Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday and it's Day 6

It's true - it's Friday and it's going to be Friday ALL day.  Oh, and here's the link for Day 6 too.

First in this morning with her day 5 is Karen L who says:-
"My latest offering for the TIAS. Bring on the next one!"

Next in is Iza's piece and she has this to say:-
"How are you today? I'm sending you my "day 5" piece.   I can't wait for next step."

First in with day 6 is (of course!) Isa from Sweden.  Do you wait all night for me, Isa?  Here is her comment and her picture:-
"Thanks for all the fun with your TIAS.  Here it's my TIAS day 6.   I thinks it's a head of an out of space creature :  Send you my best wishes in this day with -4 degrees, here in the south of Sweden.  I can go out now, it's my shopping day :)"
My shopping day too, Isa!!!!

Oh dear, is there a 'war of the tatters' going on here?!?!?  This is so funny.  Maureen bounced into my inbox very shortly after Isa and she says this:-
"Here is Day 6! - but I bet Isa has still beaten me! I decided to change the bead colour - the picots are too long, but maybe the windows on the aeroplane-that-is-really-a-rabbit are all open!"

Next in (after shopping and before hoovering!) is Geraldine who says:-
"Hi jane - well here's day six, my brains been doing overtime thinking what it is, no ideas yet must go and get a pill for the headache its given me lol"

Now the next picture and comment is from Sonja.  I LOVE your drawing, Sonja.  She says:-
"Hello Jane and Riet.  Here my day 6. I will place it in the dutch album too.  Sonja from Holland."

Finally before doing some of the dreaded 'H' word I have Josie who says:-
"Here is day 6 , a small soft Hamish, from Bagpuss,  looking for his brother,  he eventually finds his family.  Happy tatting"
NOW I know what a Hamish is!!! Thanks, Josie.

Next in is from Elizabeth who has this to say:-
"Well here is my day 6.  I am not going to try to guess today.  I am wishing I had used different colors and maybe a bit larger bead.  We will see."

Now I have Jane's picture and comment.  She says:-
"Hi Jane, here's day 6. No more guesses! Happy tats, Jane"
Next in is from Alba who says that I am helping her with more than tatting!!  Here is what she says:-
"Here is my day 6 and still in the same expectation.  You are 8 hours ahead, so I have to wait until very early in the morning to tat before going to work.   Last night I checked your blog at 12 for the last time hoping to be the first one, but it wasn´t there yet.  Thanks for helping us develop patience. lol."

Now we have Valerie who says:-
"My TIAS day 6 is done! No idea what it is though...  Looking forward to Day 7."

The comments and pictures are coming in at a steady pace today - every time I think I've caught up another pops in.  GREAT.  This time it's from Terry who seems to be fixated!!  Here's what he says:-
"I have successfully completed day 6 - beads and all. I hope I can find most of the ones I dropped in the carpet. Once I saw an airplane, I'm stuck with it and can't see anything else. So much for thinking outside the box...."

Next in is from Heather M who says:-
"Hi Jane, here is day 6. Everyone here thinks it is going to be a lizard....."

Next to arrive is from Joanie who says:-
"Here is day 6. I am not a good guess-er, but it reminds me of a 'Hopie' type of cactus, but I can't imagine why the beads on a cactus!!! Do you see the different sizes of beads and they are supposed to be the same! Oh the joys of working with non-Japanese beads! I am certainly a bead snob!!!  Off to wait until Sunday for day 7!"

Now here's Arlene who has had a problem that often happens to all of us.  She says:-
"It's a mule? Yeah, still got nothing. BTW, please don't notice how I tried to shred the ring on the 1st join of today's section. I tried to use a bead that was too big, at 1st. Even my itty bitty crochet hook barely fit through the rest of the picot."

 Next in is Margaret from Norfolk - that's here in the UK and a bit north and right to where I live!!!!  She says:-
"Daisy & Dan Whatchermacallit on day 6, flying, or creeping into the blog!"

Now we have Sandy who remembers another tatter's guesses from last year.  nHere's what she says:-
"Happy Friday to you Lady Jane!  I am starting to think this could be a passenger plane...  but last year there was a clever tatter who coined the term 'wothi', and I am sure, correct guess or not, that it IS a wothi (WOnderful THIng) !!!!  Sandy in SoCal - looking forward to day 7 !!!"

Next in is from Wanda who says:-
"Hello Jane. Here's my day 6.  It is really looking like an airplane but I keep thinking it should be an animal!  My guess is that I'll just wait to guess until the end lol!"

Next in is from Caroline who says:-
"Oh, Jane, Jane, Jane I did not have you pegged as a sneaky person.  Starting with the back of the alligator or crocodile was a very sneaky way to keep us guessing.  Oh, how you kept us all guessing.  Wonder what you will come up with next year to throw us off."

Now slightly 'off topic' but 'in topic' is a message from Miranda!!!  I must share this as it shows us all that even though people aren't taking part they are interested!!!  Here's what she says:-
"Am I allowed to guess on the TIAS even though I'm not making it? Although it's hard to get the airplane out of my mind, I've also been seeing an alligator or a saguaro cactus. Then today I realized what it really is! At the end it's going to be folded in half to make a cozy for a harp tuning key, of course! I just can't understand why no one else has thought of that..."
 Just wanted to show you another of Arlene's day 6.  Why?  Well cause this brave lass has tackled in a size 80 thread.  Woweee.

Next in is from Marco who is sending in two pictures.  Her day 3 & 4 and her days 5 & 6.  This is what she says:-
"I am here  again.  With  2 pictures 1 from day  3-4 and  another one from day 5-6.  We were thinking, hans ( my  husband) and me .  Maybe  it is a turtle or a shark...  Wil be a funny one, because  I run out of  the coloured tread. Boe hoe.  No idea how I solve this."

This next message made me smile - I'll tell you why after I've pasted it in here. It's from Coretta who says:-
"Here are days 5 and six in a combined image...  Is "up and running" on day six's link a hint then?  hmmmm
In the process of the last two days I have broken 3 needle threaders... think I'd have learned my lesson on the first two, but "borrowed" the last from my 6 year old's sewing kit, and now I need to replace it as well. Don't tell her she doesn't know yet! She did know I borrowed it, but not yet that I have need to replace it. oops. However, I did get all my beads on and day six completed.
I was looking at the names of your Day's patterns PDFs and find it quite humorous the names you have for them, because to me it is mostly gibberish, which is how I often name my files and then my husband laughs at me when I can't find them later. :)"
Why did I smile?  It was the naming of the pdf files that made me smile so I'll explain why they're 'gobbledegook'.  It's simple really.  The AA bit at the start is to make them all stay near each other on my computer.  Next is the word 'day' and the day number so you get 'day6'.  The last bit is something that I think of that comes out of the top of my head.  Why?  Well, a few years ago I realised that if I named the files in an obvious manner then the clever tatters out there (of whom there are many) would work out what the next parts of the TIAS would be!!!!  Anyway, here are Coretta's pictures.

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Ridgewoman said...

If you lived in the South west, I might venture that it was a Gila Monster as they have a beaded back...but I doubt Gilas roam Stratford Upon Avon...tee hee
If you see one, don’t get to close. They CAN and DO jump and they are poisonous.
xxxx P

Yes, yes, I took time out from working on Day 6 to comment ~ back to work!