture and comment:-
"Here is my day 9 and I still think it is a cute blue goat!!

In answer to Andrea's question - YES I certainly am. This is what she said:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my day 9 ... and I love him. I think my grandson will too! He's beginning to look rather cute.
Hope you're enjoying this as much as I am. x"

Now I have Fiona's comment and picture next:-
"HI Jane,Well, hubby and I watched a movie tonight and I missed the posting of day 9. Happened to check on the way to bed....and just had to tatt it straight away! Best get to bed...almost 11pm here. nite nite and 'bleat bleat' from our billy goat friend who now has a face!
Fiona T"

Next in is from Lyn who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Attached is my day 9, it is looking more like a goat!!
Lyn B"

From here in the UK I now have Geraldine's days 8 and 9. She says:-
"Good afternoon Jane,
Did not get round to posting day 8 so here is day 8 & 9. He's a well fed beast. (As my African friend said when I showed her my work.) I wonder were brain cell3# found him??????
Happy tatting
Geraldine. "

Now I have Monica's day 9 and she's thinking it's a goat too!!!
"Hello Jane!
And happy day to you :-)
I am really happy with my colourful goat! the beads worked just right, in my humble opinion! I think there is not much more guesswork on what it is, but I am very much looking forwards as to "how" we will go on.
There, I almost forgot the attachment! Peace!

Next in is from Fox!!! Don't worry, Fox, perhaps your goat has got a bad cold in his nose!!
"Oh, dear. Enough said. : ))"

Now I have Sharon's upside down goat. She says (in rhyme):-
"Hi, Jane
 This little guy really speaks to me. Don't know that I've ever seen such a cute goat.
No question about it 
A goat I'm to be 

But the "falling down" kind  
So I'm special you see 

Maybe if Jane gives me

Legs sometime soon

I'll stand up with the rest

And croon her a tune 

For now I'm content

Lying still in this frame

Basking in my

15 minutes of fame.
Happily tatting in NC, USA

Now the last one in for this session is from Caroline who saysL-
"Well, it seems obvious now - a goat - but I am sure you will come up with another surprise. I have enjoyed this so much.

Sorry, not quite the last as Stephanie has just sent her day 9 over!!! Here's her comment:-
"Definitely a goat, and a cute one. The scan is a little blurry in the head/front part of the goat - sorry, not sure why."

Next in is from Brenda who is relieved that we're past the beads!!! Here's what she says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 9. Thank goodness the beads are over and done with.

Now we have Miranda's next and she has this to say:-
"Hi Jane,
Well, if it's not a goat at this point, then I have done something seriously wrong! This will teach me to make assumptions, such as thinking it couldn't possibly be an animal with a square body.

Next in is from Valerie who says:-
""Heehee, my silly goat has that shock in his eyes, don't you see? He must be wondering in his newly formed head why I'd chosen a red thread of all colours..."
I guess the remaining bits will be an opposite image of the left side minus the tail? Looking fwd to the next day."

Last one in this upload is from Melanie who says:-
"Good morning-
The sky had just enough fog in it to catch the sun and turn brilliant red this morning. My favorite kind of sky at sunrise. It represents what I like in life: just enough troubles to make it interesting. Like this pattern......
Attached is my Day 9 version. I recognized him immediately. He's the thief of my ball of thread that dissappeared the other day! And I was blaming my kitties!! I caught him in the act of snooping in my cabinet this morning. He was looking for more I think! Now to pen him in and figure out his name....I KNOW it's a HE!

Next in is from Barbara P who missed her day 8 (no worries, Barbara) and has now sent her day 9:-
"Hi Jane,
Sorry I did not get a picture of day 8 to you but, here is day 9. He is a handsome little fellow....I just love him!!
Hugs, Barbara"

Just found Sherry's day 9 on her blog - here's the link.
Now back again is Sarah with ANOTHER of her rhymes! She says:-

"Here is day #9
Do you want to hear a guess of mine? 

With fellow tatters I agree
A little beastie I do to see.

I was thinking rhinoceros,
But now I see that is preposterous.

It might have been a unicorn 
With a lovely magic horn,  

But then I tatted up the beard
And a billy goat appeared.

I’m sure I know what it is now 
unless it morphs into something else somehow.

There is more of this pattern yet to learn.
On day ten I will return. "

Next in is Marla who says:-
"Oh Jane :) Mr Tojo is so happy to have such a charming face with his distinguished whiskers! I can almost see his mischievous smile. :)

Now I have Mary Jo's day 9 and she says:-
"This is great! We got a Christmas card that was goat related and this has my whole family chuckling. " need goat! Not gift.". (with a thick eastern European accent). Mary Jo"

Next I have Karen's goat and she says:-
"Hello Aunty Jane Monty here and I must say thank you for my eye and nose it is much better being able to see where I am going and smell the lovely fresh grass."

Now I have Sonja's day 9 and she says:-
"Hi Jane,here is my Day 9. The pet says mähhh, mähhh... now I'm sure it's a goat. It isn't?
Have a nice weekend!
Your Sonja = Papagena"

Next in is from Catrin who says this:-
"Billy goat gruff is a but late to today's party but he seems happy enough as am I :-)
This is such a wonderful idea - just knowing I had people I could ask and being able to SEE other projects means that I'm producing something I would never have considered attempting before. Thank you EVERYONE
ps please note I'm saying this now in case it all goes horribly wrong over ther next few days ;-)"

Now I have day 9 from Elizabeth who says:-
"It certainly look goatly to me.

Shouldn't that be 'double goatly', Elizabeth?!?

Last in today is from Adrian who says:-
"Yes, definitely more goaty today.
Or is it a Capricorn? Are there eleven more patterns waiting in the wings?
CRIKEY, Adrian - an old git has to sleep sometime!! 11 more? That's a challenge I'm going to ignore for now!!!!

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