Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday - ALL day!!!

That's what they tell me - it's going to be Sunday ALL day!!!

Monday (which will be tomorrow in my calendar!!!) will be day 5 of the TIAS.

First in on this slightly brighter Sunday morning is from Sue Anna who says:-
"Attached is picture of day 4. It's a blind mole rat with a hump right??!! No, oh well I have nothing. I was really hoping day4 would help figure it out, but alas no. I know I'm going to have a dumb moment when it's finally revealed."

Following Sue Anna comes JB who has this to say:-
"Here is my TIAS up through Day 4.  It looks interesting.  I wonder if it could be an alligator or crocodile?????"

Next is from Typstatting who says:-
"Hi Jane! Here is my day four still thinking about what it might be!"

Now this is a little off topic but Jeanne wanted to show you how bad the snow around her.  This is what she says:-
"HI ladies, just to show you how deep our snow is,  Fargo ND is about 45 miles north of where I live,  this is what it looks like in my front yard this winter.
hee hee.
have a safe and warm winter."

Next in is Emilia who says:-
"Here is day 4. I still have no idea wat this is. I  think maybe a crocodile??  Can’t wait until day 5."

Next in is from Anita with her day 4 which is now a lot 'quieter' than her other pictures!!  This is what she says:-
"Mardi Gras is over, and our centipede is certainly morphing... but to what??????"

Next in is from Kay Lynn who says:-
"Here's my Day 4....a little late as I was busy with driving to the Vet on Friday (our closest Veterinarian is 110 miles away), and I didn't get the tatting done until yesterday.  When I turn it, it now looks like an anteater to me!  :-)"

Next I've found Nancy in my inbox and she says:-
"Maybe a hippopotamus."

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Ridgewoman said...

What a very clever photo! I suspect there is a lot of artist in the photographer. LOL

I’ll be ‘on the road’ and tatting day 5. I chose smaller beads; but, now I’m afraid they are too small ~ but there were 9 to an inch, so perhaps not. Decisions, Decisions.

Am weakening on my ‘boat’ theory. But I still don’t think it is a critter this time. . .
sigh....we don’t know what IT IS! Making me crazy (ier).

Off to Tucson, but the ‘kids’ will keep the home fires burning!

xxx P

xxx P