Monday, 10 January 2011

Yet another practice piece!

I'm so glad I put this practice piece out as it's giving me some idea as to who is taking part this year.  WHOOOPPPPEEEEEEE.

This one is from Denise who says:-
"I confess I have not picked up my tatting shuttles in months, and this TIAS is hopefully going to get me back on track. I was a little rusty so my chains and rings are not the prettiest. I had to redo the CTJ. The first time the CTJ was pretty ugly with blue showing on both sides. I figured it out on the second time through.
Thanks for doing the TIAS again. I participated in the Rooster TIAS and had lots of fun."

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Beelizabeth said...

This may be just a rough idea of who is going to participate in the TIAS-- when I saw the technique on the practice piece, I didn't try it because I used the technique on another of your patterns.
i still plan to participate in the main event-- they're great fun!!