Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Wednesday and more to come!

First in this morning is from Denise who says this:-
"I'm so glad I remembered how to do split rings, I haven't done them in so long. My small rings look a little messy to me, but I had fun. I am confident this is a dragonfly about to land on a flower- today we did the wing. My confidence either comes from the fact that I feel good today, or I had too much coffee, not because I'm a good guesser."
Next is from Wendy 'down south' of me who thinks she's got the answer!!!!  She says:-
"It's obvious, it's a chopper !!"
Omar is in next with her suggestion too:-
"Here is my day 3 Jane.  I’ve decided that I’ll have rethink my original guess ...dragonfly...... I don’t think that a dragonfly would have that large thingymibob attached to it anywhere.  It’s a grey day here on the mid-north coast of NSW. No floods here though, Thank God. I’m glad Maureen has a bit of unflooded Brisbane."
Now in from Alaska we have Kay Lynn's offering along with this comment:-
"Well.....this addition makes me think of a chimney on a little house (the beads, of course would be Christmas lights)......but I doubt that we'd be tatting a wee house.  I think I may be suffering from "cabin fever"!  :-)  It's between -25 and -30 degrees F. today so not as cold as it has been, but still cold enough to make one stay inside most of the day.  Enjoying a nice cup of tea right now.  Happy tatting!   Tok tatter."
Now we have Katie V's two offerings - she always works two or three 'versions' of a TIAS when we play this game.  Here's what she says today:-
"Hi, Jane, as I worked on these, I thought---oh, that naughty Jane--it looks like a bong.  Nah, couldn't be!  Besides it's only Day 3.  The protuberance so reminds me of a hippo's leg of a couple of years ago.  So, really, is it a roof slope with a chimney?"
Next is from Beelizabeth who has this to say!!!:-
"I was afraid that with an injured and swollen front leg my alligator wasn't going to be able to get his rabbit for dinner-- but it looks like the rabbit has a bum leg too, so Alli has a chance."
Now we have Sandy S who says:-
"Dear Jane,  Well... Day 3 has ruined any chance of a raincloud (unless clouds wear hats).  Hubby pointed out that most people see animals in clouds... perhaps  I was seeing clouds in animals... hmmm.  So, if I switch to 'it's an animal', could the 'hat' be a leg?  I have no idea, but can't wait for Day 4!!!
Sandy "lost" in SoCal"
Now I present Rose Anne (from Canada) who says:-
"OK this is really looking interesting but I've still no clue what it will grow up to be!"

Next is Nancy E who sent in her picture and this comment:-
"I printed day 3 this morning and almost forgot to tat it.  LOL   Busy days do that to me.  I am positive that it is a mystery something.  Could be a doohickey or a thingamabob."
Next picture and comment comes from Jeanne L who says:-
"I have attached day 3, and yes, this time I remembered, in fact I attached it before writing this email.  No guesses yet, hope you are warmer over there, we never got above -7 today.   brrrrr"
Next in is from Iza who sends in her day 2 and day 3 work.  I think she's done VERY well.  Thanks, Iza.  Here's her comment:-
"Maybe this is not neat as it should be, but I am very proud of myself. Here you have both steps."

Now I have a link to show you to Liz's blog.  Just click here to see it and this is what she says:-
"Hi Jane.  I have uploaded day 2 and 3 with some comments!"

 Now I present Alba from MEXICO's day 3 work.  She says:-
"Not even a slightest clue what this will become in "?" days."
Finally before I go for my shower, have breakfast and then go out to teach I present Martha's work.  Yes, even this busiest of busy ladies has found time to play along.  Here's her picture.
Not gone out yet - managed to squeeze in another one before I go!!!  
This is from Eva in SWEDEN who says:-
"I haven't been tatting for long time but yesterday I got the sight of this.  As I love these I had to find my shuttles and thread (I'm moving from Lund to Varberg that's why they are packed in a "container").  This morning I tatted day 1-3......Looking forward to next clue.....
Greetings from Varberg, not far from Gothenburg"
Next in is from Anke who has this to say and these two pictures to show!!
"Here I'm sending you a picture of my Day 3.  I still don't have a clue. But if you want me to do one - perhaps it's a locomotive, a steam engine. But then of course for the "Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg" (see here:"

Next is from Valerie H who has this to say:-
"I've tatted up DAY 3! Can't wait for Day 4. I'm thinking it might just be a Chinese "lion", the kind they use in celebrations like Chinese New Year. I'm pretty sure I'm right (but I'm entitled to change my mind later)."

Next one in on this gloriously sunny (for once!!) afternoon in this part of the UK is Elizabeth who says:-
"Here is my Part 3.  No guess yet."

Next in today is from Nicole who says this:-
"I am doing  mine in black and spring green... so my guess and my kids guess as of right now (part 3) is that its a lizard of sorts, maybe an alligator .... The green is helping make that guess for us lol!"

Next in is Wally with her days 1, 2 and 3 and she says:-
"Here I am with the 3 days so far.  I haven't been able to tat for almost a week now but I was "itching" to get the shuttles back.  It kinda looks like a toy horsey or the cat from Alice in Wonderland."

Next in are two pictures from Mary and she says:-
"Here is my work on day 3Do not know what maybe, maybe  a caterpillar?"

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