Thursday, 2 February 2012


Before I start - tomorrow is Day 9 of the TIAS.

First in this morning is from Andrea who says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is my Day 8 photo ... my grandson thinks it may be a reindeer or a goat! I think the picture is becoming ever clearer.
I'm loving this and thank you so much for all your hard work Jane xx
Best wishes

Second in today is from Coretta. I'm so sorry to hear your news. Hope things are improving for you. Here's what has held Coretta back from joining us earlier:-
"Included are days 1-2. I am quite behind. I thought I would have a lot more time for tatting while in the hospital the last week with my youngest son. However, an almost 1 year old who is learning to walk takes a lot of energy to keep happy in a hospital. I luckily had some of what I think is size 20 HDT from Greengal and a few beads (that I hope will suit) in my emergency tatting bag which I grabbed as we headed to the hospital in the AM. I downloaded pattern days 1-5 and my guess was a Doe. Now though my guess is goat. My sister guessed a unicorn, she had to have looked at the blog, instead of the picture I posted because there is nothing unicorn about day 2. :)"

Now I hear the dulcet tones of the 'Sound of Music' and Julie Andrews with the next picture!!!  Crikey, Anita - that's a truly DREADFUL pun on the thread!!!!  This is what she says:-
"Ok, ok, I give up. I've turned this tatting every which way, and I really think you are trying to lead us down the wrong road, Jane. Day 8 and we already know what it is???
But on the other hand, I'm like everyone else this time...all I can see is a baby goat?
One question is it made of "varigoated" thread??? (I hear your groan all the way across the pond, Jane!)
Anita aka Yuma Tatter"

Next in is from Martha.  Here's her comment and picture:-
"Oh boy! A billy Goat! I don't think anyone has done one, so a great addition to the tatting menagerie."

Now I have Lyn's day 8 and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
Attached is my day 8, I've caught up yippee!! I know everyone is guessing a goat but I have a feeling it could be something else, just not sure what!!
We have had some very much needed lovely rain here, although it is still quite humid.

Next in and during the afternoon is Margaret's day 8. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
I attach Day 8 for you, My guess is High on a mountain top a lonely goat herd is gathering, I am sure you have already had this guess

Now I have Grace's day 8 and she says:-
"Dear Jane,When I read that you'll be releasing Day 9 tomorrow, I hurried to tat Day 8 and send it to you. So here it is.  I would very much like it to be an elephant (the curved bit being the tusk), but really I think it much likelier that it's a goat. Or, hmm... a kirin?  A kirin is a horned Japanese mythological creature which looks rather like a dragon, except that it has a goat-shaped body."

Next in is from Jeff who says:-
"Hi Jane,I've got a bunch of photos of my progress on the TIAS attached. I haven't been too good at sending them, have I? Here are days 6, 7, and 8. I think I've sent you the rest. I'm with everyone else; it's looking rather goat like. Though I'm sure it'll turn out as something else entirely!

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