Sunday, 16 January 2011

Good morning, Sunday!

There are a lot of new pictures this morning - yippeeeeee.  Windy dull day here so I'm happy to sort and upload!!

First in is day 2 from Denise who says:-
"Here is my day 2. The photo makes it look a little twisted, but it really isn't. I can't wait for day 3!"
Next is from Nancy (not sure if her surname begins with an E or an S!!) so she will be 'just Nancy' for now!!!  Here is her comment:-
"Could it be a dog or cat with a collar on?  This is just so much fun."
Now we have Sharon P's offering and she says:-
"And the fun and mystery continue!!  :-) :-) (is there an emoticon for the Snoopy happy-dance?)"
Can't answer that question, Sharon - can anybody else?
Next is Typstatting who says this:-
"Here is my TIAS Day2 I think it might be a One Eyed Purple People Eater.   Maybe!"
Which planet does Typstatting come from, one may  ask!!!!!
Next in is from Melanie who says:-
"Here's my guess: a wiggly worm carrying a back pack (coming soon?) for books to read. Well, it could happen.......  Thanks again for the fun."
The next picture is from Heather M who says:-
"Got my day two done while waiting class to start."
Now here's my friend Sandy S who says this:-
"Ok... I know it's not a raincloud - but right now it sure looks like one! So, until it morphs, I'm sticking with raincloud!"
Very inventive, Sandy!!!!  VERY wrong, Sandy!!!!

Next in my inbox is from Caroline who sends in her practice piece, day 1 and day 2.  Thanks, Caroline.

Nearly finished with this morning's 'offerings' and here is Omar in Australia's comment and picture:-
"Here is my day 2.  I’ll wait for a few more clues before I have another guess. Its a very hot day here today so I’m going to tat all day ensconced in an arm chair with the air con keeping me cool. I don’t intend to poke even my big toe outside.  The tele is on flood watch here. The news from Queensland and Victoria is not good.  Looking forward to Day 3"
Next (and finally this early morning - well, it's only half past nine!!!!) is from Izabella from America (NJ) who says this:-
"I would like to say "Thank you" for such a beatiful blog. My name is Izabela and I'm Polish girl who choose to live in New Jersey (USA). I found out tatting six years ago, but I never really started it. I learned needle tatting by myself from a book and shuttle tatting from the Internet. I love it! Because I don't have to much time and I have so many other things I like to do, my learning progress is veeeeeeeery slowly. I got some tricks of tatting, but still i have so many problems with it. I tried to find someone who can show me proper way of holding shuttle or how I should hide the ends, but I haven't found.  I am so happy and pleased that you started your TIAS, so I can try. Thank you for easy and clean directions.   I hope you will like my work and you will be proud of me.  My first day is finished and tomorrow I will try next step. See you soon."

Well, that's all for now - off to shower and have breakfast and I'll be back later!!!

Later on Sunday after a walk round the rec and I find Maureen's hopped in next!!!  Here's her day 2 with her comment:-
"Here is my little green and yellow rabbit hopping quickly to catch up - he had a late start, what with one thing and another. Oh yes, he definitely IS a rabbit......."
Next to arrive is Valerie who has this to say:-
"I managed to catch up to DAY 2, without the chance to try out the new technique you introduced (for practice). Anyway, I already like this new TIAS -- it's interesting with the beads and the new technique. FUN-tastic! Can't wait to get more..."
Now we have Jane M who says this:-
"Hi Jane, here’s day 2. I hope I’ve done the CTJ correctly. Looking forward to the next bit. Happy tats, Jane"
 Next picture is from Bernice - thanks.
I have just noticed that Vonnie who is a member of intatters has finished her day 1.   I haven't got a picture and can't put a link here as you'd have to be a member of the forum to see it.  I do hope she sends it to me too!!!

Next in is from Isabel who is teasing me about their weather!! How unkind is that?!?!?!  This is what she says:-
"I still can not imagine that will !!!.... As impatient as I was the other day, and I offer a day later, but this weekend, sporting a beautiful sun, and I've been walking .... We have a temperature of 18 º C, and sitting on a terrace, the little sun, it is going great ....... (Lol, how bad I am, I'm trying to give you envy, hehehehe)"
Blogger is being a pain at the moment and I can't add Ridgewoman's picture to the end so I'm 'slotting her in' just before Sharren. Here it is!!!!

Next in is Sharren from the USA (SC) who is herself a fabulous designer.  This is a compliment to me that she's taking part too.  This is what she says:-
"I'm looking forward to Day 3!!  Thank you for another TIAS game - it's been a very busy week for me so I just got caught up all at once.  Here are my Day 1 and Day 2 - I would guess it will end up being something to do with Spring, but I may be prejudiced by my color choices - so I'll wait and have a guess later.  The both threads are Lizbeth - the variegated is the new 'Wildflower Garden'.  I really like the colorway!

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Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

I would like to know where Sandy got her flat tatting shuttle. I love it. It looks like burl maple for the wood. Could you please ask her.
I did day two of the TIAS but not sure if I done it right or not. I will have to take a picture of it tomorrow.