Saturday, 4 February 2012


Before I start - tomorrow will be day 10 and because so many of you (I think ALL) of you now know what the piece is I'm going to speed up the last two parts. Day 11 will be on Tuesday and the last part will be on Thursday. 

On the final day I'm going to ask for your location (country) and, if you have a blog, then your blog url so that we can all 'keep an eye' on each other's blogs!!!!

Right, first in on another frosty day is from Sandy who says:-
"Dear Jane - What a cutie! Love that furry chin! But now that his head is done he's been bleating at me that the color turquoise is pretty, but not quite what he would choose for himself... so would I be so kind as to make him again in a more 'goaty' color? My reply... "of course I will, just as soon as you can stand and supervise me!" (I think he's going push for an small herd!) Sandy S"

Next in is Meredith with her second day 9. Meredith is doing one with the needle and one with the shuttle. Here's her comment:-
"Good morning Jane
I have now regained my clarity after a bit of sleep and when I finished the black tatted version this morning, I realized that in my needle version I did last night after having a few tippers, Ihad joined R33 in between R28 & R30 instead of between R27 & R28. Of course, my OCD got the better of me and I have now amended it. I also think that the critter is not going to be a silly billy goat, but a nanny goat as there are still another 3 days of instructions to go which would be more than enough for another set of legs and feet. That is to say, I think that there will some tricky bits to do for an udder. Anyway, all the guessing is just another part of the mystery, excitement and enjoyment I am getting out of participating in this.

I just hope that there's never a law passed in tat land that says 'don't drink and tat'.  I'd fail miserably at the weekends!!!

Now I have Wendy's day 9 and she says:-
"See, I said it was a goat ;0). He's quite cute. Wendy"

Next in and just as it's started snowing and I've just got back in the warm is from Claudia who says:-
"HI JANEEEEEEE!!! It seems to me that is a goat!!! wowwwww!!!! ... but mine its very fashion because of the colours I have used!! lol!
have a good day!!! here today is a very sunny one!!
Please send some sun, Claudia!!!

Now I have Jeanne's day 9 along with her comment:-
"Hi Jane, looks like a goat with chin wiskers.had to wait for daylight this morning to take a good picture.
Thanks for the fun

Now I have Sue Anna's day 8 and she's calling me sly!!!! What an excuse for not figuring it out on day 2, you daft moooo!!!!!
"My Billy Goat Gruff here. There is an interesting story as why he is purple. Too much wine! Not for drinking but for bathing! lol. Anyways you are a sly one Jane for making us take so long to figure it out! Sue Anna"

Next in is from Marjan who says:-
"Hello Jane,
Little bit late again – had a nasty ‘meeting’ with the icy sidewalk yesterday but thank heavens no real harm done.
As you know Mitsuki is gone but…………. there is a new boy in town!
Meet Ol’ Billy Blue Eyes!!
I told him that I was going te send his picture to you but then… oh, boy…
I think this little devil is madly in love with you, he started blushing couldn’t say a ‘behhh’ anymore..
O, please don’t break his heart Jane, be gentle with him!
See you next time!

Oh, Majan I'm sorry to hear about your fall but I'm glad no damage was done.  I always look after my 'men' so I will be very gentle with him, promise.

Now I have the pleasure of showing you JB's day 8 & 9 together. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is one picture that includes days 8 & 9. I was finally able to get caught up since I haven’t been able to tat any this past week. A goat…too cute. I love doing your TIASes.

Now I have Bettina's day 9 and she says:-
"Hello All
A member off the goat family undoubtetly (spelling is appalling I know). Had missed the part were it said beads, so it was scramble time =
odd looking eye ring.
Regards from Malmo, Sweden

Now we have Jeff's day 9 and he says:-
" know. I was just hoping to post regularly as I tatted each day. Here is my day 9 progress. Based on the eye colour, I seem to be tatting a Demon Goat! I guess I'll have to tat him again once we're done. Jeff"

Next in my inbox is from Gina S who says this:-
"It is, it is a goat! He has a beard and everything! Did I string my beads backward? Was the big one supposed to be for the eye and the small one for the nose? You have the best imagination!Hugs,
Well I think actually that it doesn't matter!!!  I'll look back through my notes and let you know later!!!


Beelizabeth said...

Bettina's goat looks like a storybook goat with a monacle! That distorted eye ring gives him the personality of a wise old goat.

Anke said...

I still have not joined tatting but I follow the pattern and its development.
It's a very cute goat - clever as ever! Congrats, Jane!