Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday's additions!!

I have had a big temptation here today!!! I've been counting people taking part in this year's TIAS and NOT the quantity of goats!!! We had 70 (a nice round figure) when I went to bed last night and I'm still hoping to hit 100. So, when the first ones in my inbox happened to be a herd of four from one person then I was tempted to make that up to 74!! BUT I'm not a cheat so this counts as number 71!!!!

71. The four I've been talking about are from Katie who says:-
"Hi, Jane,
TIAS 2012
Button girl, hippo, rooster, and plane,
and now we’ve all done it a-gain.
The game’s over this year,
but we end with a cheer:
Jane’s the goatherd of Tatters’ Domain!
Happy, tatty, goaty hugs to you, Jane!
Katie Verna from Creedmoor NC USA, member of the Raleigh Tri-tatters"

Next in is also not counted - grrrrr!!!! Cynthia has sent in her second goat alongside the first which entered the goat's grazing land on Thursday. Cynthia says:-
"Jane I got both Cappry and Corn (yes bad pun I know) But the goat is the astrology sign for Capricorn...I did one for each sleeve of the shirt I got at Palmettos last year. Peace, Cyn"

72. Next in is from Lynne. I'm waiting to hear where she lives but meanwhile so that I don't 'lose the plot' I'm adding her to the blog with her gorgeous pink goat. This is what she said:-
"Hi Jane,Got my little guy finished, he is so cute!

HOTP (hot off the press) from Lynne - she's in America. She added this:-
"I’m from Poulsbo, Washington – Pacific North—Wet---West Don’t have a blog."

73. Now I have another goat from Emilia in The Netherlands. She says:-
"Hi Jane,
Here is another goat for your herd. I think they all look very pretty . I did enjoy making the goat and it is a pity that it is finished. I am looking forward to the next challenge you have for us.
Thank you so much for all the fun.
With kind regard Emilia"

74. Next to pop in is from Mariya who lives in Russia. Here's her comment and that is followed by her goats!!!
"Dear Jane,
Yesterday I finally finished tatting my Winter - blue goat. I wanted to send it's photo to you, but it was so sad that TIAS is over and so lonely that I couldn't resist and tatted a friend for it - Spring! Now they are happy to be together discussing weather and some their goatish themes I know nothing about!
Well, we three are from St.Petersburg, Russia. My tatting blog is Thank you for TIAS, Jane, it was so exciting! Did you ever think to make it more often, like 3-4 times a year? ;)

75. Whoopeeee, 75!!! Here is Sharon's goat and her comment too:-
"Hi, Jane!
No clever comments here, heh. I greatly enjoy your TIAS series, and every year it renews my Tatting Enthusiasm. :-) Thank you so much for putting doing these.
Please find attached my contribution, to help you reach your 100-goat goal!
Timberlake, NC"

76. Next in is from Jessica who says:-
Here's a picture of P.W. that I captured just as she was running away in fear.
What was she so afraid of you ask?
She said she saw a UFO that resembled a headless, legless goat.
Oh yea, I'm from Collierville, TN, USA and can be found at
Thanks for the fun Jane!

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