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Next part is on Tuesday followed by the last instalment on Thursday.
First of all today I have a couple of 'firsts' from Jenni. She's just joined us (first first) but had done two other TIAS's 'in the dark' before (second first). IF you follow my convoluted brain.  A very, very warm welcome, Jenni. Here is what she says:-
"I'm sending in my work for the first time ever, despite the fact that this is my third TIAS. I only have one thing to say ... "Jane, you are a GENIUS!" How do you even come up with these things?"

Next in with both days 8 & 9 is Sharren who says:-
"Here are my Day 8 and Day 9 – sorry they’re late, but it has been a very busy week with the end of the month. I’m looking forward to Day 10 – and however farther it goes – I want to see if his little legs curve towards his back legs so he can stand on a mountaintop! I’m sure that’s why mine is blue – poor little guy is cold!!"

Now I have Sue Anna's day 9 and her comment is:-
"Attached is my day 9. Billy Goat Gruff is looking mighty fine! Sue Anna"

Next in on this snowy Sunday morning is from Coretta who has had a very worrying time but has now caught up with her days 3, 4, 5 and 6. Here's her comment:-
"With many distractions I finally re-learned the SCMR, :) I have not used it for too long. Images of days 3, 4, 5, and 6. I will have a beautiful pink goat."

Now I have Elizabeth's day 9 and she says:-
"Hi Jane
Here is my part 10 piece.
Many thanks

FIRST IN with day 10 is Mariya from Russia who must get up early on a Sunday morning to be so fast!!! Here is what she says:-
"Dear Jane,
This is my day 10! Two days - two legs, and I hope that my goat will not ran away! :)

Another day 10 has just arrived from 'down under' and Meredith who says:-
"Hello Jane
I've had a very productive weekend and have just managed to complete day10 also without the distraction of any vodkas and pineapple."

Yet another day 10 and this time from Valerie who says:-
"Hi there, JaneHere's my TIAS-day10. Rushing off to dinner.

Now I have Maureen and she's having sight problems at the moment. I think they're sorted now but her problem seems to have gone into her nose!!! Here's what she has to say:-
"Sigh.......I became aware that Goat had a visual problem - he was having difficulty seeing, with that tiny little eye. Spent a long time this afternoon, unpicking back to Day 9, and he DOES have a bigger eye now.....but his nose seems to be exactly the same.  Must be the heat, or lack of gin - or both!"

Next in is from Carla with her days 7 & 8 and she says this:-
"Hello Jane, Here are day 7 and 8 .Looking forward to day 9.
It looks like a goat but what to do with the vsp on top of the horn?
Gr. Carla"

The vsp is only to give room for the turn at the top of the horn, Carla.  Yours is just right.

Back again is Meredith with both her needle and shuttle versions together. Here's her comment:-
"Hello Jane, now here are both versions done. Thank you so much for allowing us to take up some of your Sunday morning. It's almost time for me to go to sleep. Meredith"

Next in is from Ginny who says this:-
"Here he is!! I cant wait for the next part!

Now I have Karen's day 10 - she lives south of us and has snow too. This is what she says:-
"Hi Aunty Jane,Monty here, so I am nearly complete just my legs to go now which will be a lot better as I keep falling over at the moment and people say I should take more water with it!!"

Oh dear, poor Marjan has problems with her goat. Let her tell you herself:-
"Good afternoon Jane!
Poor Ol’ Billy Blue Eyes is brokenhearted with the idea that he won’t see you anymore after thursday.
Even his best friend Colonel Arthur Sinclair can not console him anymore…. not even with the
best long green grasses!
see you tuesday!!
Marjan Klomp"

Now I have Axa's days 9 and 10. She says:-
"Hello Jane,
I'm sending my day 9 and 10. It seems, he is a goat. Today I made nice beard from the picots :)
thank you

Every time I try to move away from the computer another TIAS drops in!!!! What a great excuse to stay here!!!
This is from Catrin who says:-
"Brrr says my little mountain goat, can't wait to grow some legs so I can run away into the warm !"

Next in is from Sonja who says:-
"Here is my day 10. It’s growing and growing. I love all those goats, walking over the world. Thank you for all the work you did. We love it."

Now I have Heather who has sent in both day 9 and day 10. She says:-
"Hi Jane, Been very busy around here the last few days... I had to stop and sit and tat ( with my coffee ) this morning :) Here are my day 9 & 10.
Thanks Heather"

Now the next person to drop in is Brenda who says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here is my day 10. Looking forward to day 11.

Now I have Grace's days 9 and 10 to show you. This is what she says:-
"Dear Jane,
Here are my Days 9 & 10. I see that mine is not the only golden-eyed goat! I could wish his eye were a bit bigger, but on the whole I think he looks like a fine fellow."

Next in is from Sharren who says:-
"Here’s Day 10 and we’re in the home stretch! I’m sad that he’s almost finished and another TIAS is at an end; but I’m really looking forward to your next TIAS!!"

Now I have Margaret's days 9 and 10 and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
It a bit late but here is Day 9 and Day 10, I am wondering how big the herd is?
Thanks for doing the TIAS, great piece to tat and I am enjoying it.

Now I have Wanda's next and she says:-
"Hello, Jane.
"Trip, trap, trip, trap, I'm on my way to the hillside to make myself fat" - or he will be when you finally give him some legs! :)

Next to pop in is from Sonja who has sent two pictures!!! Here's her comment:-
"Dear Jane,it's make fun of tat your designed pet! I'm very exciting - the mistery is solved soon. Have a nice evening!
Your Sonja - Papagena"

Now I can present Miranda's day 10 and she says this:-
"Hi Jane,
Here's day 10 of my exotic goat. I'm starting to think that I won't be using quite all the thread on the shuttles-- they're both still mostly full! Also, I suspect the person who thinks it's a nanny rather than a billy may be right, because I don't see how you could get three more days out of just two more legs.

Next to arrive in my inbox is from Caroline who says:-
"Here is day 10 - He is a cutie.

Now I have Maria's day 10 and she says this:-
"Hi Jane, Here is day 10 :) Mr. ToJo is looking very handsome this morning and can't wait to have to 2 more legs so he can kick them up & run & play! :)"
What a handsome man Mr. Tojo is, Maria.

Sandy has just sent in her day 10 and here it is along with her comment:-
"Dear Jane - This is not a grumpy goat, no...this is a happy goat looking forward to frolicking about soon! (and I'm also looking forward to Tuesday's installment!) Sandy S"

Now I have Stephanie's day 10 and she has this to say:-
"HI Jane!
My little goat is quite delighted with himself today - just look how proudly he is holding his head up!

Next in is from Sue Anna who says this:-
"Day 10! Where did time go, are we really almost done ??!!!:( Will miss the fun. Can't wait to see his name and hear the story! Thanks Jane for the fun! Sue Anna"

Now I have Adrian's two day 10's with a very corny remark!!!!
"Hi JaneHere are my latest submissions. Nearly on the final leg then. (Sorry, couldn't resist! :)

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