Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thursday - a few more!!!

Good morning folks!!!

Here are Thursday's pieces.  First one in is from Sharren who says:-
"Here is my day 5 - it's actually been ready to photograph since Monday, I just haven't had time to do it.  I don't think it looks much like the Yellow Submarine any more - now I think it's an airplane!  It's going to need another pair of wings, though!"

Next this dismal, grey morning is from Yuma Tatter who says:-
"OK, Jane...didn't want to disappoint you again...  I've decided it's a Happy Little Plane with an Attitude!"

 Finally in my inbox first thing this morning is Rose Anne who says:-
"Hmmm I still have no clue what this TIAS is but an "airplane" comes to mind with the beads as the windows???  Yes I'm still having fun with this!!!"

Now (after porridge!) I have Margaret D's day 5 and she says:-
"Thanks for doing it and I am enjoying it,   I have had several good comments on my blog,   one thought it was going to be a flower but now shes not sure.   You have my followers guessing and none of us including me have any idea what it might be."

Next in is from Josie who says:-
"here is day 5, finally. Ideas for the day include an aeroplane, a lizard and a hamish (the sort that gets lost!!!!)"

I think it must be something to do with a TIAS but it certainly does seem to attract a - hmmmmm, 'different' sort of tatter!!!  This is one of my favourite pictures so far and is from Ann who says:-
"Here I am all caught up to Day 5.  I didn't have a CLUE about what I was tatting so I asked Norman.  He said, "Dunno," and seemed PRETTY SURE ABOUT IT!  He is one SMART bird!  :)  Ann"
Next to arrive at Chez Eborall is Bernice's day 5 and this is the comment with it:-
"Here is my TIAS day 5."

The next person to drop in is Alezandria who says this:-
"Well this changes throws me way off! I guess I'm going to lean towards a lizard..."

Next in is Ridgewoman who has been 'sitting' on hers since Monday!!!  Well, not really because this is what she says:-
"Finally got the scanner out and scanned day FIVE.  I had it finished by Monday night!  LOL"
Next in is from Nicole - and her family!!!  She says:-
"I had these done on time (days 4 & 5) just didnt have time to send it to ya..  I still think its a lizard of sorts. My two older kiddies  said to just give up guessing and just tat it and see lol... My youngest says its a T-rex or octopus... He's 3......."
 Next in on this very cold January eveing is from Crazy Mom tats in Hotlanta (also known as Atlanta - where I missed a connection travelling from Columbia to Cincinnati!!!).  She sends in her blog link.

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