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The penultimate day of the TIAS 2012 and here's the link for Day 11.

First in today with her day 10 is Lourdes who says:-
"Hi Jane, Heres my day 10! I'm good at un-tatting! Lol! I was stuck on the SCMR from day 7. I was ready to set it down till I figured out my error. "

Here it is - the first of the day 11's!!! I am pleased to announce that Maureen from 'down under' is first in this time. Thinking about this - do those who are 'down under' in our view think of us on this side of the world as those 'up above' or also think of us as 'down under'. Interesting thought!! Here is what Maureen has to say:-

"Day 11 - and Goat is a little aggrieved that he is a bit lop-sided in the leg department. I'm sure he's looking forward to receiving his final limb on Day 12.He's a Blue-nosed three-legged chevron on the hoof......"

Next in is from Angel San who says:-
"Here is today's picture.... nearly all done !!!

Next to arrive is Fiona's goat and she says:-
"Hi Jane, Here is my day 11 of TIAS...now this little guy has one front leg I'd better watch out...I recall goats are 'kicky'. Or maybe he wants to try to tatt?
Fiona T"

Now hot off the press from Ginny is her day 11 too. She says:-
"here is day 11 he will be a cute goat!

Aha, Frances (who is next in but who I found lurking in my spam folder) has shed light now on what the Australians call us. BUT Nick reckons this is only the polite version - he's always been cynical, though!!!!! Anyway here's Frances's comment:-
"morning Jane,
from ‘down under’ to ‘over there’ here is my billy with his third leg, roll on day 12
tatting in fun and friendship

Next in is from Carla who says:-
"Hello Jane,Here day 10 and 11 together. Still unfinished but I think it is a very nice goat.
Gr. Carla."

Now I have Monica's days 10 and 11. She says:-
"Here are my days 10 and 11 - I guess I forgot the attachment last night, didn't I? Anyway! Here is the lovely 3-legged goat, and we will be looking forwards to the Nanny/Dog pattern - I feel totally confident to tweak it around, but I am in total awe of your design talent. Very few figurative tatting patterns are as good as yours!
Well, off to have *my* breakfast now.
I didn't even get your message last night, Monica. Cyberspace must have 'stolen' them!!!

Sorry for the delay in uploading the following but I've been out all afternoon setting up somebody's computer wi fi connection to her new broadband router and then a wi fi connection to the new printer. SO pleased that I managed it as I've only done this once before!!!
Anyway, first in in this next batch is from Claudia who says:-
"good morning jane!! so close to the the final result!! yessssssssss!!! just waiting for the last day!!!.

Next in is from Valerie who says:-
"Hi there, Jane. It's my silly red goat again on day 11! I can't stand his big bulgy eye looking so shocked. He seems to be ready to jump over the moon now...

Heee, heeee, back bounced Claudia shortly after with her day 11!!!! That foxed me, Clau!!!!
"and day 11 is just finished!!! ..till tomorrow!!!
happy tatting jane!!

Now in pops Nima with her day 11:-
"Jane, so nice to see the mystery coming into life...here is my day 11....

Next in is from Heather who has this to say:-
"Hi Jane, here is day 11... He is so cute, I can't wait to finish him on fri :) Thanks Heather"

Now I have Anita's picture and comment - can anybody help her?
"Hi Jane!
What a trip this has been!
Tatters is now ready for travel. You know, we have to learn to cope with whatever life deals us, and Tatters has found a way to cope without front legs....but he needs a friend. Know anyone going in the direction of the Grand Canyon?"

Oh dear, Marjan sounds upset but you'll have to read for yourself what has caused this problem:-
"Hi Jane….
Sad news again… First we had to say goodbye to Mitsuki and now…
read what I just read in our newspaper this morning, it was a shock for me!
see you thursday!!"

Now I have Sonja's day 11 - this is what she says:-
"Hi Jane,my pet "goat" is finished nearly. Only one leg is missing. Thank you for your nice design.
Your Sonja"

Next in is from Jane who says this:-
"Hi Jane, here’s day 11. I’m thinking that when the next leg is done it might bring this one to a different angle? At the moment Bok looks as though he’s waving, but I think that may change."

Now I have Maria's day 11 with her comment:-
"Here is day 11 and it looks like Mr ToJo is off and running... well, almost. :) one more leg to go!
Marla "

Next in is from Michelle who has sent in her days 9 and 10. She says:
"Hi Jane,

Here are day 9 and 10. He sure is a cutie!

Now I have Karen's day 11. She says this - in rhyme too:-
"Monty here, 

Hehe I am a three legged goat
and boy oh boy it' s no joke
I am having to hobble from place to place
looking for the best place to feed my face"
Next is from Sonja in Holland who says:-
"Hello Jane
Here is my day 11.
I love him (or her?)
Sonja from a cold Holland"

Now I have Fox's day 11 - she has this to say:-
"Hi, Jane,Here he is - Day 11.
Fox : )"

Next in is from Brenda here in the UK and she says:-
"Hi Jane,
I am in from this freezing cold weather and feeling nice and warm.Here is my day 11, he is soooooooo cute.

Now I have Miranda's to show you - here it is:-
Here is day 11. The leg sticks out in an unlikely position at this point, but it should fall into place with the next join.

Next one to arrive in my inbox is Stephanie's goat. She says:-
"HI Jane!
Seems like the more legs this little guy has, the harder it is to pin him down and get him to stand still in the scanner. Amazing that his square middle can be a pendant....or - with a little 'engineering' - a goat!"

Now I have Wanda's goat along with some very good suggestions of what to do with him/them in the future.
"Good afternoon, Jane (well, it's still morning here, just barely)
Here is one of the Billy Goats Gruff. I hope I didn't do something wonky with that leg. Maybe the with the other leg it look a little better.
I've been trying to come up with things to tat for little boys and I think this is something they will really like. I can see pillow cases with 3 Billy Goats Gruff trotting along the side, going up to the hillside to make themselves fat. Once the complete pattern is done I'm pretty sure it won't take very long to get them done :-)
Thanks, Jane, this has been fun. Looking forward to the last of the pattern but a little disappointed that the TIAS will soon be over."

Next I have Bernice's day 10 and she says:-
"TIAS day 10 Almost there.... Bernice O"

Next goat to arrive is from Melanie C who says:-
"Good morning-
As you can see, I've finished Day 11. I think this little guy will be cavorting on my blog page soon! http://picotsnkeys.blogspot.com/
The weather probably matches your weather.....grey skies, light, chilling wind, threat of rain in the air......good day to tat indoors all day. But, first, I must feed the hummingbirds.

Now I have Tracy's goat with her comment:-
"Hi Jane,
 I finally got caught up! I hate when work gets in the way of my tatting. Here is Day 11 for my little blue buddy. He seems to have the same affliction as Valerie’s – a bug eye J He is a cutie though, even if I couldn’t get a good picture."

Finally on this upload I have Caroline's goat and comment:-
"Here is Day 11. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Back again and this time with Geraldine who is suffering the cold spell like us. She says:-
"Dear Jane,
Well hello from a very cold Loughborough, my goat has been out in the cold and that is why he is blue!!
Happy tatting

Now I have Lynne's day 11 and she says:-
"Hi Jane,Got a little bit behind but am no caught up.

Just treated myself to a session of 'blog browsing' and found Sherry's day 11 here.

Next in is Wendy's goat and she says:-
"My three legged goat is running !!!
Wendy "

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