Saturday, 6 February 2016

More TIAS today

First of all - day 13 will be tomorrow. You may think that's the end of the game but it won't be!!!! There will be a final day 14 on Tuesday. When sending in the final day and even if you haven't sent in anything up til now I'd be grateful to receive completed rabbits along with the place you live (country only is fine) and the thread you've used (if you remember!!!). I will add numbers to each one submitted so we can see how many rabbits join in the herd. PLEASE - none of these rabbits are to be hunted (Patricia) or put in a stew pot (Sue).
First in this morning is from Bernice who's rabbit appears to have suffered an aneurism!!!!
"My twisted head bunny wants to join all the others. So much fun."

I just LOVE this next rabbit from Maria. Why? Well he's a rare breed obviously as he's got two different coloured eyes!!!!! Sooooo funny.
"Here is my day 12...... and lookie there..... I remembered to attach the photo! :)"

Linda is the final person in the inbox from the over night people. Well, that's my over night, of course!!!! She says.
"Hi Jane, 
Our bunny is so cute. He is happy to be made whole. One arm to go and he will be so happy. 
Thank you so much for tias 2016. 
I am also including a picture of the heart you recently posted. A fun tat. 
Linda "

Just found this from Catherine in my Facebook inbox - a place I don't often look in. She says.
"Bonjour Jane 
Je n'ai pas bien accès à ma boite mail en ce moment alors je vous envoie ici mon lapin pour vous le mettre sur votre blog. Merci d'avance avec toutes mes excuses. Catherine"

Hello Jane
I do not have much access to my inbox right now so I send you here for my rabbit you put it on your blog. Thank you in advance with apologies. Catherine

Micheline has just arrived in my inbox with her day 12 and a different way to work the face. Interesting alternative, Micheline. Good for you. 
"Hello Jane, 
this is my day 12 all over again. 
Have a good day"

I agree with Emilia and her comment about her rabbit. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
The rabbit keep getting cuter with every part. The ear twists the wrong way, if there is a wrong way, but I think it looks nice. 
He looks great, Emilia

Denise has just sent in her picture of her day 12. Here it is.

Claire is the next into my inbox with days 9 and 10. She says.
"Hello Jane, 
Here are my days 9 and 10, and the corresponding blog page
Unfortunately, I had some trouble during day 10, and one of the whiskers got tangled. I can't quite figure out how to make it right. Moreover, when I closed the ring, a space appeared before the start of it. So some bare threads are showing up between the ring and SCMR. I am not happy with it, and might just cut and redo it."
Oh, Claire, Claire, Claire - please don't cut it - I think it's FINE. The whiskers will be sorted eventually - I promise.

Catherine is next to arrive. She says.
"Et voilà la version 2 du j12. Merci Jane."

And that version 2 of j12. Jane thank you.

Next in is Helene who has sent in her day 12. She says.
"Hi Jane, 
As you can see, my TIAS insists, it started out a tiger and still wants to be one. 
See you tomorrow 
That's such a funny picture!!!!  Rabbit sewing a tail onto a tiger!!!!   Just LOVE it, Helene.  LOVE it.

Now I have Marina's picture and comment. She says.
"Bonsoir Jane, voici mon Day 12.
Bonne soirée."

This is funny. Julie has been translating the TIAS into French for me (Riet's been translating into Dutch too) and both have had the whole 14 days for ages so could easily have finished the tatting before everybody else started. But most times Julie forgets to send her completed day to this blog!!! It makes me chuckle as I'm the same - forever forgetting!!! Anyway, here's her day 12. She says.
"Hello Jane ! Again I forget to send you my picture ! 
Here is my day 11. 
And ready for tomorrow ^_^"

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