Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday and here's day 4

Yes, another part is now available on this link.  

Please don't let this put any new starters or laggers off as all offerings are always welcome.  You don't have to send in your progress but it does keep me happy and busy during these long dreary days!!!!

First in this Friday morning and with her day 3 is Sharren who says:-
"Now I realize (on Day 3) that I've used the wrong colors - because of the conning tower, this is obviously going to be the Yellow Submarine!   (This is such fun!  Thanks for brightening the Wintertime!)"

Next in is from Erika in CHILE who hasn't been well.  Glad you're better now and thank you for catching up - just in time for day 4!  Here is what Erika has to say:-
"I loved the last TIAS, so I couldn't avoid joining this year. Due to health problems, I couldn't participate until now, but better late than never, right?  Here I send the first three days from TIAS."

Now we have Bernice's day 3 - just love your colours, Bernice.
Next in my inbox is from Joanie who says:-
"I have no guess, but I do enjoy the guesses of many of the others!!!"

I am very happy to tell you that Isa is well again and back on track. I JUST had time for my shower after launching day 4 and when I got back to the computer this is what I found!!!
"Hi Jane, here it's my TIAS day 4. I'm feel better now and almost recovered from the influenza :(.
From a grey day and 0 degree about 10 o´clock in the morning :)
Have a nice day.
P.S : Today I thinks it's a little dog :)"

Now to catch up between shopping and the dreaded H word (vacuuming!). 

Next is Leah who has this to say:-
"A ferret? An alligator? A rocking horse?"

Next is Josie who says:-
"Ah, an upside down animal, perhaps a three toed sloth.
happy tatting Josie"

Now from sunny Oz we have Omar's day 4.  She says:-
"I’m now thinking that the dragonfly will have to be discarded in favour of an anteater!!! Look at his lovely snout.  It has been a hot day and I’m glad of the cool breeze tonight."
I now have a comment from Tine in THE NETHERLANDS who will hopefully send pictures later.  She says:-
" I am doing your lovely Tias.  This part loops like the head of a Rhinoseros.
Groetjes Tine"

Now I have Eva from the SOUTH of SWEDEN who says:-
"Great that I found this.....but what will it be....
My guess is........  Greatings from Varberg and Eva"

This remark from Heather tickled me!!!
"Hi Jane, i just saw day 4 is up..... both of my kids say it is starting to look like a dinosaur tail....they would just love it if it was :)"

Next in is the whole TIAS so far from Elfriede.  She says this:-
"thank you very much for the new TIAS. Thank you also for the additional assistance. My tatting work  for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 is attached as a file.  It is a great pleasure to join the game. My advice: it will probably be a rhino."

Next I have to humbly apologise to Arlene - grovel, grovel, grovel.  I forgot to add her day 3 yesterday.  I found it today when she sent it again.  Must say this is all my fault and do hope she forgives me.  Anyway, this is what she said:-
"Here's my day 3. Maybe it's an oliphant. But it will be hard to get
that double row of tusks into place.  Ummm, yes I am guessing wildly. What gave me away?"

Next is Ann-Sofie from SWEDEN who says:-
"Thank you so much for all the fun. Here is my TIAS Day 4. I wonder,could it be a boat?"

Now we have Elizabeth who is really getting a move on!!!  This is her picture and comment:-
"I actually finished Part 4 on the same day that you posted it."
Now we have Nima's guess and picture:-
"This is my day 4 guess is changing looks like it is going to be a  Looking forward for day 5..."

Now we have Nancy L who says this and I wish it was true!!!
"Here is my day 4 tias, my guess would be a little creature of some sort on  a dream island some where nice and warm, blue skies, sun shining (wake up, wake up it's just a dream LOL) Have a nice tat day!"  They say dreams can come true, don't they?!?!?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  First I must explain that Isabel and I have been talking with the aid of Google Translator for the past week or more.  Isabel is SO, SO funny and makes me laugh with what she says.  She's even tried to change houses with me so that I can go and look after her parents but I've told her I am happy being an orphan!!!  
Well, this is what she said and sent today:-
"Hi Jane!! here I attached my DAY 4 ........ I think it's a snail ........ I also attached a picture of me, so you see how beautiful I am .....he he he he........"

Now to a sensible Jane!!! She says:-
"Hi Jane, an aardvark, perhaps? Happy tats, Jane"

Now we have Margaret J who is in the UK and she says:-
"Hello Jane,
Here are my submarines on day 4, as you will see they have "turned turtle".  Could we be tatting turtles?  It's very confusing!  But great fun!!!"

Next in is Terry who I don't believe.  He says that about his imagination and then comes up with the idea of the other way of doing a split chain!  I think he's got an amazing imagination.  Anyway, here's what he says:-
"Here's my day 4. Even squinting, I don't know what it might be. I think I have a challenged imagination. :-)"

Finally in this batch is Alizandria who has this to say:-
"Here is my day three...I definately thinking an animal and so far we have the belly and 1 leg...I'll guess an elephant!"

Now into the inbox is Anke's offering with the proof that she knows what the TIAS is going to be!!!!  She says:-
"I'm absolutely sure after day 4:  It will be a TURTLE!!!"

The next offering is from Katie V and is just SO cute!!!!  I wonder if she's right? She says:-
"Here's the little TIAS fleet heading out to sea.  Jaunty little group, aren't they?"

Next is Melanie C who makes me quite jealous with her talk of lovely weather!!  This is what she says:-
"If I had used red colors, I would think this is beginning to look like a phoenix in flight. Maybe that's also because I had to untat a mistake twice this morning. Hmmmm. It's nice enough weather I may just stick to weeding the garden today and give my brain a vacation before tackling tax paperwork this weekend!"

Now into my inbox is Wanda who says:-
"Good morning, Jane!  Here's my day 4. I can't decide if today's piece looks like a tail or a long nose."

Next is from Katharine who says this:-
"Here's your Palmetto Tatter from South Carolina showing off Day 4 of TIAS.  I was so excited to send you my first TIAS I forgot to make a guess.  Does it have something to do with the up coming Royal Wedding???"

From now on this evening you'll have to bear with me - why?  I've just 'taken care of' a largeish glass of red wine!!!
So next in (after wine) is Sandy S who says:-
"Hi Jane... I have the answer! It's a "tuggle" (tugboat / turtle). This scan looks like a tugboat, but if you turn it upside down, it's a turtle! Therefore... "tuggle" !"

With some creative drawing around her day 4 piece comes Sonja who says:-
"This is my day 4. I think it will be an animal, dont know which one."


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