Monday, 1 February 2016


Tomorrow will be day 11 so keep watching this space!!!

First in today is from Gail who has sent in her day 10. She says.
"Dearest Jane, you have me tied up in knots! Using the directions from TIAS 2013, I made the SCMR, but what to do with the little loop that I where I got lost. So this is what I came up with following directions (as interpided by me & yes I know I spelled it wrong). The blue shuttle is the primary shuttle. Looking at the photo & your picture, I will be making a short-whiskered cat. There are worse things than that I guess. Seriously, where did I get it wrong? 
Warm in GA & waiting for rain, 
You haven't got it wrong, Gail. It's just that you haven't quite finished day 10. All you need to do now is use your blue shuttle to make the last 'bit' of the SCMR. With your green shuttle acting as the 'chain' all you need to do is make another five doubles and then put the blue shuttle through that loop you have at the beginning (by the ear) and carefully tighten by pulling the blue shuttle thread. That's all there is to it!!

Next in is Linda who says this.
"Hi Jane, 
Hope all is well. I have 10 done and the result is fast approaching. I love to tat with you and I am sad when they finish. I know you have a lot to keep you busy. Love what you do for us. 
Linda "
Happy to tat with you too, Linda.

Just arrived in my inbox is M@dinin who says.
"Bonjour Jane, 
Je viens de m'apercevoir que j'ai oublié de t'envoyer mon Day 10 : c'est chose faite ! 
Ravie d'avoir la suite demain."

Hello Jane,
I just realized that I forgot to send you my Day 10: it's done!
Delighted to have a result tomorrow.

Nancy has done her first successful SCMR and I think it's PERFECT. Well done.
"Hi Jane 
After a rousing unbirthday party, and untatting the first day 10, I finally have a picture to send you. Don't look too closely! It is my first successful SCMR. 

Next in is Helene who says.
"Hi Jane, 
Finally the weekend is over, (it was busy) and I now have time to tat and send you my day 10. My rabbit-tiger and Tigger are very happy to have so many friends. See you soon. 
LOVE your picture - such fun.

Frances is tatting an alien!!! Well, that's what she says!!
"Hi Jane 
SCMRs - I had to look that one up! Now I think that it is going to be an alien! It does look a bit scary."
A perfect SCMR, Frances.

Just in is the next TIAS from Leslie who says.
"So happy it's a rabbit, albeit a green one. I suspected it was so, after day 9, but opted to hold off saying anything. 
With all the arms and legs ... well, I suppose they're all legs ... and beads, long picots, and a SMCR in the mix, I decided not to make things even a little bit harder by trying to swap the bead that should've been a #10. So they're all #6 and so what. 
Looking forward to finishing this little fellow up. 

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