Wednesday, 1 February 2012


My inbox is SO full today that I might not get all onto the blog before I have to go out!!

First in is from Mary Jo who says:-
"Here is day 8. I'm jumping on the "goat" band wagon. Mary Jo"

Now I have Monicas. Yesterday she was thinking 'ostrich' and I asked if she'd be disappointed if it wasn't. Here's what she says:-
"I am not! here is my goat, then...peace! Monica"

Next in is from Elizabeth who says:-
"Hummm, looks like goat to me.

Now I have Adrian's pair. He says:-
"It's starting to look a little goaty. :)The pink and blue one has got a slightly longer horn, since I can't count. :)
Hope they don't start fighting over a lady!!!!

Now I have Fox's day 8 too.  She says it all in her picture:-

Now I have rhyming Sarah who says:-
"Hi Jane, I finished the tatting rather quickly ... it is the rhyme that I had trouble coming up with! I finally got it worked out so here it is.

Here’s day number 8

I think this game is really great.

It’s not just the mystery that makes this fun

It’s reading the comments from everyone

Predictions are made with humor galore
Each day I return to read some more.

Turn it like this and I can see
A little bunny running free

But the beads are not in place
To make the little bunny face

So I guess I know
That is not the way to go

I push those pesky bead along
Until I learn where they belong

But they keep getting in my way 
I hope they soon come into play

This pattern from ingenious Jane
Is a workout for my brain.

I think I’ll have a glass of wine
As I wait for day nine"

Next in is Bernice who says:-
"Here is my Day 8, my guess would be a goat. Bernice O"

Next in is another blue 'thingie' from Sandy who says:-
"Dear Jane - What an exciting way to wake up this morning, a new day of TIAS... and ... it has a horn! It sure looks like a goat, but --- knowing you, it could morph into most anything on day 9! Sandy S"

Now I have Jeanne's and she says:-
"Hi Jane,finally, had to wait until I got home from work, then made a big pot of chili before finding the time to tat Day 8. for my guess, it looks like a goat. will have to check with my granddaughter Lily to see if I am right."

Now I present Patsy's day 7 and she says:-
"Hi Jane,Here's my day 7. Just downloaded day 8. At first glance at day 8 it does look like a goat.
But it could also be a bull, Toro! ! But then I live next to the Mexican border. Jane wouldn't think of the Bull Fights there in England. : ) But that Jane is sneaky, she may fool us yet.

Next is from Rose Anne who says:-
"I thinks I know, I do, I do, I thinks I know what this will be!!! If not, then I's a monkey's uncle!!!
Yeppers it sure looks like a "Billy goat" to me now! Took long enough before I had a for sure guess!!! Too bad I used GREEN instead of the brown and white I first thought to use! LOL!
Rose Anne"

The final one in my inbox 'before shower' is from Liz who says:-
"Phew, finished this one but I had to do some jiggery-pokery. Here it is....

Next in (after lunch and before I have to go out again) is from Lyn who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Attached is day 7, will have to get a wriggle on and do day 8 befor you post day 9!!lol
Sorry the photo is a bit blurred.

Tine has just popped in to say the following:-
"Hello Jane.
Your Tias is like a he-goat.
Greets Tine"

Now I have Emilia's days 7 and 8. This is her comment:-
"Hi Jane, I send you the pictures of day 7 and 8 from the tias. I think some of us did give away what we are making and I agree with them. Still having fun."

Finally before I dash out again I have Claudia's days 7 and 8 too. Here's what she says:-
"hi jane.. sorry for not posting my 2 last day before.. i had a terrible headache so I spent a few days without internet,, without tatting! but now Im back!!

Back again from my sort of abortive trip out. Why do some days just NOT behave themselves? Anyway, I have Grace's days 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 now and she has this to say:-
"Dear Jane,
Well, I was busy over the weekend, but I had a day off today. So, here are Days 3 to 7! I actually made a mistake for Day 4 (or Day 5?), and the legs somehow ended up facing the wrong way. Luckily, since they were just joined at one point, I was able to turn them 180 deg and join correctly (I think!) to the side of the square with the picots. I'll get Day 8 to you soon. BTW, am I supposed to say what thread I'm using? It's Milward Mercer Ombre Purple, size 20.
Thanks again for doing this. It's been fun learning all the new stuff — the SCMR, the lock joins (yes, I had never done those before), the front-side facing, the CTJ, even the continuous-wound shuttles!

Whooopeeee, another rhyming tatter. I did wonder why this thingamajig was probably upside down!!!  This time it's Sharon C who says:-
"Hi, Jane and all my new tatting friends.
I'm going along with the goat idea but I don't think this is just any old goat

Ode to a Fainting Goat 
There once was a goat named Sir Kainting
Who used to be known for his paintings
He’d hear a loud sound
And always fall down
And now he is known for his faintings.
You inspire me,
Smiling in NC, USA"

Now I have Maria's day 8 and she says:-
"Ok.... I did this yesterday morning, took the picture and everything..... I just now realized that I never sent it to you! OUCH! Oh well, better late then never :) Here is my little blue & purple Goat, My Mom came to stay for a few days and calls him Mr ToJo :)

Next in on this bitterly cold evening is Sandra's day 8 and she said this:-
"It's Billy Goat Gruff, with a bell on his collar! Maaa!"

I've just noticed that Sherry's updated her blog with her day 8 too.  Here's the link.

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