Friday, 5 February 2016

Day 12

This is the link for day 12. Just two more days left. 

First in this morning is from Wendy with her day 11. She says.
"Hello Jane, 
Not sure if I have tatted it correctly. I am sure it's a hare. It will improve with blocking.
Wendy x"

Next in is Fiona who says.
"Well I have caught up on day 9... and day 10 has the SCMR mocking me again. I will untangle my thread and try again later! 
This is such a cute critter. Thanks BC3 
You'll be fine with the SCMR.  Just take it steadily.

Catrin has arrived next and this is what she has to say.
"What's up Jane ? 
I hadn't fine a SCMR since the TIAS back in 20.. was it 12 ? I did, or rather tried to do the fancier final move but ended up with a naughty extra strand of loose thread. Managed to open things up and try again, same problem :-( 
So my SCMR has ended up a tad smaller and tighter than designed and there is a bit of fandangling at the top to hide the loose thread. That aside I'm still fairly happy with my Easter pal, it'll block out fine I'm sure."
I'm sure he'll be fine, Catrin.

Finally in this batch is Sara who says.
"Hi Jane! 
Sorry, but I'm not sure if I did it well: both ear are turned in the same way. In your scheme are one left and one right, where is my mistake? 
Have a nice day!"
I think you MAY have missed a SS at some point but honestly, I wouldn't worry. If you make the pattern again you'll get it right next time. Promise.

Fiona must be sitting by her computer as she's back again - this time with day 11. She says.
"Hi Again Jane 
I once again overcame the mock ring! So excited I forgot to take a picture of day 10 and got onto day 11 straight away. Can't wait for day 12 :) nearly there. 
Definitely a brain bender. 
Thanks... I think. .. lol 

Adrian has now sent in his day 11 with this comment.
"Hi Jane 
Here's my Day 11. (Just before Day 12!) I think he's going to need plastic surgery on that ear..."

Now I have the first of the day 12's. No guesses who, though. Yes, she's done it again. It's Jacee!!!
"Dear Jane, 
Her second ear looks much better now - after six failed attempts!!! :( 

Finally in this batch is Jane who followed Jacee very, very quickly with her own day 12.
"A one-armed rabbit?"

Fiona is making a habit of living in my inbox this morning which is lovely. This time she's sent in her day 12. Thanks, Fiona.
"So here is day 12! Feeling more confident. Love my purple bunny! 
See you on day 13. 

Next in is Irene - again with her day 12. She says.
"he is soooooooooooooooo cute !!!! I love it 
Thanks Jane"

Sue is next in with her comment.  She's added to Maureen's comment!!!
"Morning miss. Here's Campbell as Maureen has christened him! She says he reminds her of tomato soup! However he has a double barrelled name... Harvey Campbell!! Harvey because he reminds me if the Pooka in the film of the same name!!"

Next in is Maureen with a rabbit who's had an operation - hope he had an anaesthetic!!!
"Here he is, without his sentinel rabbit today, because I wanted to show you his new ear: I know you said it looked perfect, but it didn't seem right to me. And finally, after looking and looking at him, I realised that it was all because of a missing comma in the instructions! I had interpreted "6 seta "as tatting 6 Josephine stitches. So my rabbit's ear was all twisted, and now he is so much happier. I think that now he can hold his head up proudly amongst his peers - what do you call a lot of rabbits??"
I think it's called a herd, Maureen.  I like the result of his operation.

Bev is next with her day 12. She says.
"Hi Jane 
Not so tricky today. Even so, my poor little goggle-eyed fellow looks a bit perplexed. Despite wanting his second arm, he will be very sad when he is complete. 

