Monday, 13 February 2012


Good Monday morning, Tat Land.

77. First in today and from here in the UK is from Adrian who says:-
"Hi Jane
Here are my completed goats. I think the white one is a stubborn old goat, he's clearly digging his heels it, while the pink and blue one looks a little more active. :)
Many many thanks for running this Tat it and See, it's been great fun and I've learned to use a couple of techniques that I'd never tried before.
I can't wait until the next one. :)

78. Now I have Riet's goat. Sorry, goatS. Riet was one of my test tatters and also translated the whole thing into Dutch for her guild. She deserves a huge thank you alongside Gina too. Here is what she says:-
"Hi Jane,Here is my goat. It is Father Goat and his little Boy. Mum will come later, (the old git is preparing her outfit!!!)
Father is tatted with Oran Bayan number 50 The little one is tatted with DMC cordonnet special number 100.
You will find them on my blog:
hugs and greetings
Riet the B-engel"

79. Next in is a goat from Poland and from Gosia. This is what she says:-
"Dear Jane,I've enjoyed very much tatting according to your instructions.
This is so clever project: short, in small pieces, with a variety of
techniques. Thank you for the TIAS.
So here is my orange goat (or Capricorn as one of my friends said :).
from Poland
ps. name Gosia is diminutive from Margaret :)."

80. Now I have Marty's goat and she says:-
"So much for my blue kiwi. No matter which way I turn it -- it looks just like a goat! Blue's not very goat-like, but maybe he's just cold. My niece is delighted with this one because, "It's sooooo cute!" This was a really fun TIAS, thanks for your efforts, Jane.Marty
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA"


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