Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday morning again!!!

So, here we are at the start of another week and here is day 5 of the TIAS!!!  
This is the halfway point but there's still plenty of time for people to start and easily catch up!!!
Good luck to all who sail in her.  Is that a clue?  NO WAY!!!!  
I will shortly be adding a few incomers to 'this space' but need to have a shower first!!!!

First in with day 4 today is Sharon P who says:-
"Here's my day 4. I retract my previous guess of train. My first thought as I finished the tatting was "anteater", with the new bit being either the long down-pointing snout or the tail. On reading your blog entry, I found that I'm not the only one who had that thought! Aside from anteater, I have no other specific guesses to hazard right now. I love the suspense, although it's difficult to strike the balance between enjoying the anticipation between installments and eagerness to get to work on the next stage, hee hee!"

She's also sent in her hippo and chameleon from other TIAS's!!!!  Thanks, Sharon.

Next in from last night is Bonnie who says:-
"Ok Ms. Jane ... here's my day 4....... I'm still think it's got to be an alligator ..... looking forward to day # 5 tomorrow."

Now we have Iza who says:-
"I was happy to see next step.I did it just after I came home. It took me more time to take a picture than to tat."

First in with Day 5 is Isabel from SWEDEN.  I was expecting you, Isabel!!!!!  She says:-
"Dear Jane here it's my work in the fifth day of TIAS.
I put a wrong bead but the next  one it will be ok.
Best wishes to you in this grey day in -2 degrees. From the south of Sweden.
Isabel  Today I think it's a Barracuda :)"

Finally before I go down to the library I have Omar in Australia!!!  She's got the answer - so she thinks!!! 
"I’m thinking that the ‘Wigwam for a Gooses Bridle’ has reared its beautiful head again. This mythical object occasionally appears when people are at a loss to explain what is before their eyes."

Next is from Maureen L who's still thinking 'rabbits'!!!!  She says:-
"Essence of rabbit, perhaps by osmosis? I haven't given up yet. But we'd better get a move on with his fluffy tail if we are already half-way there!"

Next day 5 is from Nima who says this:-
"OMG...Jane, is it a day 5 progress looks like a turtle...can't wait for day 6..I'm travelling for few days, so i don't know if i can make it on same day...but can't wait for next day...i'm enjoying the progress of everyone that you are featuring in your blog."

Next in is from Ginny who says this:-
"here is my airplane after work i will work on the cockpit of it"

Monday afternoon now and here is Valerie's day 5 and she says:-
"OH WHAT IS IT GOING TO BE? It's looking "stranger" to me every day... :'( This curiosity is killing me!"

Now I present Katie V's version of Day 5 and I do agree - I love the thread from yarnplayer.  I've never had one that I don't adore.  Makes tatting so much more pleasant with pretty threads.  Anyway, I digress.  Here's what Katie says:-
"Look, it's a bird, it's a plane; no, it's SUPERMAN!  No, I have no idea what it is, you rascal teasing Jane!  Don't you love the HDT--Marilee's Autumn Leaves."

Next in is Pam who thinks she's got the answer (for now!) on what the TIAS is!!! Here's what she says:-
"Here is Day 4 & 5. Jane, you've done it again. Half way through and I still don't have a clue, unless, yes I see it now, we are tatting a Kimono Dragon, Yes a Kimono Dragon. I'd like you to take that as my final answer, unless of course I change my mind when I see day 6."

Now just before going to work Alba has sent in her Day 5 too.  She says:-
"Here is my day 5 It is 7:40 am in Tijuana but I did it before going to work.  Will it turn to be a plane?"

Keeping me busy and next in is Sonja who has drawn the rest of it and says:-
"This is my day 5. I think it wil be a lizard (No pig, as I thought yesterday).  Sonja from Holland"

Next to pop in is Terry who says this:-
"Here's my day 5. I don't do beads, so it took me as long to put that one bead in as it did to tat the rest  ;-)  I expect to improve with practice.  I'm thinking this is a metaphorical caterpillar - it looks nothing like the end product until the last day when it hatches out to a butterfly.  
At this point, my version looks a bit like an airplane."

Next into the inbox is Caroline who says:-
"Boy, I am really puzzled with this one.  Guess this is pay back for being so smart last year.  My bead color may not have been the best choice, but I am trying to use up some of my left over beads from other projects."
Next is Wanda's day 5 and she says:-
" As I don't see a bead for an eye I'd say this has to be the tail end of whatever-this-is."

Now Heather M has sent her day 5 too.  She says:-
"here are days 4 & 5..... my kids thought it was going to be a dinosaur, but now it is not looking like one..... we'll just have to wait and see!"

Now Debbie W has sent us this link to her blog and she also says:-
"This is fun. A little more challenging for me."

Next is from Melanie C who says:-
"I had fun with today's challenge. I even successfully opened a split ring after figuring out I'd join in the wrong place! I also changed how I scanned my little ???? bird?"

Now the next person into my inbox is Anke who says:-
"Here comes my day 5!  I guess my turtle has left the scene and I have NO clue what else it could be. Waiting for day 6!"

My next arrival is Elizabeth who says:-
"Here is my part 5.  Very interesting.  No guess from me yet."

Now comes Belizabeth who says:-
"Compliments of flu and visiting granddaughters (a bad combination) I wasn't able to get a picture of day 4.  I was afraid my alligator wasn't going to get his rabbit for dinner because he had morphed into a triceratops- and if I remember right, they are vegetarian!.  But now Alli is still going to get that rabbit dinner and that dentist is not going to have to treat his teeth as they have turned into a row of jewels down his back.  This is still lot's of fun, thanks for your efforts."

Finally and on my way to bed I am able to put on Sandy's offering of day 5.  She says:-
"We are halfway through and I have no idea what this could be... and that row of beads coming up confuses me even more.  At least there are 2 beads still unaccounted for... eyes perhaps?  Sure hope Day 6 gives us a clue!
Sandy, still waiting for the light bulb to go on in SoCal"



Anonymous said...

I see that there is another tatter from yuma on the blog - I would be interested in meeting up for tatting bee or whatever the equivelent is

Jane Eborall said...

Oh please anonymous do write to me privately and I'll see if I can link you two up. No problem.