Oh my GOSH. We have trouble here. Be afraid, be VERY afraid.  Keep an eye on your rabbits. There's a hunter amongst us! Look what Patricia sent.
" Patricia Lyn Cobb 

Next in is from Melanie who says.
"Finally--stability has been restored. I can now resume taking my project with me to my office and congregation to show to my adoring fans rather than just displaying the latest photo on my phone. 
You will note that I have now improved the total effect by adding long, white, fine whiskers (the built-in whiskers had ended up too short) and dotting a bit of pink nail polish onto the nose (which, being navy blue, was virtually invisible). 
Eco-Bunny (a rationale for his complexion) is finally shaping up!"

This has just come in from Sue following on from Maureen's question. Personally I think it's cruel but I thought everybody should hear it.
"Just read the TIAS blog... And you can tell Maureen that the collective name for lots of rabbits is.... Pie!!! Rofl"

Anita is next in with a picture and comment. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
Here is my tatted part 12. I must say it felt good to finally get rid of the paperclip that was always in the way! 
Looking forward to the next two and final parts! 

Nancy has just arrived with her day 12 and this comment.
"Hi Jane, 
Here's my day 12, definitely more bunny-like but a second version will be better. 

Next is Barbara who has just popped into the inbox. She says.
"Hi Jane 
Well, I made it, but not without a struggle! The join to the 2nd eye was very hard trying to figure out how not to get all tangled up - but I think I got it. Looks like I must have put in too many stitches on one side of my rabbit's forehead, so my guy (his name is Perkie), will have more personality with his one floppy ear!! 
Regards, Barbara"

Blanche has now sent in her two rabbits. She says this.
"Hello Jane, 
Still playing with green rabbit and his little bro' Polochon ! 
I'm not convinced by the result of the heads. Especially the eyes. 
But I love them the same. 
Thanks !"

Next to arrive is Elisabetta who says this.
"Carissima Jane, 
Ecco a lei i miei "coniglietti pazzerelli" 😄😄😄😄. 
Buona serata 

Dearest Jane, 
Here you are my "bunnies Zany" 😄😄😄😄. 
Good evening 

Melanie has sent in her day 12 and she says.
"Hi Jane- 
Your file name fits! My bunny was struggling to look like a bunny. He's getting there now. 
Thanks for challenging me to sets. I've avoided them. I will work on them soon."

Katie has taken to rhyme again with the following.
"Hi, Jane!
Day 12

A little red rabbit: Maureen.
and that's what I should have foreseen.
Now she sits so serene
while her siblings look keen
cuz the tatter's a laggard machine.

Yes, I will be tatting the other four! Just a bit laggardly lazy here.
Katie V in NC
PS yes, more poetic editing help from hubs."

Judy has just arrived with her day 12 and this comment too.
Here is my little guy. Fun times with a burr in my thread but I won!"

Next in is Sarah with yet another rhyme. She says.
"Hello Jane,
Today's tatting was a breeze.
Today's rhyme came with ease. : )

Sonya is the next into my inbox with her day 12. She says.
"Good evening, Jane, 
Attached is my Day 12. The hardest part of it was taking a decent picture of it. I hope you have a restful weekend before we finish TIAS 2016 next week. I always hate to see it come to an end. I always love reading the notes from around the world. 
Thank you for all your hard work. 
Sonya - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA 

Bev has just arrived with her day 10. She says.
"I had to pick out the entire head back to the first bead! I kept getting the beads wrong and dyslexia set in on directions.... Once I saw pics of others, I could see my mistake." 

Christine has now returned with her day 12. Love her stars too. Thanks, Christine.
"Hi Jane 
I think my bunny needs a coat! 
It is cold here today. 
-Christine in Alabama"

AnneMarie is next to arrive with her day 12. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
These friendly rabbits have to know their live's end approaching.....But they will not finish braised and with mustard ! Poor rabbits.They are so nice! 
This day 12 has been more simple and we rest. 
Soon Jane. 
Anne-Marie (France)"

The next to arrive is Wendy. She says.
"Hello Jane,
Looks like we are nearly there."
Nearly - but not quite!!!!

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For Sue: Run Rabbit, run rabbit,run run run..... and keep your pies right away from this gorgeous herd of rabbits!!