Saturday, 18 February 2012


Slowly creeping up!!! Today I have another goat.

87. Today's goat has come from Carol and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
I'm finally getting around to sending you a picture of my TIAS. I really enjoyed it again this year. It actually worked quite well for me being that the pattern was given in parts. I'm working 10 hrs a day 4 days a week right now between my two jobs. So needless to say I've been a bit tired in the evenings and haven't done much tatting. So the TIAS was perfect right now. I would do a little tatting and felt like I accomplished something. Love the names you gave your goats!!
Thank you again for the fun!! "

88. Now I have Dani's goat and she says:-
"hi Jane!
i finally have the time to get you my goat. (heh, usually one is said to get another's goat, not give other's their own goat...)
i didn't read the directions first, so i didn't have any beads. so i put in some loop-tatted (or whatever they're called) josephine rings... a little big, i know, but it sort of works...
thanks for the ride!
dani, the geek"

89 and 90. I now have two goats. They've been sent in together by Geraldine. Let her explain:-
"Hi Jane
to-day meet with my friend Karen and went to west Midlands tat day. While we were there we compared are goats and let them play together Karen's is the white one so please add this to your list.
happy tatting,
PS Karen says she gave her goat a shave for the summer."

91. Next in is from Sharon. She says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my Goat. Lived on a farm a lot of the time as a kid and we never had such pretty colored Goats.
Even got butted a few time from a couple of them. You just half to remember not turn your back on them.
Had to turn on old computer so I could get it scanned Half to fine a 64 bit driver so it will scan to this computer.
Sorry it took me so long to get it to you.


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Val said...

Wow, getting close to target... the goat stories are so interesting.