Tuesday, 11 January 2011

More practice pieces

Wow, this is fun for me already!!!  I wasn't expecting practice pieces to be shared but it's good as I've now got myself ready for tomorrow's start.  Two browsers open with each logged into the one of the two blogs. It makes life a lot easier that way as I don't have to keep signing out and signing in!!!  I'm SUCH a lazy mooo.

Anyway, first today is Typstatting with her piece.  Do I see fine weather in the background?  Please send some here!!!

Next is JB's who asks if hers is too tight.  As long as it lies flat and the thread is almost 'hidden' on the right side it's fine.  All it's needed for is to avoid cutting and tying!!!

The following into my inbox this morning comes from Coretta.  This is her practice piece and this is what she says:-
"Thanks for the individual guidance on this. I love learning new techniques!  Here are some pics of my practice piece."

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